Almost 5 Years On

I finally fixed a broken laptop and recovered photos from the past. Here are some from December 2012 in Madrid.










Dietary Desecration

Monsanto is back in the news. This time California is set to list a Monsanto product, glyphosate, as cancer-causing. Monsanto “vows fight.”

Monsanto is interesting because it originally was more of a chemical company, not a food company the way we think of Kellogg’s for example.

This tidbit from Wikipedia:

“In 1926 the company founded and incorporated a town called Monsanto in Illinois (now known as Sauget). It was formed to provide minimal regulation and low taxes for Monsanto plants at a time when local jurisdictions had most of the responsibility for environmental rules.”

The company also worked on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, developing “nuclear weapons.”

Monsanto’s history includes making industrial chemicals such as sulfuric acid and PCBs, the latter of which are highly toxic and banned in the 1970s. It also produced huge quantities of DDT, also eventually banned.

Monsanto’s production of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War revealed its true nature: this is a chemical weapons company. It still remains close to that mission, but with food.

Today, Monsanto is dedicated to producing all manner of GMO Frankenfoods, growth hormones, etc – anything that desecrates the human diet.

Monsanto is essentially part of the toxic brew dripped into our Petri dish, to see what us poor bastards can take. At some point, however, this experiment in evolutionary fitness gave way to pure sadism: the rise of the mad scientists, truly mad.

Monsanto is back in the news. But it is allowed to be back in the news. This legislative resistance to Monsanto, on the Left Coast, is contextualized to keep our focus on the margins of the issue, on this or that chemical, and not on the full-spectrum war on the human species.

Monsanto is just a small part of this war – chemtrails, petroleum, steroids, hormones, fluoridation, vaccination and even Hollywood’s programming are part of this experiment gone awry – to see what us poor bastards can take, to see how far people can be pushed, and so see if the human race has any intelligence or integrity.

Somewhere, bets are being placed. Wager are being made: whether or not humanity will be, as Michel Foucault imagined “… erased like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea.”

Baseball / Softball in China

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Ritualistic Desecration

ob_cf6cb2_6754651-orig 1991

Desecration: “Desecration is the act of depriving something of its sacred character, or the disrespectful, contemptuous, or destructive treatment of that which is held to be sacred or holy by a group or individual.”

Lots of people have excellent insights into the chemtrails above. I’m not saying these theories are wrong, just that they might be partial, or even secondary.

Of course the mainstream narrative is that chemtrails do not exist; that they are contrails left by planes flying from Boise to Chicago, is all. We now know that is bullshit because Harvard University, among other institutions of prestige, are beginning to explain to us that chemtrails are to prevent “global warming.”

Now supposed to a) think that this is true; and b) support it.

Alternative theories include the idea that chemtrails are designed to filter out the sun’s rays, for many reasons, including as part of a slow-motion war on human health and consciousness.

Another theory is that the aluminum and barium falling down on us is a kind of slow-motion fumigation, and that we are steadily being rendered infertile (documentably true) and poisoned (also true – just take your blood to the nearest lab for a reading of hundreds of toxins).

Still another theory has this aluminum and barium destroying real agriculture, making it so that only Monsanto GMO terminator seeds will find purchase in the poisoned soil. Could also be true.

My only point here is that the people above (truthers, and the critics of chemtrails) have all been operating in the paradigm of science and logic. They have been looking for an answer that is rational when it may well be irrational.

Considering the true nature of the people who control this world, or who think they do for the time being, it is important to consider an explanation that speaks to their degenerate nature: I advance the claim that chemtrails are simply a way of sistematically desecrating a beautiful blue sky, scratching its sacredness. Each flight is some kind of satanic sacrament. It’s a rational irrational explanation.

They are ruining the skies because they can. Not only does this fouling of the atmosphere gratify the usual circle jerk, but these contollers also get to mock the masses for not even recognizing the chemtrails in the first place. So it’s a win-win for them.


Recent Pics










Lights, Camera, Action

I was suspicious of this Otto Warmbier story from the beginning. I follow about half the output of a dozen narrators on youtube, and a recent one by Texas Shrugged is excellent.

He consolidated the major reasons why this entire story is almost certainly a hoax.

Normally I link to videos at the end of posts. But this time it is important to watch it first. 12 minutes. Then I will add comments.

As demonstrated, the acting is terrible. This is highlighted in the video.


