End of an Era


My love affair with Latin America is… over. Well, to be more precise, I’ve come to  the conclusion that it is a great place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live here – not if you are still working, that is.

Living in East Asia did spoil me, because that region is successfully modernizing and still preserving much of its food and customs.

Latin America has an interesting culture, but its economies are not growing very impressively. Amazingly, there is a high tolerance for vast inefficiency and social inequality. Pockets of the First World exist next to pockets of the Third and Fourth World. Besides, outside of Mexico and Peru the food is actually not very good. Just saying.

I’m allowed to complain since I’ve put in my time in this region. Plus I was born in it. I also know where the airport is and I’m heading out February 21. I’ll either return to Asia with a much better job (Plan A) or do find clients for weight loss and fitness in the US or Canada (Plan B).

For foreigners, Latin America is great for adventure or retirement. When I moved to Mexico in my 30s I was single with no kids and so it was adventure. I’m more than a decade away from retirement. And so it makes no sense for me to stick around Latin America, struggle to make monopoly money and then convert it into dollars. What was I thinking?

I don’t regret coming here. For the first time ever I could place getting physically fit at the top of my to-do list. Two more weeks and I’m back in the US for a bit.

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