IMDB describes this show accurately: “An epic saga about the secret history of the 1930s American heartland, centering on the mythic conflict and bloody struggle between big money and the downtrodden.”

This is one of the better series on Netflix. Very well acted and produced. Captivating plot.

Yes, as described above, there is plenty of class warfare, goin’ on. The big banks and big families are preying on the ordinary American. Although in this case, the preacher does not regurgitate the standard Biblical nonsense about governing authorities being installed by God. He claims to side with another populist, rabble rousing rebel, Jesus.

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Of course, to be in this series one needs 1) a 1930s face and 2) a 1930s haircut. Most people are appropriately selected, but there some shiny, uptalking actors and actresses who have never known want.

I once knew a woman who produced a documentary on the Civil War for a major channel, and she talked about people with a “Civil War face.” They either had that face, or they did not. Very simple.

On that score, oddly enough, about a half a dozen actors looks very much like the Hollywood A list actors of a generation ago. Are they all related? Is there some kind of underground genetic laboratory, a “factory,” producing look alikes?


Does not Paul Ray, playing “Melvin Stubbs” look a lot like John Goodman? In the show he looks a lot more like him than here, as he is much heavier for the role. There are at least six other examples. Watch the series and spot them.

My only real complaint, being a history buff, is that there are no allowances for linguistic veracity. People back in the 1930s not only had a different accent than today (just listen to WWII documentaries) but they also used different lingo. On this show someone actually used the word “upgrade,” and I was jarred back to 2018.

Also, the plot take place in Kentucky, Iowa, and Wyoming. On the show, Wyoming does look like Wyoming, but Kentucky looks suspiciously like southern California, and much of Iowa looks suspiciously like Arizona.

Overall, this is an excellent show, and hard to turn off. Very binge worthy.

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