Trump Admin’s Hypocrisy


It’s not every day a multi-millionaire celebrity – who has been the the US many times – gets denied a visa to visit.

According to the Daily Mail

“Argentine football icon Diego Maradona has been denied entry to the United States after he insulted US President Donald Trump on¬†television.

Maradona was due to fly to Miami to take part in a court case involving his ex-wife Claudia Villafane.

But Maradona, who currently manages United Arab Emirates side Al Fujairah, has again been refused a visiting visa to enter the US.”

This news is fairly prominent in Latin America, but people are not really that surprised, as this region has been plagued with the personification of political power for centuries – with cults of political personalities and the abuses of power they entail.

Maradona was just being accurate. He called Trump a “chirolita,” which means “puppet.”

While the Trump administration is right to call out the FBI for its politicization and abuse of power, it then turns around and does the same thing and denies a visa to someone for petty, personal, political reason.

In a perfect world the president would either 1) not give a shit about what various people say about him (or her); or 2) be able to take a little criticism.

But no. We have a president who engages in twitter wars with media celebrities, demeaning the very essence of government. Maybe that’s the point.

The fact that this is accepted Рand supported Рby his supporters speaks volumes about their true  degenerate natures: that motley crew of conservatives, bible-belt evangelicals, zionists and other assorted factions, bent on turning the republic into a fiefdom, and united by a common philosophy of supremacism.

Maradona met all the requirements of being accepted for entry to the US. But he was denied. Amazing…

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