Time for Independence

Actually I agree for once with one of Trump’s tweets:

“We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever.”

Puerto Rican politicians are outraged, waiting for further assistance and relief from Washington.

But history shows that the capacity to recover and rebuild is best achieved locally – and not with aid from afar. This was the case in Japan, for example, in 2011, and elsewhere.

I’ve edited three or four papers on disaster relief, the last one being from Hong Kong, and about that city’s capacity. They get it. This has to be local.

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico’s economic, political and cultural infrastructure has become, well, incapacitated not so much by the hurricane but by colonialism and the mentality it creates.

If Puerto Rico were an independent country, it could issue its own currency, and liberate itself from the parasitical debt system that currently haunts it.


The End Game

The fear-mongering is cyclical. Mainstream and alt-right media hype ever greater threats from North Korea, and then it’s quiet for a few days, and then suddenly the alarmism and hysteria begin anew.

This media will make ever-more preposterous claims: that North Korea has a huge hydrogen bomb; that North Korean missiles can reach California (having expanded its range from Alaska and Hawaii); and in the latest absurdity, that North Korea can conduct an EMP attack on American infrastructure, leading to the death of 90% of Americans.

It’s all bullshit.

North Korea is a desperately poor country, with technology and infrastructure decades old. It’s military hardware has not really evolved much past the 1960s. As seen in the photo above, this is at the level of an 8th-grade Science Fair.

Actually the clues are intentionally put in your face: the rows of 2008 Sony televisions intended to pass for high-tech missile monitoring systems; the table in the swamp, with an old map on it; and a coterie of advisors, relics mostly, who stand around with small notebooks and pencils, scribbling. You are being told that this is all hoaxcraft.

Just a few short years ago, North Korea was begging for heating oil (to be specific and personal, they were begging my father for it, as he was Special Envoy to North Korea not long ago, before his passing).

And he had earlier experience with the place, stretching back into the mid 1990s. True, he accepted most normal assumptions, but I always sensed an inner discomfort about this topic. A certain restlessness. Perhaps it was the intractability of the North Korean problem. Something about it.

North Korea’s leadership uses conflict with the international community to fossilize its domestic power structures (wartime footing) and to hold the international community hostage in a game of brinksmanship, in order to extort money.

It get’s worse, I’m afraid… I am convinced that  (like other states we think are sovereign) North Korea is actually administered by a special operations unit affiliated with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the US, UK, France, Russia and China). I cannot say that all these powers are necessarily “in on it” or “working together” because, in reality, their presidents and prime ministers are kept on a “need to know basis.”

And they don’t need to know jack.

North Korea is essentially a special administrative district under an off-radar, off-books control group that overlaps (but is not entirely parallel to) the UN Security Council. Yes, Virginia, there are power structures more powerful and more enduring than the masquerade balls produced by frequent elections in the Western world.

Controlling interests over and above formal governments (multi-factional interests) would like to use North Korea as a trigger (or to have the option). Find a way to collapse American infrastructure, or bomb parts of the United States, and then blame it on North Korea where a circle of actors will be ready for their close ups.

This military crisis, or some kind of devastation, will allow these controllers to perform a “controlled demolition” of the political and financial system, rebooting it on their own terms, with further consolidation and centralization of power – and with much of the financial system tightly integrated with artificial intelligence. Mass surveillance would be taken up a notch.

If enough people call them out on this, then the chances of this scenario playing out are minimized; they have to be. It’s kind of the rules.

He’s Right

Christopher Hitchen really gets rolling about halfway through this 5-minute video. It is worth watching all of it.

He states his objection to religion quite eloquently, specifically referring to the three main Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

If it is difficult to decide which of these religion is more repulsive, more vile, it is because they each reflect what Hitchens calls “sadomasochism,” and an “ultimate wickedness.”

Ironically, believers think their religions come from above; if anything, they ooze up from below.

Go Figure


At first, I thought this story was a put on. But no, it’s real. (Well, who knows really).

A Canadian man, his American wife, and their three children were rescued by Pakistani forces after years in Taliban captivity, But the Canadian man refuses to board a US flight to anywhere, fearing that he will be held and questioned because his previous wife was a terror suspect (mostly because she was related to the wrong people).

