Herding Humans to WWIII?


The official explanation for previous wars is utter nonsense (udder nonsense!)

In high school, we were taught that World War I began in much the same way the flapping of a butterfly’s wings might cause a tornado on the other side of the world. There was a bottom-up effect, where events just percolated upwards… And so the killing of some archduke in Sarajevo created this butterfly effect, and all of Europe unleashed itself on itself. It’s ludicrous.

Because the Germans were shafted by the Versailles scheme, we were similarly told that some guy with a funny mustache, with a penchant for beer hall grandstanding, became leader of Germany by 19 “33” all on his own. Simply because of his public speaking skills. It’s ludicrous.

Now, we are all being encouraged to believe that North Korea has rather suddenly perfected its nuclear weapons technology (which in reality is non-existent), and is capable of striking US territory.

We are also being told that a reality TV star in America, famous for being unpredictable, has been handed all the US nuclear codes (a bit of a hoax there as well, but that is another story).

Meantime, Russia is going along with the script, having sponsored its own false-flag events, and completely vested in the theatrical production that is formal world politics.

Meantime, China has either not understood that there are powerful factions over and above national governments, or is also participating in the drama with anticipation of some goal. I’m not sure which of these two scenarios is the most likely.

Nevertheless, China’s statement about the Korean issue the other day makes complete sense if we accept the mainstream assumptions (I don’t, but so what): that China will stand by as a neutral power if North Korea strikes first, and basically allow the US and South Korean militaries to destroy North Korea, but that China will forcefully retaliate, and foil, any South Korean or American attempts to change the status quo on their own, without having been first attacked by North Korea. That stance is realistic and rational.

As mentioned, however, I’m simply not buying into the assumption that these national governments are all acting and reacting as the top-most power players in the pyramid. They are not. Nor are these simply “Fortune 500 wars” driven by corporate interests – even though corporations, governments, oligarchs, organized religions, crowned heads, high finance, ethnic mafias, and media complexes attach themselves to these wars like leeches.

Others out there have done a more complete job than I have, of explaining how major wars are ultimately examples of “controlled demolition” and “strategic relocation.” All these wars are designer wars.

Humanity has its enslavers, its controllers. Media fear mongering is increasing, and politicians are over-acting (as in delivering exaggerated performances).

This is because the controllers are seriously contemplating having Guam somehow destroyed, then blaming it on North Korea, and then standing aside as the herd of humanity stampedes toward their own slaughter.

Duping Delight

There is a cult that enjoys designing and manufacturing items with strange symbols and messages.

This is especially evident in items largely sold in China, where shirts sold to consumers often say things that people here do not understand. These phrases are usually extremely sexual or rude or satanic, but people have no real idea what they are wearing.

These bath soaps are from the UK but also very popular in China, on the taobao online store (larger than Amazon). Some are bizarre… others are stranger still.

WeChat Image_20170811204132

Above: “And we lived beneath the waves…”


WeChat Image_20170811204139

Above: Looks like a relic from the Vatican…


WeChat Image_20170811204144

Above: Nice eyeball in the middle…


WeChat Image_20170811204154

Above: The Last Bath?

What the Health?

This is a fascinating documentary in defense of a plant-based diet.

All Quiet on Eastern Front


CNN, BBC, Fox News, the Drudge Report… These outlets are getting a lot of traction from rumors of war.

It’s as if war is imminent. We should all run to our bomb shelters, crouch down, put our heads between our knees, and kiss our asses goodbye.

But in the Chinese media there is either no mention or barely a mention. No one cares about this story.

In the Chinese media, there is no John Bolton speculating that it is “doable” to eliminate the North Korean regime.

In China, thankfully, there is no Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump’s evangelical advisers, who has a Cold-War Hot Line to God himself: “In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un.” Robert Jeffress, on the God Squad.

Well, if he is really going to take “Romans” seriously then does not North Korea also represent a “governing authority”? Established by God? Why is Jeffress not internally consistent? Because he shares the same mental paralysis found among many American evangelicals?

Locally and nationally, here in China, people are not talking about North Korea. Locally, people are talking aboout the earthquake that hit last night:

“Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for all-out efforts to rapidly organize relief work and rescue the injured people after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

At least five people were killed and over 70 were injured after the earthquake jolted Jiuzhaigou County in Sichuan at 9:19 p.m. Tuesday (Beijing Time), according to the China Earthquake Networks Center.”

