For the Record


My mother is Catholic and my father Protestant but both were non-practicing modern Americans. Church was for the music on Christmas Eve.

But my mother always complained if there were electric guitars. She thought they were inappropriate. Of course, that was soon after the Summer of Love, so she probably imagined Jimi Hendrix jamming at the altar: ’scuse me while I kiss the sky…

I guess my Mom cared more about Christmas Eve than my Dad, so I was baptized Catholic in Panama, where my father began his career in the US Foreign Service.

When we lived in Madrid in the 1960s, I was sent to the local Catholic Church for First Communion. On the big day, I wore a white robe (a dress really) and a wooden crucifix necklace, and I had a little book with pictures of the Saints and Jesus and stuff.

Back then, in Franco’s Spain, the Catholic Church was stuck in the Middle Ages: smoke and incense, candles everywhere, dark hallways, and bloody crucifixes. I was 8 years old, but I remember looking at portraits of Jesus and thinking that this was not a real person. My intuition told me this was all fiction.

Later, in Catholic middle school in Washington DC, we were made to attend mass each week. My friends and I would snicker at the absurdity of it all. Sit. Stand. Kneel. Repeat. Some words in Latin. It was like Monty Python.

But nothing prepared me for the ridiculousness of an evangelical service: the pogo dancing, the thrashing about, the tears… And there were plenty of electric guitars besides.

Before I start my vivisection of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, I should add that I am not taking an atheistic or agnostic perspective (as Christopher Hitchens did) but rather a non-Christian (anti-Christian) Deist perspective.

I think this world was “created” (way more than 8,000 years ago), as a projection from a higher force in higher dimensions. This world is not a cosmic fart. But I also believe that this world, or realm, was hacked and now malware runs in the background. It’s why the graphics are so great but the plot sucks.

I believe there is an ongoing struggle between good and evil, but this does not necessarily need personification or anthropomorphizing. Nevertheless, many of the terms and concepts I use below are religious ones because I am having this debate with religious people.

I think this world allows for an individual’s independent and sovereign search for the truth, for restoration or reunion with the creative force. Reason and empathy are the only required virtues in the struggle for completion. Additionally, the herding of people into one divisive religion or the other is actually a conspiracy to sabotage that quest.

I think natural law is the only valid law, where rights are inherent by virtue of human nature, and where free will is only limited by respect for the rights of others.

Natural law transcends man-made law, and it transcends, and even cancels, Biblical law (which is ultimately man-made as well, or completely corrupted by man and therefore null and void).

What is behind the effort to replace natural law – self-evident and universal – with Biblical law? What new kind of control system was being established?

The founding of the Abrahamic religions was spiritual coup d’etat, usurping the worship of the divine and herding people into a cul de sac.

My objections to Christianity are many. Where to begin?

First, the message of the Christian god is this: Let me save you from what I will do to you if you do not believe in me.

Also, Christians emphasize a direct relationship to god but then insert a third person into the equation: Jesus, for whom historical evidence is very scant. I think it is non-existent, but will settle for scant for the sake of argument.

Arguably, Jesus was a newer edition of recycled Babylonian and Egyptian mythology. Lots of hero worshipping going on. With the Virgin Mary and saints added to the mix, we now have polytheistic idolatry.

Christians insist that the only path to Heaven is believing in Jesus. And failing to pass this theological litmus-test can condemn a soul to an eternity in Hell, where you will burn in the flames forever. But god loves you so much.

Second, it is important to consider that Christianity has been endorsed by the authorities, by most western governments at one time or another, by the oligarchy, by feudal lords, etc…, and is therefore, by necessity, infused with lies, and part of the matrix of parasitism and predation. It cannot be otherwise. In the Bible, whatever kernels of truth can be rescued here and there are wrapped in a package of lies.

Here, Christians are quick to explain away the “Divine Right of Kings” found in so many places in the Bible. I’ve heard their explanations. Not convincing. Christians cloaking earthly kingdoms with the mantle of the divine, and urging blind obedience, is inexcusable. There is no justifiable defense for the Divine Right of Kings.

Metaphorically, or symbolically – politically speaking, that is – the only place for a crowned head is on the chopping block.

Third, and as a function of the above, Christianity is a stand-down religion. For medieval Catholicism it was about focusing on the afterlife, but for modern evangelicals it is about accepting injustice and oppression as part of god’s plan. I guess Catholicism is for peasants and Protestantism is for the proletariat.

