Cold War Nostalgia


The Cold War and its proxy wars were so much fun for both sides. All that intrigue. Political bombast at the United Nations. Colorful personalities. Yeah, it would be fun to turn the clock back a bit.

The clock has been turned back by the White House as it re-imposes sanctions and a travel ban on American individuals going to Cuba. But this Cold War, the second time around, is just not as satisfying. It was a charade back then, and now it is a charade of a charade. It ain’t the real thing…

I’m wondering if this is an experiment in mass psychology, of Orwellian proportions.

The Trump administration – pointing to Cuba’s state restrictions on their citizens’ freedom of movement – decides to counter, by re-imposing US state restrictions on Americans’ freedom of movement. Amazing. The irony is lost on many people apparently.

Interestingly, it is impossible to truly create a real law to prevent Americans from travelling to any country, unless perhaps the US had declared war or something. Even then. So, historically with Cuba, this prohibition becomes a Treasury Department restriction, preventing Americans from actually spending any money in Cuba. A very serpentine logic.

I could always use my Panama passport for Cuba and no one would care, but the few times I went to the Caribbean (apart from living in Haiti) was the Dominican Republic, spectacular.

The upcoming travel ban is nonsensical and violates natural law. The White House is pulling out the red, white and blue on this issue, getting all-American with it, but the restriction reveals it to be everything but.




Then and Now: A Quickening


(The Tide box has a nice “7” in it, a very “tidy” 7).

Let’s compare the mass media and political complex of 1995 and 2017

Back then, a “Unabomber” who lived in a cabin supposedly sent packages that, when opened, exploded. Most of the victims (alleged victims) worked (allegedly) at universities and institutions.

Guess what? The Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, had penned a rant! And it was this rant that the New York Times decided to publish, leading his brother to identify the bomber and turn him in. Perfectly scripted for a delayed, time-released demonization of survivalists, a psychological campaign operating in the collecive subconscious.

The American media could talk about little else for weeks. We were subject to endless and detailed stories about the Unabomber. In CSI fashion, there were illustrations of his cabin, his belongings, the works. We got to see his sofa, his kitchen, his bathroom. Pretty much all in one room, really.

The Unabomber represents an extreme archetype: a bearded hermit living like a lone wolf in his Montana cabin far from civilization: Henry David Thoreau, but on a bad acid trip.

Let’s take the log cabin “story” farther. The Unabomber actually looks like Abraham Lincoln on a bad acid. Indeed, like Abraham Lincoln, the Unabomber was also raised in Illinois. And the Unabomber moved to a cabin in Montana, just outside the town of Lincoln. No shit.


Interestingly, the unabomber’s last name was Kaczynski, Eastern European just like Sobchak in The Big Lebowski.

Today we have the baseball shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, who represents a slightly different archetype for an American terrorist: the frustrated blue-collar worker who is stuck in decades past – like Sobchek in The Big Lebowski.

Unlike the Unabomber story, last week’s story about Hodgkinson disappeared very quickly from the front pages and from TV’s “Breaking!” headlines. This is odd, even considering San Francisco and the London fire.

A generation ago, the shooting of any Senator, especially a House Majority Whip, would have remained at the top of the news cycle for weeks. Major drama.

A generation ago, there would have been something close to a live feed from the hospital, and we would be subject to all the details of the shooter’s life, which now include his fake Facebook posts (Fakebook).

We would also be subject to even more details from his jerry-rigged rap sheet, with camera crews visiting the neighbors and such. “He mowed his lawn every Saturday.” That sort of thing.

Today, this story about Senators being shot had a 24-hour news cycle with diminished coverage afterwards. Even the truth community barely covered it.

I believe that the short news cycle is mass conditioning, preparing a public (with a digitally decreased attention span) for a more rapid sequence of violent media spectacles.

There are two kinds of terrorist-related stories now. The false-flag incidents where shooters are conditioned and unleashed, and completely fabricated stories based on many layers of lies. There are precious few real incidents emerging organically in the world.

