Above, the movie Dazed and Confused, with an extra continent next to Australia.

What are the usual manipulators trying to say?

In Plain (Plane) Sight?

As people know, I’ve been following the “Ball Earth” versus “Flat Earth” debate with special attention.

One of the wilder theories is that the Earth is flat, but that the distance between Australia and the other continents on the Southern Hemisphere is not as large as depicted on the typical Flat Map, shown below.


Well, one version of the Flat Earth model, a kind of Flat Earth on steroids, is that especially in the southern hemisphere there are vortexes of energy, variations of dimensionality, so that Australia could exist in two places simultaneously.

So the Land Down Under becomes the Land of Geographical Flux…

I”m not pushing the model, but I like thinking about the edge of reality as much as I like going over it.

For those interested in the topic, this video is interesting, and the last half addresses the topic above.



Cause & Effect in Paris


Above, the streets of Paris in the wake of the migrant crisis.

Obviously it is not all “Parisian Apocalypse,” but there are now sections looking rough around the edges. People complain loudly about it.

And they are wrong to complain – not without first ending French scheming in the Middle East (beginning with Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt), whatever that would entail (probably the overthrow of the Fifth Republic).


France not only piggybacked on the Libyan caper, under Nicolas Sarkozy, but its special forces participated in the sodomization and assassination of Muamar Gaddafi.

To this day, with Cirque du Hollande, the French are colluding with the US, the UK, Turkey and Israel in the subversion of secular government in Syria. The so-called Free Syrian Army and other elements are completely embedded with Al Qaeda and other extremist elements, as assorted globalists and neocons repeatedly concede. No need to take their word for it. Plenty of photos and videos.


Manchurian Mindwashed Senator, Meet and Greet with Terrorists

When not actually arming and funding jihadists, and then pretending to fight them, this coalition spends its time sniveling and snickering in international bodies, foisting upon the world a steady stream of propaganda. I’m beginning to think that the geo-strategic goal (of replacing a sovereign state) is actually subservient to a larger objective: lying.

In any case, the destruction of Syria is what causes litter in the streets of Paris.

Below: run for your lives.


Talk about littering…

It seems rather unseemly to complain that people are littering Parisian streets – when the government of France is largely and directly responsible for attacking Syria, and making parts of that country uninhabitable.

Stability, Inc.

In China the prevailing cultural value is stability, and this extends to employment and work.  Chinese people value the idea of a long-term career and staying in one place. Being grounded. I think this is a yearning for the permanence of life in a rice-growing village, and the sense of belonging that included.

This means that in their last year of undergraduate or graduate work, the aim is to secure long-term employment, and by “long-term” I mean “life long” in many cases.

Virtually all teaching jobs are public sector and hence imply a career stretching decades until retirement. The salary is not high but there are more benefits than most Americans might imagine, including different debit cards for various things.

What I find a little odd, but ultimately understandable, is that for many Chinese people this employment decision is ideally simultaneous with (give or take a year or two) getting married. So by the time people are in their late 20s their entire future life course is, or should be, pre-ordained.

If by chance a woman reaches age 30 and has not married this is considered a major setback, and the local term for those women here is “leftover women.”

At least, that is how Old China is colliding with New China. New China is a bit more open, flexible and tolerant of alternate life decisions. But there is still a lot of Old China in New China, if you get my drift.

My Chinese friends are surprised that for me China is the 11th or 12th country I’ve lived in long term, that I’ve made so many jumps from thing to thing – and that, as a man of my age, I don’t live with a regular family in a regular house – with a “beautiful wife, in a beautiful house,” as the song goes by the Talking Heads.

My Chinese friends have used the term “wild man,” as if I were some roaming, barbarian Neanderthal who somehow breached the perimeter of the Middle Kingdom, now tolerated as an object of curiosity.

Urbanization has severed some of the continuity between generations, as people in their 20s, 30s and 40s have moved to large cities, often leaving their children behind in villages with their grandparents. And more Chinese students are attending universities farther away from their home provinces, often settling into those places instead of returning home.

