Bad Idea, but Seems Legal


In Paraguay, some Senators, including the President of the Senate, are claiming that the effort (to change the country’s constitution) is illegal. There is a push to allow the President can hold a second term. This is widely unpopular because of Paraguay’s authoritarian history.

It is probably a very bad idea to have a president ensconced in power for so long in a country whose economy is partially based on corruption and underground activities (counterfeiting, money laundering, smuggling, tax evasion, intellectual piracy).

However, Paraguay’s constitution appears to allow for the Senate to initiate an amendment. Then it needs to be approved by the lower house, which it will be. Then it needs approval by the Supreme Court, also expected. Then the measure is taken to the people in a referendum, where all bets are off.

But if torching Paraguays’ Congress is any indication, people will reject the amendment.

The specific wording is found in Article 290.

Artículo 290 – DE LA ENMIENDA

Transcurridos tres años de promulgada esta Constitución, podrán realizarse enmiendas a iniciativa de la cuarta parte de los legisladores de cualquiera de las Cámaras del Congreso, del Presidente de la República o de treinta mil electores, en petición firmada.

El texto íntegro de la enmienda deberá ser aprobado por mayoría absoluta en la Cámara de origen. Aprobado el mismo, se requerirá igual tratamiento en la Cámara revisora. Si en cualquiera de las Cámaras no se reuniese la mayoría requerida para su aprobación, se tendrá por rechazada la enmienda, no pudiendo volver a presentarla dentro del término de un año.

Aprobada la enmienda por ambas Cámaras del Congreso, se remitirá el texto al Tribunal Superior de Justicia Electoral para que, dentro del plazo de ciento ochenta días, se convoque a un referéndum. Si el resultado de este es afirmativo, la enmienda quedará sancionada y promulgada, incorporándose al texto institucional.

Si la enmienda es derogatoria, no podrá promoverse otra sobre el mismo tema antes de tres años.

9-11 Revisited


Above: Immediately in front of the alleged impact, where golfers can find ideal putting conditions on the smooth grass.

There are so many holes in the official narrative that to believe it requires a leap of faith.

Indeed, people who believe the official story have made an ideological choice, a decision, and refuse to perform any real inquiry or even acknowledge the facts staring at them in the face.

Today’s posting shows some photos of the Pentagon before and after the roof collapse, with a new video below by Texas Shrugged that should put to rest this question – for all except those with half a brain (and there are many of you out there).


This was a low-budget production, but then again, producers and directors were right to underestimate the average person, who displayed a strong will to believe.


This is after the roof collapse. Apparently the plane slipped into another dimension, leaving behind only an engine (belonging to another model of aircraft) and a few other accessories. Who would have thought that the Pentagon was the site of an inter-dimensional wormhole?


This next short video is from Texas Shrugged, presently one of the most interesting commentators out there, suspects that our reality, our timeline, is being manipulated for malevolent purposes, with foreshadowing and a certain amount of predestination.

I would further add that the intermediaries, in their latest effort to bring this reality to a head, and break on through to the other side, have broken the laws of creation (rendering null and void all previous religious contracts and covenants).

Here is the 9-11 video at 2 minutes.



Flat Earth Symbolism


The Discovery Channel has a relatively new reality show called The Wheel. It’s a survivalist show about braving the elements.

It’s promo is loaded with words and symbols of the flat earth model, which suggests that the earth is either a flat wheel that spins or is like a wheel – with the firmament spinning above it.

The promo shows a “revolutionary” new series (as in turning). A new “spin” on survival. The contestants “rotate” terrains.

There are “6” amateurs in “6” different climates for “60” days. You get your “666” encoded into the program.

In the 1 minute 10 second promo below, after the 53rd second the imagery becomes more obvious, with the turning of inner and outer rings.

Around the 57th second, the outer disc, on the right had side and farthest away, is the Ice Wall. The image lasts less than a second.

Recurring Reality


The city is thick and vast
But I’m stuck on the same walk, same past
I turn any corner to be in the same place
I speak to any soul, it’s the same face
It only slows down when I go fast

Here the voice of my father is clear
The voice that conquers all fear

I’m just a hamster on a wheel
In a loud city of smoke, skin, and steel

The Coming Life Expectancy Gap


The Life Expectancy Gap: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You!

China is catching up to the United States – and will most likely surpass the US within a decade – in terms of life expectancy, arguably the single most important indicator of real economic development.

China how has a life expectancy (combined for men and women) of 76.3 years (and rising). China ranks 51 in the world (and rising).

The US has a life expectancy (combined for men and women) of 79.3 years (and falling). The US ranks 31st in the world (and falling).

Recently, “the average life expectancy in Shanghai reached more than 83 years in 2016, far higher than the national average of 76.3 in 2015 and close to the world’s highest of 83.7 in Japan and 83.4 in Switzerland.”

It makes sense that China’s life expectancy is going up.

But why are American rates going down?

“More younger Americans are dying prematurely, especially those aged 15 to 44. The drug overdose epidemic is the top cause of early death among 25- to 44-year-olds, an age many people in this group traditionally buy their first homes and embark on careers” (link below).

Of course, there is also the growing (literally) problem of obesity in the United States, which is close to setting world-historical levels, and producing epidemics of diabetes and heart disease.

