I love the smell of bullshit in the morning. That is when first check a range of news pages to see what is being pushed in the news cycle while I’m sleeping. I’m not really late… because the American “today” is my “yesterday” since Asia is a day ahead of time.

I can’t say I actually love the smell of bullshit. I just like the familiarity of it.

I hope some of the hoax busters out there will analyze the numerology of this all, including the “99” countries affected, and the anagrams in the name of the malware “WannaCry.” It is important to remember though, that behind the cleverness of the hoax, there is nothing more than malevolence. The authors of these hoaxes are not doing anything for the benefit of humanity: there is no culminating, glorious conclusion to their road of deceit.

BBC news, as mainstream outlets do, managed to announce the real authorship of this alleged attack in a disguised way: “A massive cyber-attack using tools believed to have been stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA) has struck organisations around the world.” So the first line of the story places this virus on the doorstep of the NSA: “believed to have been stolen” (but was not).

BBC news featured a video of a man – a crisis actor – claiming that his heart surgery had to be cancelled. His facial gestures revealed effort to stick to his lines. He explained that he had been prepped for surgery, and even all the hair on his chest and arms had been shaved (although he never pulled up his shirt to demonstrate) – and yet there he was, sporting a full beard. If his arms were going to be shaved for surgery, why not his beard?

He was not frustrated at all, just thrilled to be on camera.

And the specific reason he gave for the cancelled surgery is that the wi-fi had something to do with the allocation of emergency, back up blood bags for surgery – which are all clearly labelled by blood type.

Nothing adds up. It is not meant to. The usual psychopaths behind these hoaxes, while simply mocking those that cannot see into them, are also saying “watch us get away with it again,” to those who do. Everything they say is a lie. Everything they do is trickery. Nothing can be trusted.

So a rogue group parallel to the NSA, CIA, MI6, but of course ultimately unaccountable (and self-funded) initiated highly focused and selective cyber-attacks on a few targets, then wildly exaggerated the event.

This is just another problem – solution sequence, with this one designed to take the national issue of cybersecurity and make it a global issue. Some of the attacks were in Russia, which has been party to plenty of false-flag events and hoaxing in recent years.

China rarely participates in thes hoaxes (allowing just one bank to report a glitch) – but China never, ever calls out these hoaxes, never raises questions regarding the authenticity of these clearly staged events.

Now we get to witness the introduction of another DC Comics character, or is it by Marvel Comics? The evil group that stole this code from the NSA and then presumably used it for their dastardly plot. Get this, the name of this group is “The Shadow Brokers.” Jesus.

The video of the crisis actor pretending to be frustrated is found on this link:


Interesting Career Path

WeChat Image_20170512153209

I’ve been helping Daisy, a Chinese graduate student, prepare for her thesis defense, the final hurdle for a Masters in Translation and Interpretation from Sichuan University.

Her thesis was based on her own translation, from Chinese into English, of a Chinese scholar’s paper on Buddhism. The original author made an interesting argument: that the pre-conditions for Indian Buddhism (its true origins) are found in Chinese primitive shamanism. I read the translated version. Trippy stuff.

Reviewing her paper about the actual task of translation, I thought it was brilliant, cutting-edge – except for the Asian English that people here like so much. I keep insisting that the following words are not really words (but no one listens!): researches, evidences, literatures, terminologies, etc… You can take a flamethrower to Chinglish, but it’s burn-proof stuff.

Soon Daisy is heading to Shenzhen, an ultra-modern southern city, for a month of intense training with a Chinese cell phone company. Then she is heading to Nairobi for a few years, to work with about 100 other Chinese people, marketing and distributing inexpensive but high-quality cell phones across Anglophone Africa – cell phones with enhanced photo and video capabilities.

Sounds good. And Africa is probably better off with Chinese rather than European or American influence, if it is to be influenced. (Chinese graduates who specialize in French are dispatched to Francophone Africa).

The company has not made any real inroads into Latin America but plans to. One Chinese representative landed in Mexico a few months back to bring samples, but he was hassled my Mexican immigration because his suitcase had dozens of new cell phones. Yeah, at first glance, that seems a little sketchy. The guy was eventually allowed in with his stuff, but he had some splainin’ to do.

Anyways. The Chinese business people, once in Africa, live together in shared housing from what I gathered.