We felt the earthquake in Chengdu – especially me on the 23rd floor of my apartment building, which swayed back and forth. I’m not going to worry about that, either.


Gutter Politics


A few days ago I mentioned that I would post on the revolving door of the White House: who is up, who is down, and why.

There are people out there who can be more accurate than I can regarding White House factionalism.

Plenty of people analyze the divisions between the insiders and outsiders, between the Trump loyalists and the Republican apparatchiks, or between the nationalists and globalists. Whatever. On one level this analysis is all bullshit, lending dignity to a process that has none.

Those who own and control the US made the first real attempt to turn domestic politics into celebrity news in 1980, when they selected Ronald Reagan, an actor, to be president.

Today, the White House and news about it mixes “reality television” stars, who include the president himself, with celebrity culture, sensationalism, and scandals or the promise thereof.

The media and even the general public has become addicted to this, just as people get addicted junk food and fast-food. There is a lot of feeding at the trough.

Witness, for example, how much mileage the media got out of the completely ginned up scandal of Russia “hacking” the elections. The media kept at it… Supply and demand?

There is no factionalism, really, because both the fake media, on the one hand, and 3 am presidential twitter tantrums, on the other hand, serve the same purpose: to turn American politics, and media coverage of it, into a Barnum-and-Bailey three ring circus of distraction, complete with a daily freak show.

The US is pretty much the only country that airs its dirty laundry so publicly.

However, my point runs deeper: the US the only country whose controllers are manufacturing dirty laundry in the first place. These are engineered controversies and designer scandals.

The controllers are intentionally debasing American politics; they want it to be undignified.

Get Out of Jail Card


In 2012, the Obama administrations Justice Department had what they thought was an open-and-shut case against the controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

They were going to present him with “criminal conduct” charges, mostly related to discriminating against Latinos in traffic stops, racial profiling, detaining people on mere suspicion of being illegal, etc…

The Department of Justice had literally spent years accumulating mountains of evidence. It was, in fact, an open-and-shut case. And with some reason. While Arpaio seems like an upstanding guy, I personally disagree with focusing on marginalized immigrants, preferring that people pick on those their own size or bigger.

The DOJ flew out to Phoenix in August of 2012, thinking they had a slam dunk. Then Arpaio, apparently, played a recently acquired get-out-of-jail card, calling attention to a file documenting the Obama administration’s abuse of power in 2009.

The file could have produced a crisis of legitimacy rather severe, and so the DOJ backed off. At the end of that week, the DOJ quietly dropped all charges against Arpaio and his office, without any explanation, and flew back to Washington DC.

The local media in Phoenix was, well, stunned.

As AP reported: “Federal authorities announced Friday that they’re closing their abuse-of-power investigation into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona without filing charges against him.”

Now, Arpaio is facing a much smaller but still pesky charge of “contempt of court.” At worst, this might earn him 6-months in prison, but probably not. He can tangle up the case with appeals for years, and being 85 years old…

If Arpaio ever does get sent to prison, one must wonder what kind of threat, or bribe, was put into play, so that he could not play this get-out-of-jail card twice…

The controllers always seek to gain leverage, over each and every compromising situation. They will go to any lengths, with an unlimited budget. But they prefer the soft pressure of a fraternal organization. It’s less messy.

Or is Arpaio, like most high-ranking law enforcers, just another player in the game?



I’m running behind schedule on my lists of posts-to-be-done, so meantime I link to an interesting article about US-North Korean relations, or the lack thereof.

An interesting choice of words: “preventive war.” Perhaps McMaster might have considered “pre-emptive war” and then stretched the analysis to fit the term. Seeing how “preventive war” is illegal under international law… But then again, no one answered for the Iraq War.

Perhaps his efforts would be better spent at figuring out what is really going on behind the curtain.

McMaster: U.S. Preparing For “Preventive War” With North Korea


The Christian-Illuminati Nexus


Returning readers will note that I periodically excoriate modern Christianity.

To be up front, think this world

1) was “created” (with some evolution as part of the design), and

2) is characterized by a tension between good and evil, and

3) includes an eternal soul that experiences, and re-experiences, physical existence.

Beyond those assumptions I cannot say much.

