The French presidential elections are coming up, and while in many ways this is just another round of checkers, there is one issue that could have implications for the real world. This stands in contrast to the recent US elections, which produced an administration continuing the Clinton-Bush-Obama policies in everything except style.

In France, there is a chance (less than 50%?) that Marine Le Pen could win. If so, France would likely use the Euro only for some international trade and steadily shift to its own currency, which was the Franc for the longest time and stable. When I lived in Paris as a kid in 1971 – 1972, it was 5 francs to the dollar during that era – not that I was using the Franc for anything except purchasing bubble gum.

It is important to break the power of monetary regimes and their monopolies. This power is hegemonic, operating over and above national governments, and ultimately unaccountable to the people of Europe. This is a system of fraud, speculation, and usury.

Of course, if France returns to the Franc, any benefits would be linked to the terms of its issuance. Who issues the money? On whose terms? Will the money be debt-based, that is, deriving its value from the sweat of taxpayers? Or will a new Franc derive its value from something else?

These are all unresolved questions, but if western civilization is to have any real chance at democracy, at economic prosperity, then it must shift towards complexity. Without multiple currencies (a necessary precondition) there can be no real democracy or free enterprise in the fullest sense of those terms.

By contrast, Trump never proposed anything as radical as Le Pen has. In fact, the Trump administration has simply reinforced the feedback loop between wealth and power, installing statists and Wall Street tycoons everywhere, and showing a thirst for war.

Perhaps France will glitch the Matrix. We shall see.



Layered Reality


Above: Playing checkers with the White Rabbit.

I’ve been posting fewer articles about national politics, and fewer articles about international crises – unless these topics include hoaxes, or reveal something new about the usual suspects.

The goings-on in Washington DC, for example, is like a game of checkers. Very simple. Simplistic, even. One side against the other. Left versus Right. Good versus Evil. Divide and Conquer. Repeat.

The people we read about in the news are puppets on a string.

And so that brings us to the next level above, where a more complicated game is being played, much like chess. (Forgive the vertical inversion in this article, as the checkers game represents the bottom level – but no, this is not a satanic inversion).


Chess is a lot more complicated than checkers and take much longer to play. 

Chess is the game of the controllers, puppet masters, and intermediaries.

But there is another game being played above them (shown below), far more complex, beyond their reach, although they try to tinker: these are spectators hoping to be pretenders, beings with notions.


Above is a virtual version of go – but with a kind of Demiurge playing against reality itself, unleashing a wickedly clever algorythm onto the world, trying to scour it of humanity.

It all trickles down perhaps, cascades downward like the glowing numbers in The Matrix. It would take a lot of people to break the code, to hack back into the hack, and occupy this world.

Kinda Odd

WeChat Image_20170501225626

I was shopping for some sports stuff on China’s website taobao, which is like eBay and Amazon on steroids.

So punching equipment for boxers is not terribly politically correct: boxers can pound away at either a Japanese soldier or one of the three races shown in the background.

Tomorrow I should have a more substantial posting.


Funny Bit or Veiled Threat?

According to Wikipedia, George Saunders (born December 2, 1958) is “an American writer of short stories, essays, novellas, children’s books, and a novel.”

I first saw a portion of his short clip (1:29) in an video about anagrams by Polarization Nation Media, a channel repeatedly suggesting that nothing significant appears in popular media unless by design, somehow.

As many others have also shown, all kinds of movies and television shows are “coded and loaded.” To some extent this can be deeply intentional, even conspiratorial; perhaps, too, these numbers and symbols can be natural manifestations of the program running our simulation. Unintended synchronicity.

George indicates that he was making this phone call in “Feb” and so the three month mark (when he would need the mouse trap), would be May. This May. Youtube shows that the clip only went up a few days ago. That  is a little odd. Then again, the producers behind the producers have a better view up and down the timeline, which should be a disqualifier.

Is this a trap for humanity? If so, then this represents predictive programming, informing us that in May there will be at least an attempt to set a trap.

I keep saying that embedding miniscule, fleeting and arcane warnings in popular entertainment – visible only to the eccentric few, or to those who have been tipped off from above – does not represent fair warning.

Or is the trap for some targeted individual? There is after all “just one mouse.” And instead os spelling his name as “Saunders” he spells it out as “Sandman.” So it’s lights out for the mouse.

Here, trap setting is illegitimate. Targeted individuals have already been, duh, targeted. The condemned man whose rope snaps on execution day is free to walk away. Imagine, some have walked away not once but twice (they probably saw that coming actually but went through the motions?) And so a trap will be set for the third time? Thus, who is setting the trap? Vermin. I smell a rat.

Perhaps this comedic bit is harmless, like something from Seinfeld or the Prairie Home Companion.

When is a mouse trap just a mouse trap?