We are talking about the father of Otto, who was jovial at the beginning of the press conference (an homage to Robbie Parker!). The father even mentioned his son’s “performance.” As a father myself none of this adds up.

images33 160317_gma_woodruff2_0706_16x9_992

The camera footage of Otto on the hallway taking the poster looks fake. Someone’s head is also inserted into the lower left frame at one point to give it a clandestine look and feel. The scene includes coding and numerology everywhere, as demonstrated in the video.

Is Otto an American from Virginia? A British agent with a good American accent?

I wonder if any of this took place in North Korea.

So what are we dealing with here? These are the options, from least likely to most likely.

That this story – Otto Warmbier = “Ought to have a warm beer” – is legitimate. (Unlikely).

That the US/UK, with the usual cult of executive producers, conjured up this false drama outside of North Korea:  made in a Hollywood basement. Then they pushed it into the global media complex, and bribed or blackmailed North Korea not to protest. (Maybe).

That the US/UK, collaborating with North Korea (and possibly Russia and China, which, after all, are silent about every false-flag event including 9-11), produced this story as part of the World War III drama, you know, the Gangnam Style Horseman of the Apocalypse, the Greatest Show on Earth, the Book of Revelation that has to be lied into fulfilment. (Maybe).

That a cult of controllers, over and above any national government, is writing the script, directing the actors, and inserting the drama into multiple media narratives. This would mean that the national governments in question (all the superpower plus North Korea) are mid-way down the pyramid, and merely interfacing between the top and the bottom. (Most likely).

My academic background in Political Science and International Relations rests on layers of fraud and lies – “international relations,” my ass… The entire field is founded upon the false assumption of national sovereignty. My Ph.D. is meaningless, really, just a union card for a paycheck.

What about my father, who was actually US Special Envoy to North Korea? And who went to Pyongyang multiple times? One time, in December of 2009, I had drinks with him in Seoul the night before he departed (where by chance I was teaching a course), even delivering long john underwear from the PX upon his request…

He told me the North Koreans do not heat the negotiating room in the winter, and then at the end advance a request for heating oil, by which time the Americans are thinking “of course, we’re all freezing, where do we sign?”


Above: The most honorable diplomat the US ever had – and critical of more than one would think.

To what extent were his surroundings “constructed?” By powers over and above any government?

To what extent were he and the other negotiators “contextualized?”

Is there joint sovereignty between North Korea and a combine of superpowers?

Are there special administrative districts outside of Pyongyang run by other powers?

After the Korean War, the US never left South Korea, but China supposedly rolled right up out of North Korea? Abandoning everything? Just left?


My photo from a few years ago

As for myself, I went to the De-Militarized Zone in South Korea. I went in a bus with US soldiers, some of whom were young and dumb. I overheard one of them, looking around at the installations and security, ask his friend “what, was there a war around here?” Apparently he missed the history briefing before deployment. Or the Army back home forgot to schedule some adjunct instructor from the community college, to explain to the soldiers what happened in the 1950s. So they just show up with no idea. Long time readers will remember that story and these photos.


Standing next to a South Korean guard in the “ROC Ready” position. Are you ROC Ready?

I now notice for the first time that I’m wearing a flat earth badge. Nice.

I dropped coins into the binoculars and looked into North Korea.

I saw a few farmers attending to crops, and some buildings, both real and fake. Yes, some of the buildings are just two-dimensional wooden facades, supposedly erected to fool South Koreans into thinking North Korea was prosperous. At least, that is what our South Korean tour operators told us.

Maybe these false buildings were clues “in plain sight,” sending a message to all of us, on both sides of the DMZ and around the world: we are all in a movie set.

10 Min Vid

These are fun topics. I imagine doing one in this genre every few weeks. The next one up will be about some new Mandela Effects in China.

A Syrian Drama?


I am beginning to think that the overlay in Syria of the superpower struggle is a complete fraud.

Several months ago, this website – and others – produced images subtantiating the conclusion that Trump’s air strike on Syria never happened. The global media complex only produced a few photos, none of them convincing, and several revealed destruction that obviously took place years ago.

Recently, Russia supposedly threatened the US, saying that it will consider US air planes west of the Euphrates to be potential “targets.”

Consider this. International law is crystal, crystal clear regarding the legality of the western presence in Syria. It is illegal. Syria never attacked any western power, meaning that the UN Charter’s provision for self-defense does not kick in.

The Syrian government has not formally invited the western coalition into the country to cooperate, although Pres. Assad hinted at potential cooperation. Syria – backed by Russia – could very easily take this complaint to the World Court in The Hague and win – just as Nicaragua won its case against the US for planting explosive devices in its harbors.

