Sensible Conclusion

As the Wall Street Journal Reported:

“Philippines Suspends Patrols With U.S. in South China Sea”

Indeed, the US-Filipino military alliance is over, and that is surely a good thing.


Above, my father Ambassador Stephen Bosworth in Manila (during Marcos-Aquino transition)

I think my father would have recognized that the Filipino government is finally taking control of its own destiny. He was Ambassador in Manila during the Cold War, when the alliance was unquestioned, but his orientation tended towards a Kennedyesque sense of cooperation and national self-determination.

He was also Ambassador there during the fall of the Marcos regime. He later told me about how the Reagan White House kept telling him to help Marcos, and how the State Department kept telling him to help Aquino. He was getting conflicting orders, obviously. It was stressful.

He avoided blatant interference (although some close to Marcos might have disagreed). Events on the ground moved in the direction of Aquino. And that was that.

We talked about this years later. I was actually in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, during this time, teaching high school – during the transition between Baby Doc Duvalier and the regime that replaced it. Oddly, both countries experienced political revolutions in the same weeks of February, 1986.

Anyway, my impression of my father’s view is clear. His experience reinforced his belief that the US could not, and should not, remain in such a colonial position, and that it was not good for either party. He cared about the people-to-people relationship, and his closest friends and confidants, whom I met, were his Filipino tennis partners.

Also after the Cold War he came to view much of US foreign policy, in which he participated in Central America, as a complete over-reaction – as largely mistaken, in hindsight.

On this next point, I speculate, but I also imagine he would not have approved of the US using the Philippines as a thorn in the side of China, as it has been doing this past decade (until today!) He was quite pro-China and participated in some of the first US delegations to the PRC in the mid 1970s.

I think he would have supported Pres. Duterte’s decision to end the military relationship.


In any case, I think of my father daily of course since his passing last January.

He was an amazing father first and foremost. But I’m also proud of his career, and proud that, in his work, he was even more cool than James Bond.

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As is being increasingly reported, the CERN supercollider is a complete hoax – a scam.

It soaked up trillions of dollars.

More importantly, CERN is part of a fear-based project of deception – of having the public believe that black holes can be created, that extra dimensions can be opened up, that time can be bent, that faster-than-light particles can be spun off, that a god particle can be discovered and duplicated… Bullshit.

Scientists can do none of this. It’s just a mind game.

The CERN supercollider – if it was even built that is, beyond the theatrical, movie set segments (and there is reason to think it was not built), is a Monument to Deception. That’s the reason it was built.


Here is an interesting excerpt from an article linked below.

“No one has been able to stop or thoroughly examine CERN experiments as it is sanctioned by a mysterious assembly of international associations where the ultimate authority of the project has been so hidden through Jesuit-like compartmentalization that you cannot find any one leader, CEO, or entity in charge. In fact, many scientists who are employed by CERN probably don’t know that it is a scam. They are just conducting their limited scope of work, which could be legitimate, given to them by a supervisor that is also working within constraints and boundaries. Everything is on a need-to-know basis.

In a process known as diffusion of responsibility, no one is ultimately responsible. In CERN’s case this means that science can do whatever it wants–whether it is creating light-speed atomic collisions, capturing mysterious “particles” that can create supernovas or black holes, genetic modification of plants, animals and humans, or just the standard militaristic warlord banker’s favorite — building new bombs for both sides of the conflict.  CERN gives scientists permission to have free reign to rip apart or explode anything they want just because they are trying to find the God particle.” end quote

But it is all bullshit of course.

Here is more:

“Why is CERN located in Switzerland?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you want to build something secret and keep it secret, you might consider Switzerland where you can hide money, politics,and in this case, the very machine itself.  Do we really believe that the Swiss, known only for manufacturing Swiss watches and knives, built the most complicated machine in the world?”

If what you want is concealment to launder and hide boatloads of money, Geneva, home of internationalism and globalism (IMF, BIS, League of Nations, World Council of Churches, Swiss banks, etc.) is a perfect place to hide the scientific-financial-military hoax of all times.” end quote

Here is an interesting video, 13 minutes