India at Risk


India is taking a giant step towards Orwellian anti-humanism with its “War on Cash.” Some people with a more religious perspective might say that India is helping usher in a Beast system.

The instigator is Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a Hindu extremist with a hat fetish.

Citing the bogus need to crack down on corruption, and to increase efficiency, India is steadily criminalizing the use of cash, beginning with larger denominations.

Here is a quote from the Dollar Vigilante:

“Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi – beloved of Western elites for a variety of reasons – has just announced that all 500 Indian rupee Notes ($7.50) and 1,000 Indian rupee ($15) notes will no longer be considered legal tender.  The 500 and 1,000 rupee, by the way, are the two largest denominations in India.  Equivalent to the US banning the $100 and $50.”

“We’ve covered the cash-confiscation trend in the past. It’s just one more brick in the wall of rising fascist barriers against free utilization of currency. In Europe, the 500 euro note is to be discontinued by the end of 2018, for instance.”

Here is more from the Mises Institute:

“However, the rupee ban has managed only to create chaos and desperation for millions of Indian citizens. They were left with no money to buy basic amenities, and saw their dearly earned savings being wiped out overnight. They queued in front of the banks and rushed to their ATMs, scrambling to exchange the worthless banknotes in the brief window of opportunity provided. Both banks and ATMs ran out of money, as India’s printing presses rushed to keep up by printing new lower-denomination currency.”

In a better world, moving towards complexity and flexibility, ordinary people enjoy more monetary choices and not fewer. Economic resilience requires a multiplicity of currencies.

In a better world, monetary regimes (such as the Fed and the ECB) would be fractured, as they operate above the state, beyond accountability.

Ordinary people have been able to use cash since the dawn of civilization. It now seems part and parcel of civilization itself.

Arguably, criminalizing the use of cash represents a gross violation of human rights. Those who advance this agenda should be held accountable.

In another news report, India’s Prime Minister Modi recognizes that this anti-cash agenda is a problem but has not backed off.

“Mr Modi begged Indians to endure the pain until the year’s end, telling them he would ‘accept any punishment’ from them otherwise.

‘Give me time till December 30,’ Mr Modi said.

‘If you find any shortcomings, mistakes or any wrong intention on my part, I will be ready to face any punishment from you.’”

Really? What would be a fitting punishment for the present chaos and intent to usher in monetary tyranny?

Is Modi referring to electoral defeat, jail time, or a firing squad?

Here is 7 minute video on the topic from Lift the Veil:

Aussie Rules in China

A local rugby club sponsored an event in Chengdu, at Middle School #18.








What is Aussie Rules? A hybrid sport played on an oval field larger than any other major sports field.

This 5-minute video is sensational:



Polling? It’s the Bias

life-without-biases-part-2-where-do-they-come-from has an article, linked at bottom, going through the motions of a post-game analysis.

How could the polls be so wrong?

All the major polls gave Clinton a comfortable electoral lead, and there were articles everywhere wondering if Trump would concede defeat with grace, or not. That was their concern. still does not get it.

In their lame article published today, they blamed incorrect polls on sampling errors – on technology.

“Many in the polling industry are also second-guessing their turnout modeling, trying to discern whether there’s a serious flaw that went unnoticed.”

What a lame excuse. There were only two reasons for all the major polls being wrong.

First, the majority of these polls were managed by individuals with direct links back to establishment political machinery. There was only one degree of separation between these pollsters and apparatchiks at the DNC and to mainstream (anti-Trump) RNC. So there was a political bias, all along. And this leads to the next point.

Second, these polls were designed not only to misrepresent the situation on the ground but also to push potential voters into a certain direction, with a Clinton victory depicted as a fait accompli.

Elements of the deep state could also have the benefit of pointing to the polls if they had decided to steal the election from Trump and give it to Clinton. This is very easy to do with electronic voting, and with other forms of rigging (Florida in 2000; Ohio in 2004). Election thieves could have then cited these false polls and charged skeptics with being conspiracy theorists.