Apparently, there is a possibility she will be assigned to India, but she is under the impression it will be Kenya.

WeChat Image_20170512153219

After two years, the company plan is to reassign people in this position to one more foreign post, and then back to China, where one is more or less expected to climb the corporate ladder, get married, and life happily ever after.  That should be easy for her.


Asia’s Crystal Meth


MSG was invented by a German chemist in 1866 and later developed into a bizarre flavor enhancer by the Japanese. A Revenge of the Axis Powers…

I say “bizarre” because the flavor has not yet been scientifically described – “not sweet, salty, sour, or bitter.” I think it simply sets the neurons of the taste buds on fire.

In the US, the FDA requires food to be labelled for MSG. It is not really safe nor unsafe, they say, as it falls into a gray area, as food “generally recognized as safe.”

For the FDA, the old adage, “when it doubt, throw it out,” has been replaced by “Just Eat It.”

Unfortunately, MSG is a staple spice in China. Chinese restaurants and food carts love to heap it on. Otherwise the food here is great. Enormous vegetables, real chicken, apples that taste like apples.

But MSG? Being of Japanese origin, perhaps the Chinese could reject it, but then again, many Chinese do like Japanese consumer items, and Japanese entertainment, including the racy kind.

For the longest time, I thought my nervous system was getting overloaded with caffeine, and it got so bad that I gave up my coffee. I was getting all jacked. Twitchy. Itchy. Scratchy. I blamed it on coffee, stupidly.

Walkin’ around picking at my skin, like a meth head who was jonesing. The symptoms persisted. I tweaked my diet, adding this, subtracting that, and narrowed the cuprit down to a large dish of green beans, with generous portions of MSG, that I ordered for lunch usually every other day.

Every time I ate that dish I would have this tinging sensation later. I traced it to that. I have been off MSG for more than a week. No symptoms. And I’m drinking more coffee than ever. Great stuff.

So my own conclusion is that MSG should be “generally recognized as toxic.”

DC Comics

Image result for anonymous

Anonymous recently warned us all to prepare for World War III.

But Anonymous is a bit of a joke, a cartoonish idea much like “Kaos” in Get Smart. It’s Spy v. Spy stuff.

In reality this group of hacktivists is based in DC, but burrowed rather deep – so deep that one wonders if the replaceable cogs in the machine, including the heads of intelligence agencies, even know that Anonymous is fiction, a psychological operation.


Even the logo displays part of the UN flag.

Anonymous has never realeased anything truly of consequence – nothing that would glitch the Matrix. In fact, Anonymous is just another mouthpiece of the usual psychopathic cult, for providing subtle warnings (subsequent silence is consent).



More Memes


WeChat Image_20170509161523



WeChat Image_20170509161513






Equally bizarre:

WeChat Image_20170509161527 WeChat Image_20170509161532

David Bowie is Watching You

Rival Meltdowns


Venezuela and Puerto Rico… The Battle of the Meltdowns…

As most people know, Venezuela is starting to unravel. Food shortages. Economic mismanagement, along with being ruthlessly targeted – both claims appear to be true.

Venezuela does not seem likely to pull out of this crisis, which is partly due to replacing the hegemony of finance capital with the hegemony of bureaucratic socialism.

I am not a fan of either ism and prefer ongoing complexification, but I find it odd that the American media (mostly the Alt-Right) rushes to condemn Latin American socialism when it is working quite well in Bolivia, better than anything else has ever worked in Bolivia thus far.

And while “statism” is not my cup of tea, “socialism” in Scandinavia is still outperforming the US in every conceivable index and indicator of human progress. Yeah, “We’re Number 23!” Let’s all shout that.

Nevertheless, the Venezuelan government has clearly contributed to making a mess of things, and to dividing the country along lines so sharply that this can only end… very badly…

Meantime, the financial collapse of Puerto Rico is not supposed to reflect upon the American economic and political system. In fact, as some analysts have pointed out, Puerto Rico’s bankrupcy was more significant than that of Greece and yet did not effect the stock market. Why should it? In a rigged system? What affects the stock market is what is allowed to affect it. Artificial Intelligence cash injections forever! The big banks are already lining up for their bailout. The Puerto Rican caper.

So, Venezuela will go out with a Bang, and Puerto Rico will go out with a Whimper.

