As I was telling my son, when I was his age there were only a handful of new TV shows each year on just three major networks. Not much to choose from, and it was all pitched to the lowest common denominator.

Also, back in the day there was not much international programming. From the UK for example, there was Monty Python. A great show, but that was it. Now, there’s all kinds of stuff from the other side of the pond. Take “The End of the Fucking World,” for example, which is doing well with the adolescent demographic.

Today, there is an avalanche of new programming, and a larger than expected chunk of it is thought provoking, engaging, and very cutting edge. Sense8 is definitely worth watching. It’s about a group of individuals from all over the world who are connected telepathically, forming a “cluster,” and they are up against another group trying to wipe out their kind.

According to the show, this kind of genetic warfare goes back to the Burning Times and before, back to paleolithic times, when there were parallel species to homo sapiens.

The show’s premise is interesting: that there is a faction of oligarchic controllers, mostly based in England aiming to dampen human potential by any means necessary (ok, non-fiction thus far). The full-spectrum war on humanity – including artificial diseases – fits into this show’s narrative.

Sense 8 has some risque sex scenes – of a “pansexual” nature – but these seem necessary to the plot. Needless to say, nothing even approaching these scenes would have been visible on TV back in the 70s.

Of course there is violence, but most people are desensitized to that by now. The only thing I found objectionable was that the show inadvertently made it “cool” for one of the “cool” guys to use heroin. Not vital to the plot.

In any case, this is a fascinating show, very well done.

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