But for some reason, the deep state allowed the 2016 election to simply proceed.

So the major polls were wrong, not because of any erroneous procedures but rather because their motivations were sinister.

Stunning But Explainable

The experts, pundits and pollsters turned out to be… complete buffoons!

As regular readers know, I am a Green Party supporter. I wanted Sprite, not Coke or Pepsi. However, it is good to see people with a stake in the political establishment live with the consequences of their lies and corruption.

I accept the challenge of the Huffington Post, which was dripping with arrogance on the eve of this election. HuffPost, Politico and other outlets were all set to celebrate a Clinton coronation. HuffPost:

Pollsters And Forecasters Had A Rough Night
It’s time to figure out what went wrong.

OK, let’s figure out what went wrong. It’s easy.

The current democratic administration promised “Hope and Change” and delivered neither.

Real income, and the real situation of ordinary Americans, has only deteriorated. The participation rate of the adult labor force is near historic lows. And yet the administration is proud of its employment figures.

The oligarchs who drove the country into the ground in 2008 are even more powerful than before. Banking reform was a complete sham – smoke and mirrors so that the thieving can continue. And look at the latest Wells Fargo scam.

A post-Iraq War “peace” candidate – and his Secretary of State (Clinton) launched a war in Libya (based on lies), an insurgency in Syria (based on lies), and helped Saudi Arabia and other dictatorships. Along the way, the administration got cozy with Al Qaeda.

And it got drone happy. No wedding party in Afghanistan left un-droned.

Did it matter that the USA had its first African-American president with Obama in 2008? No. African-Americans are still massively and disproportionately incarcerated in a prison-industrial complex (which began in earnest under a previous Clinton administration). Nor have African-American economics improved. They were betrayed.

Meantime, this democratic administration continued the Bushevik erosion of civil liberties, weakening habeas corpus protections with several Military Commissions Acts (completely unforgivable).

At least under Trump there will be uncertainty. That is preferable to the tedious certainly, to the insufferable plodding on, that a Clinton administration would have brought: just more of the same garbage.

This outcome also confirms, for ordinary Americans, what they already suspected: the mainstream media is a propaganda machine; all major polls are politically constructed; and the Talking Heads connected to mainstream, accepted news outlets – from the New York Times to NBC, are virtually all liars or delusional.

This election was a referendum on the political and media establishment, a kind of American equivalent of Brexit, and a repudiation of globalism. Time will tell if any of this gets reversed.

I’m not a Republican (or a Democrat). I’m not a Trump supporter, but I think he is basically a good person (to believe otherwise is to believe a media now unmasked). I’m not commiserating nor celebrating. With Panamanian citizenship and 10-year Chinese visa, I don’t feel quite as vested as I might otherwise.

But clearly, the democrats (and others hoping for a Clinton victory) worked so very hard for this outcome! They earned, and richly deserve, their stunning and humiliating defeat.

Doubt It…


This is the headline on a Zerohedge article, linked below.

Clinton Campaign Indicates Wikileaks Election Bombshell Coming

It is still possible that Wikileaks might release the details of a scandal large enough to bring down the House of Cards, but I seriously doubt it. Even though these files exist.

I have no decisive insight into the true nature of the Wikileaks operation. Maybe it is a legitimate source, with legitimate motives. I hope so.

Thus far, however, the “truth to power” aspect of Wikileaks has only proven that Washington’s regime has a strong coating of Teflon. Nothing sticks. Nothing matters. Life goes on. No one cares.

Obviously, Wikileaks has failed to seriously dislodge or disrupt the power structure. It has only proven to be, for certain people, an annoyance. Maybe that will change. I hope so.

There are others who claim that Wikileaks is part of the game, part of the rigged reality. They might be right. I have no idea, as I mentioned. If they are right, then Wikileaks is a long-term psychological operation, a form of controlled opposition perhaps guided by shadowy Illuminati puppet masters.