Let’s Dance


This is your brain on Christianity

If there is such a thing as a “truth community” it is sharply divided between those who are mainline Christians and those who are not, with the latter group including a wide spectrum of people.

In previous posts I detailed specific critiques of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, so here I only advance new points in response to recent Christian arguments.

Christianity is “controlled opposition” to an Orwellian New World Order because it posits this order as being inevitable and, moreover, as a necessary precondition for eventual salvation.

Interestingly, there is not sufficient “free will” in this world to reverse the so-called New World Order, or to produce a any different kind of order. Human destiny is all scripted out, predetermined. It’s all right there in the Book of Revelation. Nothing can be changed. And yet, supposedly, as pawns, we still have free will.

Christianity diverts attention from looking inward for deeper knowledge of the divine spark. Hero-worshipping Christians require an external savior, and they insist that this is the only path. Assuming Jesus Christ was a historical figure, would this really have been his desire? The outsourcing of salvation to a monopoly?

Christians often accuse anyone following an independent path of blasphemy, of wanting to become god, or to replace god, instead of recognizing that the motivation is simply to become re-united with a divine force.

As I’ve said before, Christians are the ones attempting to become godlike with their determinations of who is saved and who is damned. But whenever Christians earmark any person, or any category of people, as going to Hell (usually people they do not know personally), they are actually transforming themselves into demonic entities. They become walking and talking curses.

Christianity distracts people from humanity’s inherent interconnectedness, from a layer that exists (among other layers) of a collective consciousness and human soul.

Lately, Christians take to slandering freethinkers as “Gnostics,” forgetting that independent people avoid isms, ologies, and labels.

I know next to nothing about Gnosticism, other than its focus on inward perception as a path to knowledge, and that part seems reasonable enough.

If the Christian charge is true, and if Gnosticism really idolizes androgyny and transgenderism, then gnosticism would be falling into the material trap of technological transhumanism (as opposed to natural transhumanism).

If the odd person here or there feels trapped in the wrong gender then they should not be discouraged – or encouraged – to transform. It’s no big deal. So one in a million.

In the real world, Gnostics are not behind the Hollywood agenda of widespread transgendering. That agenda – a fetish, really – is more accurately described as Masonic or Illuminati or Zionist, with Christians as fake, controlled opposition.

The stronger critique of Hollywood’s transgendering agenda (of deception) comes from a non-Christian perspective, as one can be more certain that such presenters are not shills. Also, as I’ve argued previously, mainline Christianity is anti-human, so there’s that.

Christians are exposed as small-minded yahoos when they support, for example, the supposed “religious freedom” of a government bureaucrat to deny a same-sex marriage license to a gay couple.

I remember Christians applauding when the bureaucrat’s husband showed up in support, at a press conference, with his hat and overalls. The event seemed a bit staged now that I reflect back on it. Ma and Pa Kettle.

Those hucklefucks remind me of the Muslim taxi drivers in the US and the UK, who refuse to give rides to blind people with seeing-eye dogs, because the dogs are supposedly unclean.

What is unclean is this: a belief system that denies disabled people the right to use a taxi. This denial should be a federal offense, and if these Muslim taxi drivers are operating under just a residency permit, they should be deported.

images (1)e

That’s all you really need to know about Islam, right there.

This is one nice thing about living in China, actually. China has a zero-tolerance policy for the religious infection of civic space. Churches, mosques and temples are open and people go to them freely if they choose to do so. But there is a prohibition on outward religious politicization – on the spread of this contagion.

Additionally, it is interesting that Christian “truthers” never criticize the Israel’s apartheid or AIPAC, a Jewish ethnic mafia that has distorted American foreign policy for decades. I guess these absurdities and injustices are just part of “God’s Plan.”

It is revealing that Trump’s very first foreign policy tour will take him to Israel where, on bended knee, he is to curry favor with his masters. Perhaps he should take with him a sack filled with foreskins.

WeChat Image_20170507171335

That’s all you really need to know about Judaism, right there.

I’ve sensed some feedback between my website and Christian-Zionist youtubers, and of course I could not disagree with this crowd more.

Their religious approach is of, by, and for the Matrix. It insists upon human subservience and slavery. It is opposed to freethinking and human emancipation.