Regarding Syria… Why would any self-respecting president, of any country allow, its sovereignty to be so obviously violated? With barely a peep? It remains possible that the Syrian inner circle of government are just actors, and I’m not the first or the only one to consider this.

Why would anyone expect Russia to seriously counter western meddling in the Middle East? Russia never really has, after all. Afghanistan and Iraq went on. So did Libya. Russia and China vetoed formal western intervention into Syria, not because they were opposed, at least for Russia, but because Syria would be the backdrop – the theatre in the round – for a Broadway-style production: the Fall of Damascus.

Russia remains silent regarding false-flag events in the West. It also sponsors its own false-flag events. So why would anyone expect the Russian government to act with genuine and legitimate insterests in Syria?

I’m beginning to think that all these high-placed liars are working together, or, at the very least, being puppeted with some kind of synchronicity.

Gettin’ Mandela Effected



The Panama Canal is back in the news.

Many people have reported being Mandela Effected by the Panama Canal. Many people remember it running from East to West, although as a kid I remember it running from Northeast to Southwest, much like the line in the image above.

In 2006, on the verge of returning to Panama for the first time since 1964, I looked carefully at the map of Panama, which I thought I was more or less familiar with.

How shocked I was to see that the Panama Canal, in this universe, ran from Northwest to Southeast!


Panama was my father’s first foreign service posting in 1962, and I was born shortly thereafter in Gorgas Hospital, named after the guy that helped solve the yellow fever problem.


We left in a hurry in 1964 during the anti-American riot, the big one. Panamanians were rightly pissed off about the overt colonialism, targeting American nationals. According to my parents we abandoned our house in the middle of dinner and hid in a Panamanian’s basement for three days (and were declared missing by a Grand Rapids newspaper). After some intrigue, we were all smuggled into the US Canal Zone, into US territory, and were evacuated.

I’m recounting this because it leads into how I got Mandela Effected (sort of).


A year after the US returned the canal zone to Panama in 2000, I received a very official letter from the Panamanian government. I’m not sure how they tracked down my mother’s address. I was living in Mexico at the time.

I am paraphrasing of course, but in essence the letter said this, translated into Mandela Effect legalese:

“The Panama Canal Zone was never a US territory. In this timeline, in this universe, the Canal Zone has always been a part of the Republic of Panama. You were not born in a US territory (that timeline was bumped into another dimension). You are a Panamanian citizen. You can process this at such and such address…”

And so I did:

WeChat Image_20170620190856

Retroactive nationalization (Back to the Future, or Forward to the Past?)


Oh yeah… That curved building on the right side? Trump Tower. There was talk of renaming it. Not sure what happened with that.




Ups and Downs

Monday turned out much better than I thought it would. There are some serious American and Chinese differences in work culture. There is a lot of teamwork here, yes, but supervisors are also quick to assign blame on those below, and, during meetings, to single out someone for a serious dressing down. I can imagine what the Cultural Revolution must have been like, with some poor scapegoat sitting in a chair, wearing a dunce cap and surrounded by a gang of fanatics.

However, I was surprised and impressed by one supervisor today who averted catastrophe, and who showed more patience and long-range thinking than I expected. I had spoken truth to power and was about to turn up the volume even further. But she showed me how to look at the situation from a slightly different angle. She led me out of a disastrous situation, one in which my frustration had turned into anger, and I fear I provided some archons with choice energy over the weekend.

She raised me up. I did not originate the problem, but I did have to move beyond my own mental blame game after all. I mean, why criticize some Chinese for being quick to blame others if I also do it? I’m no longer young, so I should no longer be dumb. I like to think.

Then a lady friend had her father in the emergency room with a heart attack, and so I went to the largest hospital in Southwest China. Now, I think that this country really might have 1.3 billion people. The place was packed. Stretchers were escorted by uniformed guards wearing facemasks, with one hand on the wheeled stretcher, helping to roll it, and the other hand holding a bullhorn, ordering crowds out of the way.

No privacy whatsoever. If you were curious about a patient, you could just wander over to the bed, one of many in the room, and listen in on the doctors and nurses, and watch the treatment of naked and half naked patients. No one cared. I could have walked into a heart surgery room I think, unimpeded. Everybody’s business was everyone elses’ business. That’s what happens when a rice-growing village turns into a society with a billion people.

I’m guessing I was at a popular hospital, and by popular I mean for the general populace, of “the people.”

But hey, it seems to work. My lady friend paid the bill with a fistfull of 10 kwai notes, so I think the tab was less than 40 dollars.

It was a long and stressful day, but strangely satisfying.