Of course he is 100% right. The anti-terror bureaucratic machinery is vast, has velocity, and in largely unaccountable. Neither ne nor his ex-wife pose any real threat (except to themselves!) but that would not stop DHS and Pentagon careerists, with assorted agents and neo-cons, from forming a circle jerk to watch this guy’s “interrogation” through one-way glass.

Who is this guy? He and his wife “were traveling in Afghanistan” when she was “five months pregnant” and with their other children. And I thought I was reckless…

Hollywood producers should put down their kale salads and call around, see if they can turn this into a Chevy Chase-style comedy, taking the family on vacation, with the parents being happy-go-lucky and entirely clueless.

In the movie, the family can be jetting off to the Greek island “Caful.” But when they change planes in Istanbul, they get distracted, and end up in line to board a plane to “Kabul.” Their goofy antics distract even the airline staff, and no one notices that they are on the wrong plane.

The parents then reach Kabul and compare the scene with their tourist brochures of the Greek islands.

“That’s OK, honey, let’s just make the most of it!”

Getting kidnapped by the Taliban… That’s rich. Lots of material there.









On the Run

I’m not going to speculate on the guilt of innocence of this guy… Sure something seems creepy and there is a long line of people claiming abuse; however, he remains innocent until proven guilty.

Also, while I recognize the seriousness of a rape charge (or of similar charges), it is precisely the severity of such a crime (and its potential punishment) that there needs to be forensic evidence. Not the word of someone. People lie all day long. Men lie all daylong. Women lie all day long.

Interesting, though, that he chose a Rehab Center in Europe. He ain’t coming back anytime soon ladies and gentlemen.

Unlike Roman Polanski, Weinstein probably does not have another passport in Europe. So, if the heat got turned up in Europe, with talk of extradition and all that, he can cash in on his Jewish background and get a passport from the state of Israel. It’s automatic. Once there, he would probably not be extradited.

Weinstein made the rational choice: run. He might or might not trust the criminal justice system (I do not).

He certainly does not trust the Hollywood smear machine once it turns on one of its own, cannibalizing a member in a politically correct crusade.

Weinstein is now the poster boy for aggressive masculinity and sexual harassment. Is this deserved? I have no idea. Maybe some people do, but I don’t even know much about this guy, except that he is too clever to ever serve one day in jail.


As reported:

(Reuters) – “A late goal from Roman Torres punched Panama’s ticket to their first World Cup finals on Tuesday with a 2-1 win over Costa Rica, while the United States will miss out for the first time since 1986…”

I would have liked to see the US in the World Cup, but hey, that is still like routing for the Jamaican bobsled team. Professional soccer will likely never catch on in the US. It will always be a distant fifth to American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey – even though it is a great sport (though not as good as the best sport, which I think is rugby, hands down).

After January 3, I hope to report on things that buzz in Panama, including the World Cup and the investigation into the previous administration. I arrive there with a one-way ticket. My latest plan to go to Colombia until July, visit the UK with my kids in July, and then resume the motorcycle journey (which started in LA in 2010) across South America, August – December. Editing academic papers along the way, saving money by camping, and using coffee-shop wifi. I’ve done all that before, eight years ago. Kind of a long time to pause a trip.

Four of five months is plenty of time to hop the bike (now in Panama) to Cartagena, Colombia, and head south through Ecuador, Peru, Chile (Ushuaia, not far from the Ice Wall), Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela, circling back into Colombia and returning the bike to where it is plated: Panama.

It’s good to see Panama, with less than 4 million people, reach the World Cup – even though its last victory was helped by a “phantom goal” that might not have crossed the line…

The 22 second video below shows that controversial goal. You be the judge.

Netflix Tip: Real Rob

This is a hilarious show about Rob Schneider’s life (in the Real Bob character), with his wife Patricia, baby Miranda, and others. Rob Schneider was very funny back in the day, and he is even more funny now that his humor has multiple layers to it.

I can relate to the show big time. Of course I’ve never been involved with Hollywood… but… I did spend like 6 months living in Los Angeles with my Mexican wife who used to bust my ass for everything. Actually, she even busted my balls, making me get a vasectomy, just like the Real Rob guy (but he got out of that by conning his assistant into it). Oh yeah, at the time we also a new baby (and a two year old).