Christianity is the blue pill. It is about living with the inevitable outcome of the Book of Revelation. In fact, in that hallucinatory screed, the emergence of a New World Order is deemed inevitable and irreversible. If enough people buy into it, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Christianity shares much in common with the New Age movement, which is also designed to defang humanity and protect the power elite: “It’s all good. You create your own reality. Even if you are a refugee in Sudan, no worries, kid, it’s all in your head.”

Fourth,  there is the inherent Christian contradiction of this world unfolding according to god’s “plan” but one in which we supposedly have free will. But not enough free will to actually change that plan! So apparently, we only have free will within narrow corridors. For example, we get to decide if we will order a chocolate or vanilla milkshake. Nothing consequential enough to actually change human destiny.

Fifth, Christianity condemns the physical human body as impure, and it produces a long list of sexual sins. Clearly, there are and should be sexual transgressions in natural law, namely those that violate another person’s sovereignty or dignity: rape, pedophilia, and necrophilia. That’s it. A short list.

What happens among consenting adults is part of the deal of being a sovereign individual, entitled to experience physicality, and to enjoy the fruits of an earthly life when they see fit.

I would further claim that a quest for any “spiritual truth” is impossible without a full experience of sensual reality, or as the New Agers would say, without first-hand knowledge of all “frequencies” in the spectrum. So, Buddhist aspirations to renounce the physical world are mistaken.

If the Bible says homosexuality between consenting adults is a sin, then Satan must have inspired those and other passages. Why? Because any infringement upon the natural and sovereign rights of an individual has diabolical origins.

Indeed, the establishment of external power or dominion over a person, when this breaks from natural law, is Satanic. Basically, I’m accusing many believing Christians, Muslims and Jews of being in a Baphomet cult – of being unwitting Satanists.

Curiously, many Christians are running around claiming that the number “33” is Satanic, as it represents the one-third of angels in Heaven who became “fallen angels.” But then they ignore that, as most commonly described, “33” was the age of Jesus when he was crucified. If there really are no coincidences and “all is number” what are we to make of this?

Sixth, most Christians are narcissists and commit the sin of arrogance, of being certain about many things that are unknowable.

Here, Christians want to be godlike: to know who is blessed and who is cursed; and to know who is saved and who is damned. Christians spew forth scripture to reinforce their judgment of others: chapter this, verse that. They know the past, present, and future. Don’t believe me, just ask them. They know it all. It’s in a book that was written and re-written countless times by committee.

My beef with Islam can be briefly stated because Islam has the same faults of Christianity, but to the “nth degree.” Most fundamentalist Muslims are even more certain, more belligerent, and more inclined to mete out Old Testament punishment.

Individual sovereignty and natural rights are even more violently infringed upon in Islam than in Christianity.

Muslims claim that Islam is the newest edition, the corrected and updated version of what came before. Their god needed to return, clarify, modify, and amend.

Tiny shards of Judaism recognize the dignity of people, with efforts to call attention to a single god.

Nevertheless, Judaism can be condemned principally for its Talmud, a book predicated on a sense of religious, cultural and genetic superiority, and that places the chosen people above the non-Jewish “goyim.”

The Talmud provides countless – countless –  passages that rank the goyim as animals; that prioritize the property and cattle of Jews above goyim; that punish non-Jews (heathens, barbarians, the impious) for crimes against Jews but pardon the reverse; and on and on and on.  The Talmud is super saturated with hate speech and essentially becomes a handbook for how to establish dominion over and exploit the non-Jew.

Much of this sense of genetic superiority is carried over into the Old Testament, and the modern state of Israel, a squalid apartheid state, advances the agenda.

Deuteronomy 7 When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations—the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you—

2 and when the Lord your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.

3 Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.

Here, other passages on the Bible also depict the unions (of Jews with non-Jews) as the Jew becoming “polluted” and engaging in “whoredom.”

Enough said. Reading the Talmud and much of the Old Testament, and parts of the New Testament, should bother the modern person. For the more sensitive, it will shock the conscience.

I cannot be accused of “blasphemy” for claiming that the true Creator is not the god of the Old Testament, as that god was thin-skinned, vengeful, and partisan.

If I reject the oligopoly of Christianity, Islam and Judaism – then I will proudly accept the charge of “heresy.”