Still, I conclude that Christians are unwitting members of the controlled opposition of the “New World Order,” or the “globalist oligarchs,” or the “Masonic order” or the “Illuminati controllers.” These terms, which come in and out of use, can all generally characterize an agenda going back to ancient Egypt, not none of the terms is ideal.

The terms try to capture an in-your-face agenda of global centralization, and a containment of the human potential.

What is my argument with Christianity then? Christians and the Illuminati have both signed on to the exact same apocalyptic narrative, one in which history ends in cataclysm and catastrophe, with the worst parts of the Book of Revelation coming true in Technicolor horror.

In this narrative, a small, tiny fraction of humanity is raptured or otherwise saved. Who might they be? Only those people buying into the monopoly of Christianity. Everyone else fries in the Pit.

Let us imagine a different outcome shall we? Let us imagine a human future in which humans make real and actual progress, in terms of peace, prosperity and awakening, onward and upward.

Let us imagine a healthy, vibrant future of real improvement across the entire spectrum of human existence. Let us imagine a humanity that uses its own existing, natural and spiritual capacity to supersede its limitations.

Sorry. There is no room in modern Christianity, especially in American evangelicalism, for such a future. Not in the cards. Not in prophesy.

This is actually, counter-intuitively, one reason why the New World Order, or Illuminati agenda, sometimes attacks Christianity.

These globalists hope to activate, even strengthen, an opposition whose attention, energy and actions all reinforce the apocalyptic narrative: mass destruction, with a harvesting of souls by the Devil, who simply gets another yellow card and is confined to the sin bin until the next round.

And so we have humanity, ground between the twin millstones of Christianity and the Illuminati agenda.

The Illuminati could care less about Hinduism or Buddhism because these traditions do not share the same idea of the End Game. Also, in terms of the world system, these religions are semi-peripheral, not embedded in the West, and unable to become serious sparring partners.

The Illuminati approach to Islam is more complex, seeing in Islam an opportunity to divide-and-conquer the Middle East, and to whip American evangelicals into a frenzy.

Here is a related criticism: modern Christianity holds two diametrically opposing views: the existence of revealed prophesy, on the one hand, and the existence of free will, on the other hand.

But if the future is predetermined and cannot be changed, then we have no free will – not beyond making choices within a narrow, meaningless corridor of existence, that is, such as choosing between a hamburger or a BLT.

Do we have the free will, as individuals or in the collective, to construct a healthy, prosperous and free future? Not according to the evangelical (and Illuminati) view that insists that the End is Nigh.

Finally, it is astounding that Christians point to scripture for their information, rather than to their own logic and experience.

While the Old Testament was composed by various cults (from Egypt to Israel to Babylon), the New Testament emerges many decades after the death of Jesus, and probably two or three centuries later.

That’s a lot of time for the propagandists to refine their message, which was then further modified (and altered for their benefit) by the Popes and Crowned Heads of the Middle Ages.

The next time I’m in a verbal discussion with a Christian, I’m not going to let him or her get away with the term “scriptures.”

I will say “you mean the Illuminati Scriptures.” You know, for the sake of accuracy…

The Christian idea of monopoly, hegemony, reductionism, and holding people at spiritual gunpoint, derives only from the Illuminati Scriptures. There is no other source for the outlandish claim that Jesus is the only path.

The Christian-Illuminati scriptures are “of this world,” and we know who has been in command around here for the past thousands of years…

I see many ardent Christians, incensed about recent trends in culture, politics and the economy. They have a right to be incensed. I simply beg to differ with their assumptions and conclusions.

Moreover, I suspect that the Illuminati now have the Christians right where they want…

The Next Level


The western media complex is hoping to take recent fearmongering to the next level.

North Korea, these outlets insinuate, is developing an “H Bomb.”

Here is what Fox News has to say about it, in a story dutifully linked by the Drudge Report:

“If U.S. missile defenses failed to stop a North Korean H-bomb from landing in our nation’s capital it could kill roughly 500,000 people and injure another 900,000. If an H-bomb hit New York City, the death toll could reach over 1.7 million.”

What is actually more frightening is the vast quantity of people who are inclined to believe such a story. Decades of propaganda by all, and decades of dumbing down the population, have given an opening for a cult of controllers who cannot, and will not, stop lying.