But I do know a real scandal when I see one – the real scandal when I see one. And none has been forthcoming. It has all been rather boring, even. Nothing terribly “interesting.”

So, until the day Wikileaks releases the Apocalypse File, I suppose the skeptics will be more right than wrong.

Debate Night








Malicious Prosecution


This is not a liberal or conservative issue, even though those terms feed the false divide-and-conquer paradigm. They have also become meaningless in the past few decades as the main divisions in the West – economic, political and cultural – are now arguably not horizontal but rather vertical.

Taking one’s eyes of the predators and parasites at the top of society, even for a moment, is to do their bidding.

CNN reported this: “(CNN)Seven people who were among the armed occupiers of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon earlier this year were acquitted Thursday of charges related to the 41-day standoff.

Ammon Bundy; his brother, Ryan Bundy; and three other people were found not guilty of firearms charges and conspiracy to impede federal workers. Two others who were acquitted were charged only with conspiracy. The federal jury couldn’t reach a verdict on a theft charge against Ryan Bundy.”

It is quite remarkable. Federal prosecutors were so confident. They thought they could railroad these protestors in a rigged courtroom, and lock them away for decades. The judge was totally biased. The jurors saw through the Alice-in-Wonderland kangaroo system and followed their conscience.

Ordinary jurors saw through the veneer of the government’s arguments and acquitted the suspects. It was a defeat so stunning for the Feds, and so humiliating, that their in-court goons resorted to tasering the defense attorney (second link). That is what power looks like when raw and naked, when stripped of its puffed-up pretentions.

Nevertheless, federal prosecutors are going after the suspects for a similar charge in Nevada, where literally hundreds of protestors forced federal agents to flee with their tails between their legs. Considering how similar the charges really are, this amounts to malicious prosecution – and those behind the effort should pray that the House of Cards remains standing.

Scientific Poll Coming

Friday night we have an election event. American students will debate. Team Clinton versus Team Trump. The Chinese audience will then react. We will probably take a poll as “scientific” as the ones now being deployed, and about as useful.

I should probably bite my tongue at the event, and not say what I really think about the tragedy of a two-party system whose spectrum of real disagreement on real issues is arguably a little narrower than it is in China’s one party system.

It’s going to be a spectacle. I’ll have photos probably Saturday. Meantime the usual relatively unpredictable stuff.

Party in the PRC

Some close friends and I visited the club “Space” for Halloween (foreigners get free drinks)… Although my efforts to look like a cowboy (the only handy accessories) ended up looking like the Crocodile Hunter according to local people.

Many people here party very hard on the weekends, but usually after putting in 50 or 60 hour weeks, so it is a good way to blow off steam. If any photos seem risque then we’ll just call them “art.”

















Life Expectancy Decline

Probably the most important indicator of human development in life expectancy. This represents an accurate barometer of a society experiencing economic, political and technological progress.

So it is no suprise that life expectancy is on the decline in the United States, as have been standards of living and real income.

One of the tragedies of life in the US in recent decades has been the war on human health. Big Pharma feeds off reproducing disease. The population is overmedicated. The quality of food is deteriorating. GMO and chemical-laden foods are now the norm. Obesity and child obesity is exploding, along with childhood diabetes, etc… Fluoridation is standard. Few people even know about chemtails. Yes, Virginia, you are being slowly fumingated.

Many of these points are elabotated in the book Biotech Empire: Power, Profit and the War on Health. Since then it has become more obvious to me that the war on human health is designed to be gradual, incremental, and barely visible, still giving people the opportunity to resist (under the defunct rules of engagement of Battlefield Earth 5.0).

If this present realm is a test, Americans as a whole are failing it. Finally, evidence for this is visible in declining life expectaancies in the United States. On one level, it is correct to blame the degenerate criminal class running things, but on the other hand, the ultimate culprits are ordinary Americans who refuse to stand up for themselves.