I would add that these three religious franchises have defiled the divine, smearing and denigrating human dignity. No one even remotely attached to these false religions, on any plane of existence, can judge me or mine – not in this world or the next.

Your “law” is null and void.

Some of my Facebook critics are wrong when they call me a “humanist” because they merely equate this term with atheism, Marx, and Darwin. It’s not that simple.

What is behind the Christian effort to denigrate the word “human?” So they can pursue an “anti-human” agenda and contrast it with a cartoonish denigration of “human.” Another Satanic inversion sponsored  by modern Christians.

I am only “humanist” insofar as I stress the inherent value and goodness of human beings, with a respect for timeless and universal natural law.

Mainly, I am a “Deist” in that I think we will remain incomplete, and severed from our true nature, without a quest for the divine.

No Country for Old Men


No Country for Old Men (2007) has an interesting scene: the coin toss scene.

Javier Bardem, who plays Anton Chigurh, walks into a gas station. It is a curious scene in part because it is long, more than 4 minutes.

Something important is being said here, between the lines, not really by the Coen brother directors but by the producers behind the producers. They are revealing what the elite really think about humanity.

Anton is a kind of demon, taking innocent life more or less randomly, but with a twisted code of conduct behind it all. He is like a psychopath on a mission of some kind, insisting on control, and exerting life and death decisions over others.

Before I continue with my analysis of the coin toss scene, I would like to establish the nature of Anton’s character with the “get out of the car scene.”

In some ways, Anton is a metaphor for the ruling elite, for the controllers of this existence, who imagine humanity to be farm animals (hence Anton uses a mechanical device to kill animals). Well, indeed, most people blindly fall rules they do not understand, and that can be fatal.

Lower down on this hierarchy, lower down on this pyramid, there are those who believe humanity are “cattle,” but that is another story.

In the gas station, Anton is relatively hostile to the gas attendant. His disrespect is further compounded by Anton’s discovery that the gas attendant did not really reflect upon how the attendant got there in life – just by marrying into the business, and by drifting over from Temple, Texas. (I rode a motorcycle all through those parts, so I have the terrain in my bones).

The coin toss scene suggests that the rules of the game – of this rigged reality – are fixed.

The producers (the controllers) imagine that this scene represents a kind of exhibition of free will, with two sovereign individuals obliged to follow the outcome of the coin toss, and how destiny can turn on a dime (or a quarter).

Anton is following the rule not to decide on behalf of the attendant, and insists upon a decision, upon a “call.”

However, Anton has complete information regarding the consequences of the coin toss; and the attendant has incomplete information. The game is rigged.

The coin toss is based on false promises. He says to the attendant that “you stand to win everything, call it!” but in reality there is absolutely nothing to win (except remaining alive).

The attendant wins the coin toss. What does he win? Nothing. Unless you consider 25 cents to weigh on the scales equally against human life.

The producers, imagining themselves to be imparting messages in this scene, are attempting to show their magnificence: how grand they are, how fair they are, how they give humanity chance after chance to determine their own destiny! Yes, we told you so!

With an unfair coin toss in a Hollywood movie.

Chinese Media and Syria

Sometimes the Chinese are quite polite. Instead of saying something directly on television they will invite foreign guests to say something similar. There are plenty of “foreign experts” in China (a category of immigrants actually) who disagree with the western agenda. I am assuming that westerners with views clashing with the Establishment here are not commonly shown.

One foreign analyst went into detail over how this US attack was more for the American domestic scene than for geopolitical gain. Now the Russia scandal will slowly dissipate. Who can charge Trump with being a Russian puppet? No one.

The reporting here includes, among other things, the conclusion that less than half the US Navy’s projectiles hit their targets, that damage was not extensive, and that the Syrian Air Force was flying over the same region the next day. And so it might be symbolic more than anything.

But conventional American media generally applauded Trump’s move. Various neocons (some of whom had opposed Trump, including from the Israel Lobby) rushed out to the Sports Academy to buy knee pads.

And mainstream America got its rocks off.

Objectively, the strike on Syria was illegal. There are only two ways for military action to be lawful: 1) authorization by the UN Security Council, which was lacking; and 2) invoking Article 51 of the UN Charter after being attacked or when it is obvious that an attack is “imminent.” Neither of those two conditions were present.