Crime versus Terrorism


I think it is great that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others in the Trump administration are cracking down on MS-13. Branches of this group have been terrorizing my ex-wife’s hometown in southern Mexico, in Oaxaca near the border of Chiapas.

MS-13 is organized around breaking the law: extortion (above all), drugs, kidnapping, etc… Some in the Trump administration are speculating that the State Department could classify MS-13 as a terrorist organization.

However, nothing MS-13 has done, does, or will do, can be catergorized as “terrorism” because there is absolutely no political agenda. Pretty much every national government, international organization and the United Nations includes the political dimension in the definition of terrorism.

Here is a quick definition: The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Also, it seems like a slippery slope to go around officially labelling this, that, and the other as “terrorism.”

All the laws are already in place to fight MS-13. There is no need to go piggybacking on the sketchy “war on terror.”

The Population Hoax?


Something just does not feel right about the “official” statistics, handed down by the usual authorities, regarding the populations of nations and the world.

Considering that virtually everything is a lie… would not this be as well? Why should we believe the figures? Those that own and control this world appear to live by a code: never tell the truth.

I became suspicious, I think, riding a motorcycle through Central American countries, from one end to the other, and one gets a pretty good feel for the lay of the land and the population density. Reality did not match the statistics.

I know California well also. I doubt that the combined “real” population of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco even reaches 10 million. And yet California is supposed to have 40 million people? I’m not buying it.

I wonder if the figures are being systematically inflated by, say, 33% or in some cases even 66%, or by some other magic number.

I aim to look into this a bit more in the coming months. This might be a topic for a new youtube video series I am gearing up to do, by the end of May. I need to get it organized.




Deleted Knowledge


I was reflecting on the fact that Christianity destroyed not one but at least two bodies of knowledge regarding how this world works.

Round 1: The Catholic Church launched the Inquisition with the Burning Times. Heretics of all sorts were burned at the stake. Catholic priests also burned ancient Gnostic texts, purging Christianity of the more profound truths, and turning it into a religion that “binds” minds, bodies and perhaps even souls.

Round 2: The Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits and others showed up in the New World – uninvited I might add – and proceeded to torch all kinds of Mayan and Aztec scrolls, particularly those about astronomy. They went on a book-burning frenzy.

Of course, the Church in Mexico also torched heretics and dissidents, thereby replacing an Aztec pyrotechnic cult of human sacrifice with a Spanish one. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Above: The crack in the firmament and the pouring forth of the waters above. This image in the Dresden Codex survived the bonfires of the Catholics.

Arguably, New World and specifically Mesoamerican civilizations preserved more shards of Atlantean and Lemurian knowledge than did civilizations in the Old World.

One wonders what else from the Age of the Fourth Sun was put to the torch (assuming we are now in the Age of the Fifth Sun). And one wonders what, exactly, happened to the previous Suns? Who replaced the bulb?

What Gnostic and Aztec information went up in smoke? I want to know.


This is a new video from Polarization Nation Media, suggesting the first week of May might be critical.

I’m Rethinking


Maybe the delicate “snowflake” generation is right. Maybe they should be coddled, given safe spaces, endless entitlements and free tuition – with a free study abroad program thrown in for good measure.

After all, the political, corporate and banking elite receive much, much more. The 2008 bailout was far larger than the money it would take to pay off student loans. Corporate welfare is endless.

In fact, the entire US agricultural system is held up by taxpayers (in theory, but in reality the government just keeps charging it). The system is reinforced by police state goon squads, creating a safe space for elites. The petro-dollar system basically has its own army.

I’m beginning to think the criticism of the snowflake generation is a clever deflection, a distraction from the fact that our society simply accelerates the feedback loop between wealth and power.

This is an interesting article: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-24/baby-boomers-borrowed-100bn-student-loans-their-snowflakes-now-defaults-are-soaring


Hope for This Generation

WeChat Image_20170424155520

A former student of mine came back to China on his way to Tibet: Joseph Hope, on the right.

After bashing this current new generation in multiple postings I thought I should say something nice. Regular readers know that I am a bit critical of generation “snowflake” for its intolerance of political dissent, its need for safe zones, and its Orwellian digital dependency.

Joseph finished his BA in a military academy in the US, Norwich, and then got an MA in security studies in Sussex, England. He travelled a lot from there. But he then spent more than a year on the road with just a backpack, staying in hostels, and eating street food. He went to 35 countries – including UK vassal states like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I need to remind him that those places do not count… They are not real countries.

His trip included visiting the more difficult areas of the West Bank, Tunisia during a curfew period, and so on. The more he sees, the more he wants to see. But he set his eyes on law school either in the US or elsewhere, with a focus on international law.

So he broke the pattern and went on a round-the-realm walkabout.

WeChat Image_20170424155533 WeChat Image_20170424155540