National News


The controversy here is over the new “Law of Interior Security,” which sounds a bit Orwellian.

The advocates include most mainstream politicians and the media. This law, which just passed, allows for increased militarization of deomestic police, and it gives the armed forces much more power to deal with all kinds of security threats.

In the context of the drug war, this sounds fine and dandy to most people. However, there are many critics of the new law. They claim, with justification, that the new law is vague (intentionally so) over what constitutes a threat to interior security.

For example, “social” problems have been somehow placed under the umbrella of the law. Worker’s strikes, protests, etc.., are now subject to control by the military. The timing is suggestive. There will be presidential elections coming up, and if the establishment seeks to steal the vote (again), then this time force would be needed in the streets.

Obviously this force would be converted into a bankster goon squad if any kind of financial meltdown is implemented.

There had been a political and cultural prohibition on militarization going way back. In 1968, armed forces were partially responsible for massacring hundreds of students. But the antecedents of this prohibition are far older, stretching back to the revolutionary reaction against General Huerta’s attempted reactionary coup, a century ago.

Mexico’s revolution was the only one in modern times that politically emasculated the military (throwing a wrench into Theda Skocpol’s theory of revolutions as military moves on the chessboard). For decades – and I remember these times – the military was equivalent to the Red Cross, considered useful only for earthquakes and volcanic disasters.

For better of for worse, probably for worse, Mexico’s military now has a giant set of cojones and weapons to match.


La Entrada


Oaxaca is great for two or three days, but Oaxaca is very difficult for foreigners. Living and working here is challenging as I found out in 2002. There is a wide gulf between the local people and all foreigners. And here, foreigners are people not from Oaxaca. So the northern Mexico tourists are also alien to this place.

Plus, and at the risk of sounding like an ugly American, Oaxaca is a bit backwards. Electricity comes and goes. People are rarely on time.  The wifi is intermittent. No 4G, only 3G. But that is the charm of the place for many, the picturesque nature of it, being quaint and all. It’s good, like I said, for about two days.

So I look forward to the 6 hour bus ride to Mexico City. OK, my entrance to day to Mexico City will not be as dramatic as that of Hernan Cortes.  I won’t be conquering the city; it conquers me.

Mexico City, in contrast, the central portion, is state-of-the-art – poppin’. It took me three months to de-electrify one I finally moved out of the city in 2004, and I didn’t realize how amped I was until I was in a normal place. It’s something about putting 20 or 25 million people into the geographic chakra that is that city that creates a vortex of energy. The people there are open minded, modern, and busy all day long.

I will be there until January 3 and hope to learn how to work my Nikon D300 (I bought an unused on from a few years ago). Learning the camera, that’s what youtube is for.

Happy trails…


Media Gets it Wrong


I’m eating chicken with mole sauce (unsweetened, spicy chocolate) and surfing the news.

Not one week goes by without a sex robot story: how the technology is improving, how they will become ubiquitous, how they are learning to lie, etctera, etcetera.

In all of these stories, the sex robots are women, and their owners/partners/clients? are men.

But a decade from now, the male robot – which will be primarily deployed for heterosexual women – will far outnumber their female counterparts. Male robots will not rush foreplay, will have AI advantage in talking dirty, will maintain their robot-power indefinitely, and will not roll over to sleep afterwards.

Presently, the media is simply distracting people with these female robot stories, when ultimately female robots will have limited appeal, and make limited inroads into the male population.

As for the heterosexual man, well, you can begin to put him on the list of endangered species.

Long Trip

WeChat Image_20171219191732

WeChat Image_20171219191740

Flying from Phoenix to Houston to Oaxaca was successful.

I normally avoid alcohol but feel obliged to drink after an arduous trip. Above, the local mezcal, made from a cactus with mild hallucinogenic qualities. Mezcal dreams.

Road workers drink it when they are tired… It’s also good for the manpower. Could be the only alcohol that is…

Successful day: got official copies of my son’s birth certificate, obtained a cell phone good for all of Latin America, and ran errands.