In the main, such youtubers and bloggers are attempting to hijack the truth movement, steering people into an off-ramp, and directing them back to the factory farm.

Two Kinds of Transhumanism

cosmic being

This post argues that there are both “good” and “bad” forms of transhumanism.

Let us define what “transhumanism” really is at its core: “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations.”

What is wrong with that? Nothing, unless someone believes that humans should be capped at life expectancies of 70 years, capped at average IQs of 100, trapped in the limited spectrum of three-dimensional experience, and so on.

Transhumanism is controversial and is often opposed (rightly in most cases) because the most highlighted path is technological. Technological transhumanism includes the merging people with computers, nanotechnology, genetic modification, drugs, and so on. Frankenstein stuff.

Technological transhumanism weakens, rather than strengthens, humanity, because is straps the species into technological structures that remain beyond individual control. Technological transhumanism represents a subtle and sophisticated form of slavery. This is a synthesis of 1984 and Brave New World.

“Natural transhumanism,” by contrast, seeks to expand humanity’s physical and mental capacity by non-technological means. It would be easy to point to diet, sports, meditation and so on, but in reality, human evolution would depend on the freedom to organize individual and collective life in ways difficult to even imagine within a parasitic paradigm.

There is nothing necessarily New Agey about natural transhumanism. The New Age movement has tended to make two mistakes: first, by elevating the environment over and above humanity, diminishing our importance; and second, by adhering to non-violence even when the natural rights of humans are violated.

So there are two kinds of “transhumanism.”

Broad generalizations about “transhumanism” – especially by evangelical Christians (controlled opposition to the Beast system) – are really attempts to maintain the status quo, to slander humanity, and to get people to accept that in our world life must remain “nasty, brutish, and short.”

Tomorrow I look forward to another posting that affirms humanity and trashes religion.

West is the New Flat


I saw the first episode of Westworld last night. It’s a handy thing, to have friends who are Chinese graduate students. They can find anything and everything online, for free.

Fascinating show. I remember seeing the 1973 movie in theatres, about a western theme park with robots. It might have been R rated. It was kind of sexy.

Consider Gleason’s 1892 map of the world “As It Is.”

The color scheme and layout is similar to the control room in Westworld. There is even a white ice wall and a red outer rim. The design requires, of course, a dome. And constant monitoring.

control room delos mesa hub westworld

In many ways, the android “hosts” are metaphors for earthly humans: they occupy the lowest position in the hierarchy of this world, and can be randomly killed, fucked, or both.

These creatures are asleep but steadily acquire consciousness.

There is a kind of “god,” with a traditional timepiece in his vest, who reinforces the explotation of this world. The world is ultimately digital, capable of keystroke reconfiguration: a Matrix.

The show raises all kinds of questions regarding consciousness, artificial intelligence, and the “bicameral mind.”

I’m sure there is a lot more interesting stuff embedded into this show, which is supersaturated with messages – coded and loaded, as it were. I will periodically weigh in on my thoughts.









Le Pen v. Macron, Part Deux


This was an intense debate, and Marine Le Pen and E. Macron really went at it. The moderators were often reluctant to interfere and when they did they were usually shut down.

The two candidates followed a scorched earth policy.

This debate was the sharpest exchange of ideas ever articulated, in any country, regarding democratic nationalism and oligarchic globalism. They went at it: social welfare programs, terrorism, the Euro, everything – and exhuasting each topic.

Fortunately I could understand every word Le Pen and Macron uttered, whereas I struggled to comprehend the accents of some of the other candidates in the primary debates.

In contrast, American debates are filled with sound-bites, slogans, one-liners, and moderators with political agendas. Candidates are prevented from really delving into the issues. It is more of a Barnum-and-Bailey circus in America, for some reason.

I like this French format. Two candidates sit at a table across from one another. Two moderators sit along the sides, mostly to provide the semblance, however ineffective, of some order.

Personally, I think Marine Le Pen won the debate. She won not only on the content of her arguments but also on her delivery and conviction. There is really nothing “right-wing” about Le Pen; she is more of a democratic populist, aiming to toss more decision-making into the laps of the French people. That actually seems anti-fascist. Of course, anyone who threatens the status quo (like Le Pen) is slandered by the media.

Le Pen is human. Macron is steely-eyed, ruthless, and committed to maintaining France as a vassal slave state. We shall see.