The Trip

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Airport poster in China.

A couple more airport posters celebrate the Modern Age:

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The trip from Chengdu to Nanjing to Vancouver on China Eastern was smooth and I remain convinced Chinese airlines outperform American ones in terms of on-time departures and customer service. Before the Chinese entered into the international market in a big way, the Japanese and Singaporeans had set very high standards.

Still, it is odd that one of the meal choices only included “pork” or “beef.” I take it China Eastern makes no runs to New Delhi.

It was borderline annoying/humorous that the media system suddenly switched, for all passengers, into a video of how to do Tai-Chi while sitting in your seat, to stimulate blood circulation.

The 15 minute video was led by a kind of Kung-fu master in his garb, seated in an airplane seat, with a uniformed flight officer seatd to his right, also performing the stretching excercises, and a hot stewardess seated to his left.

For me, the video interrupted the a Chicago Fire episode with burning building, and a woman on top about to throw her baby down to the firefighters. She was about to throw… and then comes the Tai-Chi.

I’m not super complaining about anything, considering that a century ago this trip would have cost me a month or more, with seasickness.

The Odyssey movie about Jacques Cousteau is spectacular.

Below, I could not help but notice some spinning ball propaganda on the flight.

WeChat Image_20170524163429

The route above reminds me of a Houston to Shanghai flight that only very rarely flew over the water. Well, after all, the shorest distance between two points is a straight line.

Update & Plans


My next post will be in 2 – 3 days, because in 12 hours I begin a long-haul flight from Chengdu to Nanking to Vancouver, British Columbia. To hang out with my teenage children for a week, and the ex-wife, who are flying up to meet me from Phoenix.

I will be posting on a daily basis again from Canada, but I will go 2 – 3 days without posting until I settle into the hotel over there.

A weekly youtube video series is still in the cards, with the first upload now scheduled for the first weekend in June.

And now for something completely different: The topic for the first video will be the Flat Earth v. Ball Earth debate as it plays out in China, with a look at some Chinese commercials and public posters showing plenty of spinning ball propaganda. Now that I’m looking for it I see it everywhere here.

I’ll have an English-speaking Chinese guest (probably Daisy) put in into a local perspective – into the Chinese thinking way. I might as well contribute something to youtube that is unique to my geographic situation.

Happy trails,


Odd Set of Friends


Just as Trump was courting, and being courted by, the Saudi Kingdom, there was a democratic election in Iran. Some Iranian women celebrated the results by driving cars with banners in Tehran…

While I am not a fan of having any religious dimension in a constitution, it is clear that Iran is much farther along the process of modernization and democratization than is Saudi Arabia, which does not even allow women the right to drive a car. But guess who the ally is?

Trump is next slated to visit Israel, whose apartheid system regularly tests international law and human decency. Meantime, neighboring Lebanon is much more democratic, with secular citizenship and an open society. But guess who the ally is?

Then Trump is going to the Vatican. I guess the Pope is a decent guy, but really? Roman paganism lives on.

Why is it the US priority to lend legitimacy, or dignity, to these three franchises of the Abrahamic religion?

Our taxdollars at work…


The Fascist Impulse


It is not easy to categorize any recent US administration or its ideology. The Trump administration, for example, blends national populism with Wall Street elitism. And gets away with it. It also blends nativist isolationism with jingoistic imperialism. And few people call this out.

In recent weeks, Immigration and Customs officers have stalked both schools and churches. This agency is also keen on using invasive technology to hack cell phones and strip them of data, for obsessive-compulsive analysis.

I have long argued that it is unethical and bad form to prey upon those at or near the bottom of the social pyramid. The “illegals” people fret over were actually encouraged to come in the 1990s (when most came after the peso crisis) by government, business, and the public.

Indeed, federal and state governments spent decades colluding to grant illegals drivers licenses, bank accounts, mortgages, etc.. (successfully I might add), only to now do an about face, and hunt their children in elementary schools.

Rather than trying to solve the structural problem of integrating undocumented people, this administration is getting all jacked up, all ‘roided up, over the prospect of cracking down on illegals. That is the fascist impulse: the use of force (and getting off on it) to round-up, detain, or deport certain demographic sectors, preferably the weaker ones.

In Washington, the Zionist lobby will not lift a finger to prevent ICE agents abuse of power. When the crackdown picks up in earnest in about one year, this ethnic mafia will simply spectate, having learned nothing from 1930s Germany. Absolutely nothing.

This jackboot agenda conforms to that of most modern Christians, who are certain Jesus would have condemned the undocumented. These are the same Bible thumpers who brought their Blood-and-Soil enthusiasm to the wars in the Middle East. Now, these Christians obsess about illegals on Facebook. Jesus.

The fascist impulse is rearing its ugly head.

The Syria Hoax


A few weeks ago, a post here described the US airstrike on Syria as a complete hoax, and pointed to Russian and Syrian complicity in perpetuating this fake news. The photographic evidence suggested a low-budget, staged event.

