Pandas v. Rams


The Guangzhou Rams came up from the South (near Hong Kong) to play us Chengdu Pandas. The score was 10-10 at the end of regular play, but the Rams won the game on a penalty kick. The Rams were happy to win one of their tightest games in the past few years.

So perhaps our former reputation is put to rest: that Pandas scoring a “try” was as rare as a Panda pregnancy.


The Panda team is has a core of great players, mostly from the UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa, West Africa, and China, probably in that order. Just two or three Americans, including me (with blue cap), and I’m semi-peripheral because while impervious to injury (everything has been in place too long to be dislodged), I’m not as fast as I once was. I’m a substitute, but I see regular action because the game is tiring and there are many minor injuries. Lots of rotations.DSC_0676 DSC_0614 DSC_0642 DSC_0624 DSC_0587 DSC_0554 DSC_0671 DSC_0688


DSC_0691 DSC_0828 DSC_0830 DSC_0777 DSC_0521

I remain convinced that this is the best team game ever invented. It is raw. Chase your opponents, throw them to the ground, and steal their stuff. Despite the underlying and pervasive brutality, rugby is also a fine art: the line-out, the scrum, the rucks – all require a certain finesse.

The game played in Heaven…



It is a little strange that US officials announced that a Navy armada was steaming towards North Korea, and then a week later the main ship was photographed thousands of miles away, going in the wring direction.

Officials blamed this on “miscommunication” but it seems odd. Would not the ships officers and crew have known that they were the new speartip of operations against North Korea? Of course they would have known.

Maybe this really was miscommunication. If so it is an extreme example. Another plausible explanation is that people in the Pentagon or the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not want to make it so easy for the Trump administration to order a pre-emptive strike on North Korea.

Still another explanation is that this entire episode is just a short  scene in a longer act of theatre. Thus it does not matter where the ship is actually located. It only matters where the public thinks it is. Perception over reality across a news cycle of a few days – then it’s on to the next distraction.

Emperor Pompeo Pompous


CIA Director Mike Pompeo recently made the headlines with his pontificating: the pride before the fall.

Pompeo is quoted as saying this: “Julian Assange has no First Amendment freedoms. He’s sitting in an embassy in London. He’s not a U.S. citizen.”

Pompeo is under the false assumption that US jurisdiction reaches across the Atlantic. Pompeo can fantasize all he wants, but an Australian citizen in an Ecuadorian Embassy in Great Britain is beyond the legal reach of American law. Assange does not need permission from Pompeo to do anything.

I am making this point without necessarily accepting the narrative that Wikileaks is legitimate. Wikileaks is partially in the business of helping cover up certain things, it seems, while timing the release of other things. Are they sitting on bombshell information? Yes. Will Wikileaks ever release it? I have no idea.

Pompeo’s argument reminds me of the claim made by US Customs and Immigrations at the US border, that they can do whatever they want, and that people in transit have zero rights, because visitors (including US citizens) are not yet in the United States. Then what are these agency’s officers even doing there? Please get out of my way, and let me know when I’ve entered the US.

Referring to Edward Snowden, Pompeo appointed himself judge, jury and executioner, declaring that Snowden “… should be brought back from Russia and given due process, and I think the proper outcome would be that he would be given a death sentence.” Sounds like due process to me!

We have a True Believer here with Pompeo, who wanted to continue CIA secret prisons and exempt interrogators from anti-torture laws. Torture has no real intelligence-gathering value, but it is a favored category of puppet-master porn.

Pompeo is adept at Orwellian doublethink and Newspeak. He wants to stop Wikileaks from using “free speech values against us.”

This 1984 thinking appears in another one of Pompeo’s political positions. Pompeo’s 2014 “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” actually prevents the 50 states from requiring any mandatory GMO food labeling!

It could be that Mike Pompeo is just acting a part, and that this is not even his real name, which sounds too similar to “pompous” to be authentic.

I hope that Pompeo is a method actor really getting into his role – and not just another natural-born blowhard.


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Social Media Censorship?


After deep diving into Youtube for about six months as a spectator (because that is where is action is) I have noticed that some channels are being hampered while other channels, with less insight, are being pumped up with views.

It might or not be “Youtube” corporate headquarters doing this. In the bowels of Washington DC, agents are authorized to simple go at it and hack Youtube, Facebook, etc.., as they see fit. They target many channels, and I think they have targeted Jungle Surfer among many others.