In fact, this is the main reason the neocons applauded the strike: so they can wallow in lawlessness, while still insisting that “law” applies to the powerless. Indeed, we might note here that this applies not only for the economic and political sphere but also for the religious and dimensional one.

China itself has issues a mild response, simply calling for patience and more investigation, etc…

Sadly, China did not highlight the clear and blatant illegality of the incident. Russia’s objection can also be considered very mild, in the context of what actually happened.

And so the entire world system is slowly aligning itself behind efforts to start World War III. No one has the backbone to stop it. Welcome to the Show.

All Will Be Revealed?

A or B?

germany_france_russia6 vgc4

Which scenario is going to play out?

The Trump administration recently launched an attack on Syrian territory based on the same kinds of fabrications we have seen for decades – and without a UN Security Council Resolution.

Will Russia – and presumably China – draw some kind of line around Syria? Will there be any kind of sustained objection?

Or will Russia, led by Putin, reveal itself to be just another player in the game? Bringing about World War III, as desired by the highest ranks of the Freemason cult? Bush and Putin are wearing the same Freemason robes (dresses, really) in the above photo.

Is Putin the independent leader of an autonomous nation – or is he just a puppet on a string?

This question will finally be answered clearly within a few weeks. Welcome to the Show.

War Pig


Perhaps Americans should be holding up a photograph of Nikki Haley to call attention to the tragedy of having a complete idiot representing our country in the United Nations.

Before the completion of a full investigation, and with the logic pointing to the detonation of rebel chemical weapons, Nikki Haley is somehow convinced that it was the Syrian government behind the attack. The entire Trump administration appears to be behind this propaganda, and behind them, the usual array of factions and puppet masters.

I take some consolation that I am currently living in China… At least China will surely join Russia and veto whatever resolution is vomited forth by this crazed know-nothing.

“War Pigs”

Generals gathered in their masses,
just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot destruction,
sorcerer of death’s construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
as the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
poisoning their brainwashed minds…Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait `till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning,
ashes where the bodies burning.
No more war pigs have the power,
hand of god has struck the hour.
Day of judgement, god is calling,
on their knees the war pigs crawling.
Begging mercy for their sins,
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…Oh lord, yeah!


Thinking Caps


Perhaps the Syrian Air Force bombed a rebel chemical weapons depot. This is what Russia now says, and presumably it has better intelligence in Syria than the West.

This certainly makes more sense than what the global media complex is insinuating: that Syria is using chemical weapons. If we were to put our thinking caps on, there are three reasons why the Syrian government would not use chemical weapons and three reasons why the rebels would.


First, the Syrian government is slowly but very certainly winning this war. The rebel areas are being reduced. So, it is not the Syrian government that is desperate but rather western-backed rebels.

Second, the Syrian leadership – political and military – is well aware, and probably fearful, that any use of unlawful weapons could lead to being potato sacked and prosecuted by the International Criminal Court. By contrast, rebel leaders are more anonymous and can simply deny that they launched a chemical weapon attack.

Third, the Syrian government is not keen on giving the US or NATO any pretext for an intervention, and chemical weapons could trigger that. By contrast, the rebels are actually motivated to see chemical weapons deployed in this war, as they could then accuse the Syrian government of using them and plead for intervention.

This is kind of a no-brainer. Scratch the thinking caps. None needed.

And you know what the “international community” really needs to examine? How the Geneva Convention might apply in this case, in order to prosecute the rebel leaders and those who provide aid and assistance (like Se. John McCain).

Specifically, there is also the Chemical Weapons Convention (1993) of which the US is a signatory… Along with almost all other nations.

This is known as the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction.

Clearly the rebels unlawfully possessed and stockpiled chemical weapons. Now the question is: Who can be potato sacked and carted off to The Hague?


Youtube Wars


Youtube represents a battleground of ideas, with many “truthers” running against the grain of mainstream news. But a civil war has also emerged among various youtubers.

I am not a youtuber, at least not yet, but by July I will be starting channels to be announced here – and not just on youtube. One of my channels will be purely educational and geared towards seeling online courses in China (about Academic Writing, American cinema, etc…). In other words, that will have nothing to do with any of this.

But I may create other videos along the lines of this webpage, without counting on its wide diffusion. In any case, the youtube wars revolve around two main issues.

First, there is the question of who is and who is not a shill.

