Under the Dome


A town gets domed very suddenly and no one knows why.

This series, on Netflix, is interesting because of the themes it addresses: extra-dimensionality, portals, reincarnation of the soul, destiny, the will of the “dome,” etc. Of course, this plays into the Flat Earth paradigm perfectly well.

While the overarching theme is fascinating, this series jumps many, many sharks. By the middle of Season 2, everyone has taken turns betraying everyone else, everyone has been in jail a few times, at death’s doorstep a few times, missing a few times – these subplots are recycled so often people have called this show “Under the Dumb.”

I put up with the over-the-top subplots because there are so many Easter eggs in this show. The town’s name is “Chester’s Mill” (Jester/Joker), and a dog was “Truman,” (as in the movie). On and on. Monarch mind control.

Those between-the-lines messages are what makes this show worth watching – well, at least through Season 2. When I’m not editing, and not working out at the beach, and not having coffee with some new friends, I watch Netflix.

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