Below is an interesting 3 minute by Polarization Nation. I cannot vouch for everything about this channel because I lack the experience. But Polarization Nation presents insightful content with high production value and just released a video woth considering.

If the claims of Polarization Nation are true (and they do have the ring of truth about them) then Youtube and also Facebook, if complicit, are breaking their own terms of agreement.

More to the point, the “controllers” often need reminding that there are rules to this game that they are breaking! Several years ago, one faction won out over another faction: It was agreed to let intellectual dissent and opposition flow forward, unimpeded, because it involved the contest over human destiny (which they see as competition over human “genetics.”)

You “controllers” are hanging on a little too tightly! Follow your own rules!




Current Controversy


Would have fooled me!

The above photo is of Zeke Smith from the reality show Survivor. In my previous post I mistakenly called the show Survivalist.

Yeah, I’m living in China and must actively access American media, instead of having it constantly wash o’er me. So I’m kind of out of the loop on some stuff, but I’m not complaining.

As mentioned in a previous posting, Zeke is a female-to-male transgender who was “outed” on the show by a fellow contestant, who claimed that Zeke was being deceitful. Since then the two have reconciled.

Anyways at first glance Zeke looks like he was born a man – with perhaps a few feminine qualities. When can people be “outed” for being transgedered, if at all?

The US Supreme Court has already ruled on an interesting case that is somewhat related (New York Times v. Sullivan, 1964). The case had to do with libel and slander. I’m not saying that being transgendered is necessarily damning, but obviously many people who chose this route want to keep it a secret.

The Supreme Court’s conclusion was that ordinary people can expect more privacy than politicians and celebrities – more than people who are pervasively involved in public affairs.” The burden of proof for defamation actions is higher in the case of a public figure. They must prove that the information was both inaccurate and delivered with actual malice.

I think this is a general rule of thumb. Ordinary people have more privacy rights than public figures in this regard.

It is not unethical to “out” people who acquire political power, or who amass wealth and fame, while hiding behind a false persona. These people are fair game for the proliferating ranks of transvestigators, some of whom are quite sophisticated with their anatomical analysis.

In fact, I think that the “truth movement” in general can benefit from moving in the direction of “all will be revealed,” and from exposing deception. Transvestigations are an important part of the truth movement. There are about a dozen youtubers doing these transvestigations on a regular basis. Maybe more.

I have no idea which elites are transgendered and which ones are not. It is not my place to say, especially since some of the people mentioned read this blog.

I’ve seen many videos, some of them convincing, others less so. According to some, just the odd person here and there in the public eye is transgendered; according to others, virtually all elites and celebrities are born into inter-generational, transgendering cults.

I have no experience in this area and will follow the progress of others, with interest. Fascinating stuff.



Back in the day, the “news” was just the news. In retrospect is was mostly lies, or heavily biased, but it stuck to normal topics: the economy, politics, natural disasters.

At some point, mainstream news programs began to cover Hollywood and TV Land, with an assortment of glitterati as commentators. Celebrity divorces. Celebrity mug shots. Celebrity sex tapes. This was no longer the sole domain of “E Hollywood Tonight” but of the regular news shows with their regular Talking Heads.

Today in my Yahoo “News” feed there is a story – right next to one about Tillerson’s concerns over Iran’s nuclear program (a bogus story for another day) – about how the crew of The Deadliest Catch is worried about the captain having been incoherent. They even had to call his wife!

Last week, right up there with news about North Korea and Syria was the story of the show Survivalist, where one contestant “outed” another contestant as a female-to-male trans-man. It is interesting, for sure, but several decades ago this would have just been on entertainment shows, and today the domain of Facebook and Youtube, which do provide material on that topic. Today, the happenings on Survivalist made the evening news.

CNN’s front page news included (right next to the coverage of Venezuela’s riots) that Serena Williams won a tournament while pregnant. Really?

Some people might get the wrong impression here. I’m not being indignant. I’m not a news “purist,” although thus far I sound like an old man in a rocking chair on the porch. Actually, I prefer to view this another way.

Entertainment is not infecting the regular news; instead, the news is assuming its honest and proper place as pure entertainment.

Our Barnum and Bailey World


I think the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.