The global media complex is preparing for rapid-fire coverage (no pun intended) of these events, with more of them to occur in the United States. Nothing good can come of this. There will be no mass awakening in the wake of a media campaign based on deception, as several prominent youtubers hope. The incidents are fraudulent. The coverage is fraudulent. Anything emerging from this combination of fake reality and fake news is fraudulent.

Several days ago, I posted a comparison of the baseball shooter with Sobchek in The Big Lebowski. It was one of those posts that took me just a few minutes, as it seemed so obvious. It flowed.

Soon after the posting, I received an email asking if I want to expand this webpage, grow it, take it up into the google rankings, etc… I’ve never received such an email.

Now I think that the operatives interfacing my email, pretending to be a web-based company, could have been the real operatives behind the baseball shooting. Why not? I think they took some delight in my post and were happy that I recognized their work!

But they know that I never tried growing this webpage, which is for messaging certain friends and bearing witness. It is not for a mass audience. Some global heavies read it, and some of the people who keep their eyes on them read it. This page emerged out of a conflict I had in 2009 and another in 2012 (close calls both), heavily documented by me and my family, including a statement signed by my father Amb. Stephen Bosworth.

I rarely think about those events anymore, but I can usually tell who, among the global heavies, reads the page and who does not. So their email to me is like an inside joke I guess, since I’m not pushing the page.

Yes the slip-ups are intentional, as they want a certain number of people to find these Easter eggs.

Why? I cannot be sure how this fits into the larger agenda. But there probably is some vanity attached to it:

“And the Winner of the 2017… Best False-Flag Production…. goes to…”

“Best Special Effects goes to…”

“Best Crisis Actor of 2017 goes to…”

“Best Supporting Crisis Actress of 2017 goes to…”

On the one hand, there are clear political agendas involved in Internet control, and in cracking down on the online truth community.

On the other hand, they like the attention! So there’s that.


Recent Pics

DSC_0042 DSC_0045 DSC_0046

Below: Shredding the Earth DSC_0082 DSC_0085 DSC_0087

Central Casting


Something is not quite right with this story. Supposedly, a certain James T. Hodgkinson acted alone.

More relevant to most readers here is that Hodgkinson could very well have been handled the way Sirhan Sirhan was handled to shoot RFK (if that went down as sold), and the way John Warnock Hinckley Jr. was handled to shoot Pres. Reagan.

Why do I say this? Why do I think Hodgkinson was taken to the baseball field, pointed in the direction of the Senators, and taken off the leash?

Because his character has been recycled from Central Casting, specifically from the Big Lebowski’s “Walter Sobchak” character, played so well by John Goodman.


Walter Sobchak and James T. Hodgkinson share somewhat similar facial structures, haircuts, and facial hair. And very similar glasses.

This operation works on the collective subconscious. Walter Sobchak has become an archetype.

So now Hodgkinson, stuck in the 1970s or early 1980s, mostly likely an analog guy at 66, is particularly “active on social media.” Hodgkinson had “penned a rant!” Never mind that rant penners, pamphleteers, launched the American Revolution, Hodgkinson is now a suspicious character…

That this talking point – “active on social media” –  was so quickly rolled out, across the global television complex, suggests that it was prepared beforehand. Now we are supposed to think that mainstream media is safe and credible, and that social media is a menace.


Also interesting is that media is reporting that Hodgkinson had both a pistol and a rifle, thereby covering both categories of weapons for any upcoming gun control legislation in Congress.

Finally, the mainstream media story is certainly coded and loaded. His age was 66 (interesting number) and we can extract, from his last name, “Bell” and “Bee.” Also, the first reports of an active shooter was called in at around 7:10 a.m. There’s your “7.”

BBC provides a nice 7-11 code, or multiplied for a 77: “Alexandria police said the FBI was taking over the investigation into the shooting, which began shortly after 07:00 (11:00 GMT)”

If I had to bet my life… I would say that this Hodgkinson was a mind-washed, mind-bended, and mind-fucked guy who ended up as raw material in the operations department of the usual suspects.

That’s all folks.

The Pretzel of Public Opinion

The Pretzel of Public Opinion (PPO, reversing OPP) is being bent, and coming full circle. Yet again.

This time, Central Casting is re-casting Jeff Sessions for his new session.