Yet again, we have the same suspects at work. Supposedly the US struck a Syrian convoy that was violating a de-confliction zone, when, in fact, such zones are complete departures from the UN Charter.

Imagine a consortium of powers declaring Oklahoma to be a no-go zone for the US military. There is absolutely nothing legal about this. Well, it is all for the Barnum and Bailey Circus whose final act will be “The Fall of Damascus!”

Notice the usual nefarious puppet masters obsessing with their numbers yet again in reporting on this event.

“Muzahem al Saloum, from the Maghawir al Thwra group, told Reuters that the jets struck after some rebel forces clashed with Syrian and Iranian militias after they had advanced to about 17 miles (27 km) from the base.”

Above we see 1 and 7 and 2 and 7 (777). The number 777 is one of those master numbers, and the title of an Aleister Crowley Book.

I am still exploring this stuff. But personally, I wonder if 777 is a double-edge number, symbolizing (for Buddhists for example) both the transmutation of consciousness and the ascension of the soul, which could be positive if realized naturally through truth. But 777 also symbolizes a negative Masonic or Kabalistic inversion of this idea, thus becoming a go-to number for New World Order and Beast agendas, which are entirely dependent on mind control and deception. Maybe 777 was hijacked, I do not know.

In any case, as of 10 am in China on Friday (and this event happened yesterday), there is absolutely no mention of this on Syria’s main news page. One would think that such an infringement of sovereignty would be met by loud protestation. Nothing.

By not even attempting to refute this lie, perpetuated across the spectrum of western media, Syria is complicit in the hoax.

Yes, Virginia, the US, UK, Russia and Syria are all just pawns in a rigged game.






Jungle Surfer On Track

Jungle Surfer’s youtube channels effectively breakdown the numbers and symbols of the ruling elite. Two are linked below. He is especially adept at finding old footage of things and revealing what is really going on. He also has the guts to explore topics others rarely do, like Antarctica, Greenland and icebergs.

What makes his narration rare is that he never forgets that this elite is nothing more than a network of self-deluded psychopaths who, while sometimes dangerous, are pathetically ridiculous. As he once said: “Nothing these people say is accurate and can be taken as anything more than pantomime.”

His Australian accent cuts through the bullshit like a knife through butter.

Yes, But…


This posting both supports and critiques the approach to decoding media as presented by Polarization Nation Media.

On the plus side, this channel provides searing insight into the supersaturation of popular media with hidden messages, numbers, memes and anagrams. The work on Back to the Future and The Big Lebowski went farther down the rabbit hole than other channels have with these movies.

In addition, the analysis of the “CRM 114” meme, which appears in virtually every Stanley Kubrick movie and many other movies, is profound.

And it’s quite interesting that the narrator has identified a certain recycling, of elements in his life, into some Hollywood movies, etc… maybe the producers behind the producers are trying to get his attention.

(I once thought it very odd that the first place I went to in Buenos Aires – an out of the way sidewalk cafe in an out-of the way area – featured as the first image of Argentina in Dexter. And I thought it was odd that I could list about twenty other examples of similar coincidences – such as recyling the names of my friends, girlfriends, etc… Coincidences).

The channel makes a strong case for Unified Code Theory, and for many of these repeating forms as “emanations from a source code.”

My criticism of the channel is that it gets caught up in seeing these numbers as a symphony, and in seeing majesty when there is, in fact, monstrosity. Many of the coded events – 911 for example – are not legitimate events and the product of deeply nefarious agendas. The original basis – the original source code – is some kind of wicked hack, and the channel loses sight of this. The source code is, upon closer inspection, malware.

In a roundabout way, by being mesmerized by the numbers, this channel lends too much dignity and respect to the producers behind the producers, to the Hollywood directors in on the game (not all are privy), who have taken vows to lie every step of the way. These are people with brains, to be sure, but with no integrity, no virtue, and no courage.

Also – and this comes through in other Polarization Nation Media videos –  there is an acceptance of all this, when there should be resistance. There is even acceptance of a kind of cataclysm of some kind (for some this would be a crack in the firmament, or a flood, or the collapse of the entire simulacrum). Mass extinction. Dead in the Water.

In some videos, there seems to be a yearning for ending of the Illusion, and for returning to Source. I see this as promoting a kind of collective thanatos, or deathwish. If the architects of the Georgia Guidestones were to produce ideology – to encourage the culling of billions – well, this is what it might look like: Let’s all return to Source. This fits the Christian-Zionist agenda in which the salvation, of a select few, is predicated upon an apocalypse for most.

I would counter that the real task at hand is to deconstruct media with the aim… not of accepting a catastrophic agenda… but rather of resisting it.

Our 3-D world is not a curse, and it needs restoration and enhancement, not vandalism. Perhaps it can be a 4D or 5D world. I suppose religious people would say we need to work for Heaven on Earth.

The video below, quite fascinating, but also one with which I have some reservations, is about 90 minutes long. It is worth having a look.

