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“The 100” is a Netflix show about several thousand people living in orbit, in a giant space station, unable to return to Earth because of a nuclear war’s radiation.

The idea was there were were a dozen separate space stations, from different countries, but they joined together once Earth became toast.

Next, 97 years after the war, the space station sends 100 juvenile delinquents down to Earth to test out its livability. The kids form a colony that immediately fractures into factions and power struggles. Kind of like Lord of the Flies – but with girls also.

Earth turns out to be livable, but rather hostile, and it is inhabited after all. The humans who descended from the survivors are called “grounders.” The show depicts them as extremely primitive, a bit like Neanderthals.


A Grounder

And so the show revisits, and recycles, all kinds of themes and memes relating to cross-cultural conflict – and cross-cultural romance, as one space girl takes up with a grounder, much to everyone’s disapproval (they call her a “grounder pounder”). This relationship reverses the Pocahontas – John Smith dynamic.

This recycling of memes does not mean that the show is not good. It is good. It’s very engaging. Granted, the tip came from my teenage kids, who are part of the show’s target audience. The other, secondary plot line – the power struggles on the space station – involve adults. So there is something for everyone.

Interestingly, what happened to human society on Earth after the war? Within one century, new clans emerges (12 to be exact) with their own barbarian language and with the retention of modern English (how convenient for Netflix).

The visual appearance of the grounders is a mixture of many things: Quest for Fire meets Game of Thrones meets Mad Max.

Another thing I found interesting was the map below, a variation of the Flat Earth map.

WeChat Image_20180213174302

The photo is blurry but it shows the American hemisphere on the left and a portion of the Old World on the right.

In any case, The 100 give plenty of food for thought. It’s well put together. Lots of fun.



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