Above: This is pretty much the only semi-convincing image we have of the destruction of 20% of the Syrian Air Force. I’m not even convinced. There seems to be a dust build-up on the inside of the exahust area…

It looks old. Also, considering the scorching temperature of the blast, why is there grass growing just outside the archway, between the wreck and the truck?


Above: We have an even lower-budget sideshow here. I myself could have arranged for this set dressing with a shovel, a blowtorch, and three hours, maybe less.


Above: An rock-bottom high school production: no shovel, no blowtorch, and just a few minutes.

Conclusion 1: The US Air Strike on Syria was a complete hoax. As was the “chemical weapons” attack. (It was not even a rebel attack; there was no attack).

Conclusion 2: The Syrian government, the Russians and the Americans are just bit players – just Barnum and Bailey clowns.

The Russian government is simply part of the game. They are playing their part in a Masonic, prophetic script with one climax being the “Fall of Damascus.”

The Syrian government could have brought an end to this show in 2012 (I know for a fact). And it did not. It has done a terrible – even pathetic – job of representing the so-called “Syrian” side in the media. It does not even try, really, except for the occassional carefully-scripted CNN interview once in a while.

There are some who even say that Pres. Assad and his wife are method-acting characters, and I believe that Dave J and possibly Jungle Surfer have alluded to the depth of this hoax in Syria, with Dave J looking into the characters. This is a strong possibility.

I’m not willing to go so far (yet) as to say that the Syrian roles are being played by Spain’s King Felipe VI and his wife. Felipe VI closely resembles Assad and, with sophisticated make-up, could perhaps pull it off. The two elegant wives are almost identical.


Who is Who?


Again, I am not stating 100% that these couples are in fact one in the same couple.

I am stating that because Syrian, Russia, Iranian, etc… “opposition” to western intervention in Syria has been so pathetic that, as our own warmongers like to say: “All Options Are On the Table.”

It is more certain that the chemical weapons attacks and the US air strikes are complete fabrications. It is theatre.

So, what other world conflicts are simply Barnum and Bailey sideshows?

The Motive for Chemtrails


People who have never researched this topic often mistake contrails for chemtrails. Contrails are left behind when a regular passenger plane passes overhead, and its stream of vapor disappears quite rapidly. In fact, planes can often be seen leaving no trail behind them whatsoever.

Chemtrails, in contrast, happen with deliberate dumping of aluminum and barium. These are often distributed into the atmosphere in the early morning hours before the Sun appears. Sometimes the patterns is quite obviously not part of any normal passenger route. Often, criss-cross and checkerboard patterns emerge in the sky, and their particles take hours to descend.

chemtrailsgriffin  ch

If you think chemtrails are normal, and have always been part of the sky since the dawn of mass aviation, please stop reading this article. Really.


The most common theory regarding chemstrails is that retired passenger planes are retrofitted and deployed accordingly. Some of the pilots think they are on a mission to fertilize the planet or stop global warming, it seems.


Dimming is the intended effect,  but it has nothing to do with global warming. Instead,  I am now convinced that human consciousness – and that of higher-order animals – ultimately derives from the Sun.

This idea would reject the concept of a purely biological, material “brain” (which of course we have) and include, as well, the concept of “mind” or “consciousness” as being external. In this sense our minds would be like radio receivers.

Before you think this is a crazy idea, consider that all higher-order animals – with few variations for different species and individuals – lose their consciousness several hours after the Sun has vanished. Sleep. Scientists have still not developed an adequate explanation for sleep. But there you have it – not that I am the first to tinker with this idea of linking human consciousness to the Sun.

I suspect that the the Sun is about to return to a pattern of increased power of some kind, raising the capacity for human consciousness. Chemtrails are about dimming the Sun so that this human breakthrough cannot happen. (I do not consent and nor should you!)


Interestingly, in 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is a scene when the cave men make a breakthrough to a higher consciousness, and this scene involves the monolith, a partial Sun, and a Crescent or “Horned” Moon.

Something is being communicated here. Perhaps “lunar consciousness” hacked “solar consciousness,” and perhaps that explains “the Fall,” or “Paradise Lost.”

Random Pics

WeChat Image_20170417182923

Baseball is not very popular in China but there is a core of enthusiastic players and fans.

