There have been some interesting developments in the relationship between Colombia and Venezuela. It’s easy to forget that, for Venezuela, Colombia is really the only real bordering nation. True, Venezuela borders Brazil and Guyana, but those border areas are either thick with jungle or very isolated. (I’m in Santa Marta on the north coast, in the map above).

Colombia may be feeling the pressure of immigration from Venezuela, which by official estimates includes 550,000 people (probably far higher) and increasing. Below, a Venezuelan beach vendor in Colombia (not all the immigrants are this angelic).


This immigration pressure may explain why a Colombian government official, just yesterday at the Davos conference, stressed the urgent need for a plan… para el día después de un colapso inminente… which means “a next day plan after the imminent collapse.” That remark could not have been well received by Venezuela, which was surely not at Davos, which is of course the annual blowout for globalists, banksters, and their ilk.

And it was just yesterday that Colombia transferred its Ambassador to Caracas to Costa Rica, perhaps signaling a policy shift? Or maybe this was just routine… Could have been.

There are of course plenty of areas of cooperation between the two governments. Venezuela is expected to extradite, back to Colombia, “the ferocious wolf,” a serial child molester with nearly 300 victims.

I suppose its a complicated relationship. It’s multi-dimensional, and the two countries are headed in divergent directions. So there is bound to be more drama.


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