I had never planned on living in LA and bolted there to catch up with my wife, who just up and left our life in Mexico City (where I thought things were going well for us, but whatever).

So when she went back to the border, to Tijuana, to re-enter and extend the visa… she was denied re-entry, kind of deported, and she returned to Oaxaca with our two year old (I would have to catch up to them, yet again).

That was an ugly scene, with officers shouting at my wife and even at my two-year old, and when I told her not to sign the removal order with a 10-year ban, well, I was actually approached by a Customs and Immigration officer, who, with his hand on the baton, said: “are you some kind of fucking lawyer?”

So I was in LA with a three-week old breastfeeding baby that I could not deliver to her mother (on the Mexican side) because we had not accessed the birth certificate, certificate of birth abroad, nothing. I had to round all that up while figuring out how to take care of a baby. Meantime I was editing for Expedia, between experimenting with baby formula and changing diapers.

My last month in LA was one of the most stressful times of my life. Very little sleep. Anxiety. I lost a lot of weight. That’s when the marriage began to unravel, naturally… But I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy: LA, great place, my lovely daughter was born there.

In any case, I think Rob Schneider is a comic genius. He’s been relatively quiet compared to his early career. He’s saving the best for last, and I wish I could thank him for it. The show was very therapeutic for me.

With this Real Rob, I get to open up one of the most troubling chapters of my life and have a good laugh about it. Yeah, now, finally. Some 15 years later.

Text in Con — Text

Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, wrote a kind of dissertation entitled “Industrial Society and its Future.” This is well written and organized, so much so that the occasional typos seem deliberate to me.

Manhunt: Unabomber is now a Netflix show, and this was reviewed yesterday, with the idea of following up here on some of the concepts presented. In any case, a few interesting things about the manuscript, in which Kaczynski takes a swipe at both liberals and conservatives:

9. The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call “feelings of inferiority” and “oversocialization”. Feelings of inferiority are characteristic of modern leftism as a whole, while oversocialization is characteristic only of a certain segment of modern leftism; but this segment is highly influential.

219. Leftism is a totalitarian force. Wherever leftism is in a position of power it tends to invade every private corner and force every thought into a leftist mold. In part this is because of the quasi-religious character of leftism: everything contrary to leftist beliefs represents Sin.

But also:

 50. The conservatives are fools: They whine about the decay of traditional values, yet they enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth. Apparently it never occurs to them that you can’t make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, and that such rapid changes inevitably break down traditional values.

Liberals or leftists seem to be the main target, but the overall manifesto, its essential characteristic, is a criticism of “obedience.” And conservatives more than anyone are obsessed with obedience (as seen today over the NFL flag controversy).

Industrial society is depriving people of their power and autonomy, Kaczynski says.

93. We are going to argue that industrial-technological society cannot be reformed in such a way as to prevent it from progressively narrowing the sphere of human freedom.

121. A further reason why industrial society cannot be reformed in favor of freedom is that modern technology is a unified system in which all parts are dependent on one another. You can’t get rid of the “bad” parts of technology and retain only the “good” parts.

Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. But Kaczynski is probably right here.

152. Generally speaking, technological control over human behavior will probably not be introduced with a totalitarian intention or even through a conscious desire to restrict human freedom. Each new step in the assertion of control over the human mind will be taken as a rational response to a problem that faces society, such as curing alcoholism, reducing the crime rate or inducing young people to study science and engineering. In many cases there will be a humanitarian justification.

157. Assuming that industrial society survives, it is likely that technology will eventually acquire something approaching complete control over human behavior.

 177… In the long run (say a few centuries from now) it is likely that neither the human race nor any other important organisms will exist as we know them today, because once you start modifying organisms through genetic engineering there is no reason to stop at any particular point, so that the modifications will probably continue until man and other organisms have been utterly transformed.

Interesting stuff.

There are three possibilities (at least) regarding the Unabomber

First, Ted Kaczynski is a real person with a real history, and the mainstream narrative is accurate.

Second, Ted Kaczynski is a mind-controlled patsy, prodded into his role.

Third, Ted Kaczynski is an actor or dupe, and everything about this story is a hoax.