Back in the day, Sessions would have been cast into “Dr. Strangelove” or “Atomic Cafe” as the good-old-boy with a strong southern accent that emerges after a few beers, when for example he is railing against the communists who sap our precious bodily fluids.

Sessions would have been cast as a True Believer, who, even after a decade of the Vietnam War, would still be imploring Congress: “Please give us another 10,000 troops. The boys will be home by Christmas.” That kind of thing.

There are still shades of that former character present today.

As an opiate epidemic sweeps the nation, thanks to Big Pharma’s prescription painkillers, Sessions wants to crack down, instead, on marijuana, which is nothing more and nothing less than young man’s foolishness, and which requires only social admonishment because it makes people lazy. (Weed should not be illegal; it should be frowned upon).

Despite this anachronism, Central Casting went ahead with its re-casting. This time, the Jeff Sessions that is being rolled out is a man on the other side of the McCarthy divide, who is supposed to squirm in his seat when asked: “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a…. Ruskie operation!”

Imagine that, a backwoods Alabaman is now being sold in the mainstream media as a commie bastard – or a potential commie bastard, to be more specific. Forget that the USSR is now the Federated Republic or whatever: once a communist always a communist. Ruskies are Ruskies.

The drama being played out is similar to the high-profile spy trials, and even to the Nazi trials, of yesteryear. Those scripts have been dusted off, and the tables and chairs on the stage have been re-arranged.

One of the reasons Sessions is being placed into this role, shoved out onto the stage, is precisely because he is so unlikely. Again, those who thought up this theatrical production (with only one foot in the bowels of Langley, the rest is off grid), are running multiple psychological operations at once.

Just one of their goals is to take American public opinion and bend it like a pretzel. The American mind: to fuck with it, or not to fuck with it – that is the question.

A new generation is being initiated into the spectacle of political ritual, with history having repeated itself first as tragedy and then as farce.

But it was always a farce. So now what is it? A copy of a copy, a parody of a farce, and we can add our own laugh track.

Running Man & Class





WeChat Image_20170613141400 WeChat Image_20170613141406


The tee-shirts… Not sure it was planned, but a nice touch.




Looking Around


The video on round earth symbolism in Chinese media is moving along. Progress.

So I’m beginning to think about the next topic, for the following video. With more than 100 Mandela Effects visible in the US, are there any in China? Have any brand names of iconic Chinese products undergone an unexplained change? I’ve put the word out. I’m going to find out.

Also, I think a graduate student has correctly identified Shangri-la, not in Tibet but in Sichuan Province, which is what Chengdu belongs to (my current home town). China has its own version of Bigfoot as well, people called the “wild men.”

It is also a bit odd that China seems to be all on board certain globalist plans – like the single world currency – but is not enthusiastic about GMO foods. Also, I have only seen one chemtrail my entire time here. And it might have been a normal contrail, not sure. Why is the sky not being criss-crossed with endless chemtrails the way it is in Europe and the US?

I might as well look into these things while I am here, and in time I hope to share my findings.

Fargo 2: A Minor Detail


Fargo 2 was set in the late 1970s in the Midwest. I was a teenager then and often visited my grandparents in Grand Rapids, Michigan, not far. And so the look and feel of Fargo 2 was extremely accurate. The blenders, the clocks, the typewriters, the cars… My maternal grandparents drove those huge Lincolns and LTDs… I got hot-tubbed time machined back to 1979.

However, one moment rang false. A reference was made to aerosol cans, linking the spray to global warming. Maybe that part of the script was written by some Gen Xer or even a Millennial. No, back in the day, the aerosol can was linked to an expanding ozone hole. Whatever happened to this rapidly expanding ozone hole anyway?

In any case, the ozone problem was linked to solar radiation and skin cancer, not to global warming. In fact, there were two prevailing models of climate change back then, and they both had to do with global COOLING.


The first model was the flip side of the present global warming model: that the world was getting iced, with the usual meteorological and university organizations confirming this. An urgent problem they said! Something must be done, they said!

The second cooling model was the idea of a “nuclear winter” brought about by a war in which the blast material would reach the upper atmosphere and prevent normal sunlight.