It remains to be seen how much this geographic mobility will impact Chinese culture and values. Probably a lot, but in Chinese and not western ways.

Who knows. The more I stay here, the less I understand.


Rugby Daze











Pervasive Infection

As previous posts noted here, I support Jill Stein of the Green Party, and pointing out how exceptionally corrupt the Democratic Party is in 2016 does not mean I back Republicans.

Back in the day, ABC and Washington Post polls were somewhat fair, I imagine, but Zerohedge has revealed how the Clinton-Podesta machine infects mainstream polling. There are also DNC connections to the other major polling operations.

Polls of popular support are now mere appendages of political machines. There is absolutely nothing independent about themm if there ever was. It’s all for show.

New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through “Oversamples”


Rugby Day

Because today was devoted to rugby in Chengdu, there was no post of any kind here. I will follow up tomorrow with some photos or maybe a different topic.

The few people who follow this website – ah but I know who all o y’all are, I have my ways – have surely noticed that the pace alternates. There will be a week of regular, hard-hitting material followed by a week of reposting or low-key stuff.

So, I will attempt to ratched up the intensity for another round coming up soon.


On the Ropes


Looking back on recent events, there are a few that stand out as being major setbacks to the overstretched Anglo-American empire.

First, there are the losses, and impending defeat, of the jihadist terror networks in Syria. As with Libya, the entire NATO coalition was hoping that its Al-Aqeda allies could overturn a secular government.

Second, there is Brexit. This is more of an ideological setback for the cause of top-down, oligarchic globalism than it is for any other reason.

Third, there is the 180 degree pivot of the Philippines, away from the US and towards China and Russia. The strategic blow is so severe that the western media and politicians downplay this story.

And fourth, there is the upcoming 2016 election in the United States. No matter who wins, no matter the outcome, the country will be domestically and internationally paralyzed.

The system is on the ropes. It will surely get up on its feet a few more times, but only to receive a knock out punch.


Same Old, Same Old


One of the luxuries of the American oligarchy is that the country’s long-term memory is non-existent.

A rigged election? Why, how could such a thing happen?

The 2000 election was stolen in Florida and the 2004 election was stolen in Ohio, among other examples, perhaps even including 1960.

I do not have a dog in the two-party fight. I favor Stein/Baracka of the Green Party, and I have little skin in the game, working in China, being Panamanian also, etc…

So I think I can reasonably say that from a distance this election looks extremely rigged. The election “polls” are fabricated, products of people and political groups with close ties to Clinton. The mainstream media, too, might as well be “deep state media” and blatantly favors Clinton.

I still think the oligarchy would be happy with a Trump win, and that much of the current hubub is theatrical. For this reason, stealing the election for Clinton is less about selecting Clinton, and more about perpetuating a war on the intelligence of the American mind. It is about maintaining the Big Lie. It is about deception, and that is a goal in and of itself. Lying. And then lying some more.  Lying places distance between them and us.

Lying is the primary goal of the people runing the country – not power, not profit, but just simply lying.

And getting away with it.


Dumping Toxic Waste


What do Saudi Arabia and China know?

Saudis, China Dump Treasuries; Foreign Central Banks Liquidate A Record $346 Billion In US Paper




Jill Stein for Pres


Jill Stein and Ajamu Baracka

The mainstream media seems to be banning the Green Team from the news. It is rare to hear about Jill Stein and Ajamu Baracka, even though they have the best plan.

As I wrote before on this website, significant only to some friends and family, I’m in agreement with about 80% or more of the Green platform.

It is the only platform compatible with “complexity,” allowing both general deccentralizaiton and focused centralization, depending on the issue.

It is the only platform compatible with a bottom-up reconstruction of the economy, and of national politics.

It is the only platform compatible with a bottom-up re-globalization – with the democratization and humanization of US-led globalist institutions like the World Bank, IMF, and NATO.