Yes, being called a government “shill” is one of the worst thing for a youtuber, especially if the charge gains momentum. All of the prominent youtubers in the truth movement have been called shills at one time or another, and most of them also periodically levy this accusation against others. Lots of finger pointing going on.

I feel removed from this debate. I don’t have a youtube channel. I live in China. I just watch everything interesting and could care less if someone might be a shill. I judge the information on its merits.

Second, there is the question of being on or off the God Squad. The truth movement and the alt-right movement (the latter of which I have no similarities with), are divided.

One one side we have the Bible-thumping “Jesus saves” crowd, and on the other side we have everyone else, including atheists, agnostics and even Deists opposed to monopolization and spiritual kidnapping.

For whatever it is worth, I will weigh in on this debate more completely this weekend. Meantime I will post normally. But this weekend I will write about the emotional terrorism offered up by the cult of Christianity, and how fundamentalist Christianity is a diabolical Trojan Horse (to use Christian terminology). To be fair, I will argue that Islam and Judaism are also dangerous and anti-human, feeding off perpetual conflict and also designed to keep humanity in a slave state.

However, I hope to end on a happy note, arguing for human discernment, the conscience, and original good (as opposed to original sin). I do not want to be that guy who only rants against Church and State. Of course, for the hard-core Christians out there, there is absolutely no difference between Church and State: The Bible is clear about Divine Right of Kings.

More to come this weekend on that topic.

Manila Photos













Space X: Abra Cadabra

This 5-minute video by Lift the Veil remains key to exposing the fraud of Space X. Others commentators also contribute to this effort, and Lift the Veil provides updates. But this video remains central:

Trans-Humanist Theme


I saw a fascinating movie today, my own personal “Trilla in Manila.”

A new science fiction movie is out, Ghost in the Shell, directed by Rupert Sanders and starring Scarlett Johansson, who plays “Major.” I liked her understated acting approach to this role. It convinced me that Major was not comfortable inhabiting a robotic shell.

While the film presents the latest take on the trans-humanist debate, Ghost in the Shell also pays homage to earlier science fiction movies. Its Sino-Japanese cityscape is is Bladerunner on acid, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

We also see a green dump truck similar to the ones in Soylent Green. There are also De Lorean cars as in Back to the Future. Oh yeah, and the bar scene (really more of a strip club) is reminiscent of Total Recall. One reviewer called the movie “thrillingly sordid” but the slums were not particularly apocalyptic and there was no sinning with cyborgs.

Ghost in the Shell revolves around the basic conflict between a trans-humanist corporation, on one side, and one of its victims, a man in an experiment gone awry, and who seeks answers and revenge, on the other side.

Scarlett’s “Major,” whose human mind (and ghost, or soul) has been transplanted into a robotic machine, finds herself caught in the middle of this conflict. She is a government agent, at first defending the corporation, but its maniacal chief executive forces her to reconsider her position. Her Japanese handler also works to rein in the company (but not to terminate its mission).

This movie very cleverly advances a trans-humanist agenda of merging humans and machines. In one scene, a female doctor declares that in time, “everybody” will have their brains downloaded into machines – you know, the inevitability of it.

Near the end, the film actually begins to reject trans-humanism, and it begins to value the human soul. The scene of Major and her long-lost mother was touching.

However, the very end of the movie celebrates her trans-humanism. It glorifies her trans-humanism, as if she were heralding The Dawn of a New Era.

Personally, I think using technology (like brain transplants and merging minds with computers) is designed to thwart human development.

Trans-humanism is a conspiracy to reroute human development. It’s a seductive detour that will take us onto the off ramp. At present, there are all kinds of tycoons pushing for trans-humanist technologies. Some are useful idiots; others are charlatans.

Human DNA already has the capacity for going into mental and intellectual overdrive, even for telepathy. Human DNA already has the capacity for extreme longevity (longer than 120 years).

What would be required to enhance or “augment” humans in a natural way? It would require, at a minimum, a willful effort to improve ourselves in every way possible, and to produce a society and an economy that actually reinforces and stimulates human development, rather than stunting it.

Consider the very term “trans-humanism.” The term implies that the goal is to go above and beyond humanity. That should not be the goal. Our goal should be to become truly and fully human.

Trans-humanism is a diabolical trick, intended to make us forget who we are and who we can become. On our own.