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Apparently a Kern County judge in California sided with the evangelical bakers who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex couple. The bakers probably used that common argument that the Bible said “Adam and Eve,” not “Adam and Steve.”

As I’ve argued on this blog before, same-sex marriage should be legal because what consensual adults arrange is their business, and because same-sex couples – under the Equal Protection clause – deserve the same medical, financial and retirement benefits that hetero couples get.

I’ve also argued on this blog that Biblical prohibitions against same-sex conduct (between consenting adults) violates individual sovereignty and violates natural rights. Maybe those passages, like so many others in the Illuminati scriptures, were not actually written by the man above but rather by the man below.

In June, the Supreme Court is going to rule on a case very similar to this one.

I am guessing the Court will – as it should – force bakers to bake cakes for everyone (not just heteros or whites or whatever category one chooses). Otherwise, we are right back to the Woolworth drugstore situation, where business establishments can pick and choose who they serve. Besides, same-sex marriage is now legal. There is absolutely no justification for a baker denying such a service.

Admittedly, a trickier question emerges with the hypothetical cake for a Nazi: Should a baker be forced to draw a swastika on a cake for a neo-Nazi party? That is a tougher question to answer. One could argue that the swastika has become synonymous with mass murder (promoting illegality), giving some leverage to the baker’s refusal.

These are apples and oranges. Same-sex marriage is legal, and homosexual people are recognized by the law as entitled to the same rights. On this score, the bakers opposed to Adam and Steve wedding cakes actually share something in common with the Nazis: both on the God squad and both virulently anti-gay.

A brick-and-mortar business serves the “general public.” These are “places of public accommodation.” Perhaps the Christian bakers who think that their fetish is more important than the Equal Protection clause should advertise their services on Craigslist along with other fetishes.

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