The quality of food and nutrition is so poor that even average height for men is declining in America. This fell below the European average several years ago.

Parasitism and predation can be a world problem, but the war on human health – the war on human DNA – is nowhere more pronounced than in the US and the UK. These two societies, unfortunately, now chow down on the world’s most highly-processed foods; what we have is a trans-Atlantic axis of barely-edible food laced with chamicals, antibiotics, and steroids, and food that is increasingly genetically-modified to boot. The US has heavy fluoridation and over-vaccination. Lots of chemtrails, too, but the UK takes the lead there.

This is a test, really, to see when and how (and “if”) humanity will offer up some kind of pushback, or if it is willing to have its future slowly asphyxiated right in front of its face, without objecting to the strangulation.

Thus far, Americans and Brits remain… on their knees…

That’s not far off the ground, considering the low stature of their vermin overlords.

Trigger Warning


UK Prime Minister Theresa May just triggered Article 50 of the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, triggering also the Eurocrats bent on submerging the UK under a transnational superstate.

This should be good news for the UK’s politics and economic health. It can now make more fine-tuned, separate trade deals with the EU member provinces (if Brussels even allows for that).

More importantly, the UK can reconnect with their Commonwealth countries, many of which have emerging economies. It can also make a separate and very solid arrangement with China, with its Belt and Road initiative – as the UK is presently doing.

The Scottish are complaining. Maybe they should become a real country after all, moving past the meaningless symbolism of whatever autonomy they thinks they have. Not using the British pound would be a start.

What is that portrait hanging over the Prime Minister? It looks like a dude but could be a chic.

It better not be King George III… I’d be triggered.



Alexa and Siri


As widely reported, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are battling – it’s a cat fight! – to be in a luxury Marriott hotel chain.

Apparently, when people are on vacation they do not have the time to turn the lights on and off, or to pull the drapes closed. Nor do they have the time to turn on romantic music.

Why is this a problem? Because already this new generation has a large percentage of people who cannot read a clock. They cannot tell what the hands on a clock are saying. They can only read the digital time. Also gone is the ability to play a record on a record player.

I remember when this erosion of personal skills started. Ordinary people used to be able to change the oil in their cars and replace the filters. Then along came all the chains to do it for us. So here we are today, and the “skill” of turning lights on and pulling the drapes is in jeopardy.

So give it some time… a few decades. We will have plenty of people running around who cannot do much of anything. And if Alexa or Siri ever get plugged into Japanese-style smart toilets, with their spray features, we will witness the first generation of people who cannot, by themselves, even take a shit.


There is another problem of course.

Alexa and Siri technology – integrated with smart TVs (with cameras) – provides the surveillance state with “Peeping Tom” technology.

Think of all those couples checking into hotel rooms for a little of that old “in-out, in-out.”

Well, now this will be available for the circle jerks at the FBI, NSA, CIA, and MI6. They have a long record of snooping on people’s sex lives – going all the way back to the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover recording the audio of John F. Kennedy’s sexcapades.

Well, at least we know that Hoover was not panting over the tapes. He had far kinkier fetishes.

43 second video

Pharma Gateway to Heroin


Recently, the Chinese news network CGTN has been airing a documentary on the heroin epidemic in the US. The 30-minute documentary focuses on Huntington, West Virginia (linked below).

It is well done and provides insight into the nature of the problem. This Chinese-backed production did something that an American mainstream production are hesitant to do: tell the truth.

The truth is that many (most) new heroin addicts developed their opiate addiction with prescription drugs. These doctors’ prescriptions were then suddenly stopped and the newly-addicted patients turned to the street for alternatives. Heroin is a cheap alternative.

It turns out that marijuana is not really a gateway drug for heroin. Big Pharma drugs are.

If Gary Webb were still around, he could look into it.

Link here:





Marathon Debate


France recently had a debate among the presidential candidates. It ran for more than three hours. I took the time to watch it in its entirely, and it was fascinating. (My spoken French, however, leaves much to be desired).

The debate was partially unstructured. Moderators posed questions, but there was a lot of fluidity in terms of who answered them and for how long. Interruptions by other candidates were common.

In the photo above, we have, from left to right:

François Fillon is of the Republican Party and has a certain gravitas about him. He looks like what the CEO of Air France should look like. He made some good points, but overall defended the Establishment.

Emmanuel Macron is of the En Marche! Party, which is somewhat comparable to the Democratic Party. Very mainstream. He is a telegenic candidate, and made some good points, but it is true as Marine Le Pen noted, that at one point Macron talked for about seven minutes and said absolutely nothing.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is of the party “Unsubmissive France.” (“Unsubmissive French” would be a good Craigslist handle for the adult section). He seemed reasonable but I had to struggle to understand his French for some reason. He looks like the principal of a French lycee.

Marine Le Pen is of the National Front Party, which might be said to combine some nationalist, populist and also some progressive ideas. She has strong convictions and argues forcefully. Overall, I think Le Pen actually won this debate, also because she defended herself effectively when the other candidates ganged up on her.

Benoît Hamon of the Socialist Party did reasonably well although sometimes seemed sidelined by the others. He starts haltingly, searching for words, but then accelerates and really gets into it.


Clever Parody