More substantial postings to come tomorrow.

Coincidence – Coincidance

I was wondering about the role, if any, of coincidence in meeting people.

So I reflected back on a music video that was very popular on Chinese social media, but that I never saw in the US.

It’s a parody, over the top, funny and a little weird, three minutes: Coincidance.

Crossing Paths


Much to the dismay of my teenage kids, I have a habit of being chatty with strangers in public.

This time I was in line at the bank, and got into a conversation with someone in the photo above, who said some intriguing things. I then looked for him after my own transaction, to follow up, but he was gone.

So I went to the Starbucks at Fry’s across the parking lot. There he was again. We talked for more than one hour. I took his photo but will wait…

In about a month, I might be able to go into more details, but the guy is in the middle of a legal process and is walking a very tight rope. Anyway, he was one of the core organizers of the Wildlife Refuge takeover, among the top six or seven guys. He still feels horrible for having convinced LaVoy Finicum (originally from Arizona as well) to join them. Finicum was slain in a federal ambush.

In any case, there is complexity to the character I met. He claims to have been slandered and framed on some unrelated issues, by the media no less, which I will mention in January. He said I could put whatever I wanted on my Facebook, for example, but he is no longer interested in actively engaging the press and dreams of getting married (yeah, after some recent time in prison, marriage might be a slightly better option). So I post here because this blog is just read by an odd assortment of truthers and global heavies.

The Bundy trial – happening right now – should be front page news. It is fascinating, and it is important. This case drives to the core issues of the individual vs. the state, with all those constitutional questions. Mainstream media – even alternative media – is ignoring the trial. It is only being covered on a regular basis by Reuters and the local press.


It seems that the federal case against the organizers (some people call them a “militia”) is coming off the rails. The prosecution had access, illegally, to privileged conversations between the defendants and their attorneys. The prosecution pursued this case with personal animosity, and key members of the FBI and Bureau of Land Management displayed repeated unprofessional behavior. (Probably 90 – 95% of FBI and other agencies are good guys, but there is a cabal at the top left over from the Hoover days, and going back decades, and answering to people who rarely lose).

The misbehavior includes charging the Bundy’s for “terrorism” when their intentional fire to clear brush spread (supposedly) onto federal land. The judge threw out that charge because it is patently absurd. Terrorism entails directional violence to change a political system, etc… Major overreach here.

The prosecution has refused to release key documents and videos needed for a proper defense. One of those videos appears to establish the fact that, going back a very long time, agents dealing with the Bundys have circled their home with AR-15s and sniper rifles. It gets worse, with rumors of DHS whistle blowers having evidence of the organizers being on a kill list. From other puzzle pieces he dropped, I think those rumors are true.

Because of all this, the Bundy trial is mostly being conducted in secret, and much of the evidence is not part of the public record. The media is under-reporting it.

Also because of all this, a mistrial is very likely, as explained in the story below.

My source – my new source – did state that we need government, and he is not an anarchist or even some kind of extreme libertarian. But this case certainly reveals that government can exert arbitrary power, abuse power, and then cover up its misdeeds with a lack of transparency – and with further threats and intimidation.

This time, it seems, the federal government simply went too far, and the law of the land will likely prevail.

Finally, for once, a constitutional victory seems to be on the horizon.

U.S. judge warns of mistrial in Nevada rancher Bundy’s trial

Where’s the R?


I went to the store to see if I could get something like this coffee maker above, but this time in stainless steel instead of aluminum (just to be on the safe side).

Once, I owned one of these. The logo with the Italian guy did not change. But the name changed. It is now “Bialetti” (at least in my universe). Previously it had an “r” in the name, something like “Baretti.”

On a related matter, I saw the latest Star Wars movie, and C3PO no longer has a silver leg. It has been restored to a pre-Mandela condition of all gold.