Personally, I’m leaning to some hybrid between #2 and #3.

There was a little too much drumroll and media sensationalism regarding whether or not the New York Times and Washington Post should print the manifesto or not…

There was simply too much hype, too many predictable turning points (the anguished brother turning him in), and too many archetypes (Abraham Lincoln meets Henry David Thoreau). Witness the kickstarting of “the hoodie” meme.

If there are elements of the Unabomber story that do not add up, then the entire production exists for one reason only: to announce to the world, and specifically to the United States, what technology is about to do: hijack human free will, autonomy, and dignity.

According to the controllers, plans such as these must be announced; afterwards, your silence is your consent.

The mini-series made a fuss over the line below, and that the Unabomber’s reversal of the proverb (in the manifesto and in a private letter) revealed his identity, sealing his fate, as this was what convinced a judge to sign the warrant.

More importantly, for us it reveals clues regarding potential hoax-crafters. Normally, we say “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” but Kaczynski went and said the opposite.

185. As for the negative consequences of eliminating industrial society — well, you can’t eat your cake and have it too.

The MacMillan Dictionary blog says something interesting:

“The phrase makes more sense when recast as eat your cake and have it too, since this is more self-evidently impossible. Indeed, it’s how the phrase was first constructed. The later sequence of having your cake and eating it arose in the mid-18th century, and appears to have overtaken the original in the early 20th.”

And some say the phrase was changed in the 16th century. The mini-series said it changed in the 15th century.

So this phrase turned into its reverse in the middle of the Industrial Revolution, paralleling the timeline of this text. The true author just placed an Easter egg in the text – which was raised into view by the media and the mini-series – suggesting that the intelligence behind this manifesto stretches back several centuries.

The true author, therefore, would be accessing information, knowledge, and perhaps consciousness, that is over and above our timeline.

The message about our planned future is then delivered in a way that reaches maximum “impact.”

A high-impact factor indeed.


Here is the “manifesto” in full:





Very Interesting

I enjoyed Quantico but trailed off somewhere in Season 2 when the series became a little improbable – when it finally jumped the shark, so to speak. Almost every show does. Consider the Sons of Anarchy, when the motorcycle gang just up and flew their bikes – in secret, without passports even – to Ireland. Right…

I stumbled upon Manhunt: Unabomber. It is very well done, with great acting and high production value. And the show engages with the Unabomber’s “manifesto” both in terms of content and linguistic forensics: Industrial Society and its Future.

The show’s plot includes the suspect’s earlier days as a target of MK-Ultra mind control. At Harvard as a teenager. Hmmm..

Long time readers will remember my earlier posting on this topic, and how photographs of his cabin appears to be coded and loaded.

Ted certainly has the “Lincoln” look going on and he holed up in a one-room cabin. Where? In Lincoln, Montana. In your face.

At some point, I’d like to take a crack at his manifesto from the point of view of an editor. Maybe I should even track changes and add comments in the margins.

Propaganda Comes Full Circle

I checked Infowars today to see if there were any shill-style stories, and I was not disappointed.

“Massive Evidence Mounts Vegas Shooting Was an ISIS Attack”

Of course. How predictable. It only took a few years for most people to forget that ISIS, too, is a shill organization.

ISIS was cobbled together by western intelligence agencies (and factions above them) seeking to make all kinds of mischief in the vacuum of Iraq and Syria. Specifically, ISIS was designed to be a kind of umbrella organization to transcend and include the smaller, more parochial terror groups that Sen. John McCain is so fond of. He even presents medals to these guys – but hey, no harm done, most of them are actors.

ISIS uses weapons and money from the western coalition, conducts half their attacks in the green room, and most of the other ones on sets, and is more about propaganda than any global threat. Kind of like the bogeyman in 1984. It’s the man behind the curtain.

How fitting, therefore, for Infowars to stoop to new depths.

This is like a House of Mirrors, with every image distorted. And with mirrors reflecting mirrors, we have an infinity of distortion.

Everything about this story is a lie. These lies keep getting more complex, more textured, more layered…

What we are witnessing is not just the repetition of hoaxes; we are witnessing the evolution of hoaxcraft from simplicity to complexity.