As stated previously on this page, the only real environmental problem is old timey pollution, and if society really wanted to address that, then it would evolve beyond corn agriculture for feed lots.

As for global cooling and global warming, these are, or were, both hoaxes. In fact, I am convinced that the controllers who rolled out the global cooling hoax knew full well that, within a generation, they would bend public opinion like a pretzel, getting people to believe in the new opposite.

Human minds are only malleable if they are repeatedly made to be such. The masses must be moved, or exercised, into a state of collective stupidity. Repeatedly. Hence global cooling, followed by its opposite, global warming, which now comes with an Enron-conceived tax scheme. This boondoggle is not the ultimate goal, however, just an added benefit: the goal is simply mass deception. The Lie.

No doubt, within a decade we will be sold the idea that the world is cooling again, after all.

Fargo 2: Coded and Loaded

WeChat Image_20170610155131

The number 33

Fargo 2, written by Noah Hawley and with Joel and Ethan Coen as executive producers, is am amazingly interesting, fast-paced and entertaining series. I watched 7 episodes in one day, incapable of turning my attention away from this story.

However, the series is super-saturated with all kinds of occult numbers and symbols, and this is mildly infuriating because this is an agenda based on deception and mockery.

Hollywood propaganda explains all this away as “fan-friendly Easter eggs,” but the codes and symbols are more in line with Masonic, Illuminati and Zionist models of human pyramids.

WeChat Image_20170610155149 WeChat Image_20170610155141

Fargo 2 characters repeatedly drink milk and half-and-half (a corrupted version of milk), as part of the ritualistic animalization of man.

Of course, we have seen (maybe not always noticed) many examples of cinematic lactation, quite famously in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockword Orange.

milk 1

Interestingly, “milk” was originally a part of something nicer, of the “land of milk and honey,” but in Hollywood milk becomes an inverted symbol, often paired with blood and violence, as with Westworld, below.


And regarding the Coen brothers, we see Half-and-Half in The Big Lebowski, as a prelude to his victimization. The Dude’s White Russians re-appear in Fargo 1.

dude2 2 movi

Personally, I would rather that television shows and movies just stick to the story. Now that I am more aware of all this subliminal messaging, which is not so subliminal, I’d rather not be distracted from the plot. I resent the numerology. I resent the Illuminati symbolism.

Apparently, to be a successful director in Hollywood requires talent (usually), but it almost always involves being a bootlicking minion.

It involves being willing to subvert one’s own plot by inserting, into an otherwise perfectly good story, all kinds of anti-human alchemy.

In the Works


Most of the narration for the round earth/flat earth images in China is now recorded. I used the “Audacity” software for this because it is so crystal clear. Daisy’s comments feature prominently, helping me analyze Chinese media.

We will do one more segment next week, and I will finish my first video at the end of next weekend. It will be about 15 minutes long. I will simply add this audio file to another program for screencapture, etc…, with an introduction on the webcam.

I will open a new youtube channel for these videos, which realistically will only be made once a month, on the topics of the debate over the earth’s shape, the Mandela effect, hoaxes, and the political circus. I will place that link on this page when the time comes.

Simultaneously, I will use my existing two youtube channels (which used to have study abroad material) and produce a new string of videos that have nothing to do with this webpage or the stuff above.

One channel (with Facebook and a webpage) will help Americans and Canadians retire overseas, mostly to Latin America and Southeast Asia, which will be a business revolving around tours, immigration services, real estate, the works.

The other channel (with Facebook and a webpage) will be about fitness, weight loss, and food, mostly for middle aged people. I will probably link these here periodically, although people reading this here might not be interested in either of those topics.

In 2018, I plan to alternate between working the retirement tours and with fitness clients. I want to use the Group Fitness Certificate I got. China features in the plan only in the Summer session. I want a more flexible schedule to see my kids more. Plus I need to make more money, so the best plan revolves around retirement services.

So do I rent a new place somewhere affordable? Peru, Mexico or the Philippines? Or do I live out of a backpack again, make some kind of epic trek? I’m torn between finding a new routine and living on the road.