The other latest Mandela effect news is that the Jackson 5 now has six people in it (Randy Jackson) – similar to what happened to the Village People, actually.

Here is the latest on that. Many youtubers picked up on it. Here is a 6 minute vid by MoneyBags.


What a…


Trump is on live TV… giving a tough on crime speech to some kind of police audience…

He wants someone to explain why the police cannot access surplus military equipment. Well, that reason has much to do with constitutional prohibitions on the  militiarization of domestic police forces. Apparently, his idea of a free society is the West Bank.

Of course it is a personal and family tragedy when a police officer is killed – but no more so than when any other citizen is killed. Trump proposes mandatory death penalties for those who murder police. This is actually an insult to those families who lose people under other circumstances: the lives of their loved ones are not as worthy. I’m not a fan of the death penalty, but its application for some murders and not others violates the Equal Protection clause.

If the country was serious about reducing violent crime, and about increasing personal security for police officers, then the US would 1) end the war on drugs, entirely, and 2) end the criminalization of petty traffic incidents, like an expired registration sticker, and simply mail in the ticket instead of pulling drivers over and opening the door to officer-on-civilian violence.

If the US cannot end the war on drugs, or the criminalization of motor vehicle issues, then its police officers should not expect personal safety. Nor do they deserve such safety. People who follow orders that violate natural law present themselves as legitimate targets if and when they are in the actual act of violating the natural rights of citizens.

Police can be part of the solution, but only within a criminal justice system that has some merit, and that does not prey and parasite upon the underclass to fill up for-profit prisons.

Once of the benefit of living in China is that this kind of story, Trump’s live speech, would only appear on a website afterwards, and I would have to actively click on the link to read about it. Now I simply turn on any major station and the speech is beamed into my room. It’s a good thing I’m preparing, otra vez, to get the fuck out of here.


Fly the Stingy Skies


Don’t get me entirely wrong… I’m grateful that in this day and age it is possible to travel from New York to Arizona in five hours.

However, United Airlines is certainly desperate to rake in each and every penny.

Checking in online, one must decline multiple offers for this and that, for upgrading, etc… Continue, continue, continue. No, I just want to check in…

Also, one no longer receives the frequent flier miles of the actual distance. I found this out the hard way when i was awarded 600 miles or something on a flight from Germany to Colombia. I called the airlines, confident they had made a mistake: No, the miles depend on how one originally purchases the ticket.

Amazingly I had to pay a fee just for one bag. The new normal. I believe that United also charges for a second bag on international flights. I will soon find out.

Also, on board, one has to 1) pay for wi-fi and 2) pay for watching TV, very stingy. Even on flights to Mexico and South America.

Long gone are the days of a free meal, of course. Even any snack that is not a tiny bag of pretzels must be purchased. Cheese and crackers, for sale of course.

Yes, this is one thing I definitely miss about China, where flying is like it was in the US decades ago: free food, free booze (for those who want it), free entertainment, and super hot stewardesses (if one can even make that comment any more in the US).


Coke Adds Life?

Long-time readers are familiar with this topic. I’ve claimed that drinking Coca-Cola is a ritual, the sacramental drink of industrialization and globalization. Chained to the Rhythm.

This is why the US Army in World War II, as it conquered chains of Pacific islands, had soldiers dedicated to ensuring that Coke was available for the troops – and, more importantly, who gathered up the natives and converted the heathens to the Cult of Coke. These soldiers did so with the same zeal of the earliest Franciscan priests in Mexico.

There’s more to that. Drinking Coke and Pepsi is a kind of vampiric ritual, with the drink representing the blood of the Earth. Coke is petroleum, or a “fossil”-fuel. Drinking coke allows the body to run at factory speed, much like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times.

This meaning is embedded in the name itself: Coca-Cola (Coke).

According to Wikipedia: “Coke is a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content, usually made from coal. It is the solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulphur bituminous coal. ”

The video bellow is 4 minutes.