WeChat Image_20170417182938

Touch rugby practice, not a high res picture…

WeChat Image_20170417182943

local transport

WeChat Image_20170417184121aa

shopping mall guide

WeChat Image_20170417182956

late morning snack

WeChat Image_20170417183332aa

Traditional Chinese hot cup massage

I dunno, as my kids would say, this was all so “random.”

Self-Fulfilling Prophesy


Today’s posting addresses how Biblical prophesy has either been twisted or rendered absurd by having been transformed into “Self-Fulfilling Prophesy.”


Consider, for example, the youtube analysis of TheGroxt1, who can perhaps be described as a Christian Zionist.

Before getting to the core of the argument, I should first mention that I visited this channel back in 2012 or 2013.

Firstly, at that time, the Groxt was convinced that the Obama administration, which EXPIRED a few months ago, would be a central player to the End Times – during its tenure.


Obama’s image could be found, claimed the Groxt, in natural features of the Earth, in Egyptian hieroglyphs, and on and on and on. Obama this, Obama that. Obamamania.

I distinctly remember the Groxt explaining that “Obama” would precipitate some kind of meteor or asteroid strike – which of course never happened.

Obama is now vacationing somewhere. End of story.


Secondly, I find it to be revealing (in the full sense of that word) that the Groxt kept referring to “planet” Mars and showing computer-generated images (CGI), to explain how the devil himself could be found as a clown or jester figure on the surface.


The CGI images of NASA, run exclusively by Nazis and Freemasons, are dubious.

And for people for whom the geographic rabbit hole goes deeper, the Groxt is a “Ball Earth Sorcerer,” using Google Earth to spin the planet this way and that way.


Thirdly, there is a saying in Economics that if you look for cycles you will find them. Well, if you look for images of a golden fleece, or a pharaoh, or Jesus and Mary on a map of the Earth, then eventually you will find them.

True, there are some uncanny resemblances, but this is not too difficult when the images one begins with are not realistic but rather cartoony.

Fourth, the Groxt recently made a huge deal about how the “Massive Ordnance Air Blast” or “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) is fulfilling the Biblical prophesy of “Moab.” No.

The makers and creators of these bombs are simply piggybacking on Biblical prophesy. They simply named the bomb after the Moab in the Bible! How is that fulfillment?!?! It is plagiarism!

Besides, I am not buying the mainstream narrative that the MOAB bomb killed 36 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan and then that number was upped to 90.

So someone dug half a kilometer underground or whatever to unearth the bones. As if anyone has reliable intelligence regarding how many Afghans enter and exit the tunnels.

I’m calling bullshit on MOAB and the CGI rendering of the blast. I’m calling bullshit on claims that the Russians have a MOAB “four times more powerful.” The MOAB gap. Bomb envy. Just more Cold War bullshit.

On a related topic, the Groxt often points to clear false-flag events and works these into Biblical prophesy. So the culmination and completion of divine prophesy depends on an incremental build up of lies and deception? Think about this.

Nothing in this prophetic narrative ever really happens without it being “lied into” existence.

Fifth, I am suspicious of the Groxt always claiming that the “only” path to salvation is through Jesus. This simply reinforces the idea of Christianity as mass-hostage taking and spiritual terrorism.

So your deity insists upon blind faith over reason? Upon respect for authority over empathy? Upon following law before ethics?

Would not a benevolent deity encourage higher, rather than lower, mental faculties?

Would not a benevolent deity prefer being discovered by autonomous individuals, who are internally driven and willed to do so?

I do not mean to belittle the efforts of ordinary people to find meaning in their lives, or to seek the Holy Spirit that is woven into Creation.

However, I have spent a lifetime witnessing the commodification of religion by televangelists who beg for money from people who cannot afford it, while mongering both wars and whores.

There are some good (tolerable) preachers out there, for those who need them. Personally, I liked Joel Osteen at Lakewood in Houston. He is speaking to a wide an audience as possible. He is simply a kind, generous person, and he did more for the New Orleans flood victims than government did.

I think I should say something nice once in a while about Christians, because 90% of the ones I’ve met conveyed that they alone had a monopoly on the truth and pass judgement on me.

Indeed, I do resent many evangelicals who, with a holier-than-thou attitude, are certain that me and mine are damned, while they pogo dance their “Hallelujahs.”

I do not begin as judgmental, but I will return the favor. You’re welcome.