1st Place, Congrats


No wonder illegal immigration has been front and center in mainstream news and politics. Here comes the second half of the problem-solution sequence: the real-time mass surveillance of every driver in the United States. Yes, that was the plan all along.

Americans of all stripes – liberal, but especially conservative – are commonly found babbling on about how the US is a bastion of personal freedom and individual civil liberties. Some of them even contrast the US system, favorably no less, with other presumably more authoritarian systems.

No other political system – not Russia, not China, not Iran – has the necessary ingredients for 1984-level mass surveillance. Those systems lack the most cutting-edge technology available and, furthermore, they are a decade or so behind the curve of applying such technologies to real life.

The western world has always included the presumption of anonymity in public places. But this presumption is now a thing of the past, both in the US and the UK, two societies in competition with each other to become the most totalitarian.

So, while the US keeps dropping on the list of standard of living and other “good lists,” an argument can be made that its political system is already in the zone of “partially free” or “not free.”

The Trump administration has never lifted a finger to preserve the Fourth Amendment. This is in keeping with Republican and conservative “statism” which is reflected by the conservative members of the Supreme Court. Democratic and liberal “statism” is slightly different. Both sides are hypocritical (the bedroom v. boardroom debate).

Here, Christians are normally silent on such issues. Most evangelicals are anti-immigrant, either blinded by hatred or believing that immigration “law” has integrity after decades of selective enforcement and actually encouraging illegal immigration. Christians are big on “the law” even when it violates natural law.

American evangelicals will back this license-plate surveillance measure. They surely think that mass surveillance is an inevitable part of the New World Order, fulfilling prophesy. They forget that destiny that is “written” cancels out free will. Which is it? Is the future written or do we have free will? Make up your minds.

Meantime, as different factions bandwagon on this surveillance measure, it is important to bear witness to their collective degeneracy.

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