Great Show: Marseilles

I think a look at the two minute trailer, above, entices one to watch the first season on Netflix. Obviously, I have lots of time on my hands…

This is a political thriller about the mayor of Marseilles played by Gerald Depardieu. It’s also about loyalty and betrayal, fidelity and infidelity (the latter being more common because it’s France, after all, and everyone is sleeping with everyone else), and the gangs in the slums, whose illegal activities and romances intersect with those of the political class (including the breathtaking mayor’s daughter). The photography is spectacular.

The show is in French not surprisingly. If the scenes are relatively formal (office settings, political speeches, press conferences) I understand fine, but I do not understand the street scenes and its slang. Why do French gangsters mumble so? Like they have a hot potato in their mouth. It’s crazy how wide the distance is between formal French and the street version. So my subtitles alternate between being annoying distractions (off) and then necessary (back on).

Marseilles is a riveting series. Lots of surprising twists and turns in the show. Very unpredictable.

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