Phantom Ransomware


I am thoroughly convinced that the Ransomware story, as covered in the mainstream and alternative media, is a complete and utter fabrication from A to Z. 100%.

Consider this: There is no such thing, anymore, as anonymous banking. It is completely impossible for someone to extract funds from someone else (with a credit or debit number for example) and remain off grid.

Several years ago, I left a back door of my car unlocked in a Motel 6. Some dude rummaged through my car, found a blank check from my checkbook, and managed to secure a 700 dollar PayDay loan (another scam altogether). It took Chase Bank all of 30 minutes to track this guy down. And the 19-year-old know-nothing at Customer Service even slipped up and gave me the dude’s name. It took Chase only a few hours to return the money to my account.

It is not possible, in our world, to coerce money from people and divert it into an account without being traced. Authorities can track every single financial transaction in the world, even to Switzerland, Panama, etc… That they do not always do so speaks to the insignificance of the sums involved, or to occassional collusion with money laundering.

It’s not even possible to withdraw money from an ATM without being videotaped.

In this case, the alleged architects of this alleged cyber-attack, The Shadow Brokers, would not be able to collect money from people in dozens of countries – much less in one country! – and not get busted. Very quickly.

I’m calling bullshit on every single aspect of this story. I’m calling bullshit on mainstream and alternative fearporn. What else are they lying about?

I’m also calling bullshit on efforts to decode, with numerology or anagrams, anything to do with this hoax, because this lends too much dignity to the original bullshit artists. It’s kind of honoring the hoax – unless, of course, the only conclusion reached is that this event is 100% bullshit.

Very Strange

WeChat Image_20170515143040

Western mainstream media makes it seem like the malware infection really did a number on China.

And yet on Monday (in China) the major news sites have not reported on it. Not at all. Plus, I work with universities here, so I think I would have heard… Nothing on social media here, either.

I believe that certain western media outlets practice, or exercise, their capacity to deceive the public.

Here are screenshots of China’s major news websites. No mention whatsoever of this alleged cyber-attack.

Nor is there any mention of the Clark Kent who pulled the malware down into a sinkhole.

The screenshots include People’s Daily, CGTN, and, crucially, Xinhua net.

Xinhua net is vital because mainstream media in the US, including Drudgereport and Yahoo, have linked to or cited reports (western reports) that Xinhua is making a huge deal out of this. Not.

The malware story does not appear anywhere on the Xinhua page that I can find (screenshots below). WeChat Image_20170515143054 WeChat Image_20170515143059 WeChat Image_20170515143418 WeChat Image_20170515143423


1 2 3 4


The Clark Kent Idea


I woke up this morning to more bullshit.

But before I begin, it was certainly odd that the mainstream media platforms changed “99” countries affected to “nearly 100” and “almost 100.”

Also, these global media platforms – western platforms – used this event’s second day of news cycle to wildly exaggerate the malware’s effect on China, reporting that the virus disturbed all kinds of Chinese networks. Bullshit.

I checked two Chinese webpages this morning. Nothing whatsoever. Nothing in Chinese social media, WeChat, either. None of my Chinese friends know about this, either. It’s all mainstream media bullshit.

Then I read a long CNN article about how some Joe Shmoe “hero” named Malware Tech inadvertently saved the day by buying a domain name and, as other news sites reported, pulling most of the vicious malware down a “sinkhole.” A sinkhole!

Clark Kent is a fictional charaacter invented in 1938, a regular guy who transforms himself into Superman. This is the Clark Kent idea: An ordinary everyman comes to the rescue and saves the day.

In this case, Malware Tech was 22 years old (repeating numbers for duality) and spent, according to some sites, 11 dollars (again repeating numbers, and “11” has some ominous meaning besides), and according to other sites, he spent 10.69 (69, for mirroring).

Zerohedge fearporn: “As such, it is only a matter of time now before an even greater, more destructive cyberattack is unleashed on the world.”

Infowars, of course, played into the false narrative. I found myself going for a week without having checked that webpage because it’s so predictable. But I should check it more often, to know about updates to controlled opposition talking points.

Now, get this: the Malware Tech Superman – who was not smart enough to know that he was saving the day – is now being quoted by the BCC as predicting a major cyber-attack: “quite likely on Monday”.

Of course, this nameless Clark Kent does not exist in the real world, although by tomorrow they might be able to prep some crisis actor and his understudy. Malware Tech, the cartoon character, provides a vehicle for an in-your-face warning (and your silence is your consent).

At some point, the usual suspects would like to crash the financial system, and the Internet system, and reboot with a much more controlled Internet (and have people clamoring and begging them to do so).

If the past is any guide, Russia will participate in this false-flag operation, and China will sit on its hands, spectating.

At least we know that the real perpetrators – the forces behing “The Shadow Brokers,” and the forces behind this entire media narrative (a DC Comics franchisse) – know that there are plenty of individuals who see through their bullshit, and see them for the sniveling, snickering parasites that they truly are.