Telepathic AI



That image above was an ad for “Expat Life Insurance.”

It’s funny, yes, but that is not why I am writing about it. I find it very odd that just yesterday I swam out to the edge of the swimming zone here in Santa Marta, Colombia, and exchanged some banter and jokes about sharks with this Colombian couple who were treading water.

So I get on yahoo news or the drudge report and see these kinds of ads – perfectly tailored for some unique thing in my life.

Coincidence? It happens to me all the time. I might even be contemplating buying an SAT book for my son and see adds for Kaplan’s SAT afterwards. And I don’t use this laptop to communicate with my kids (just the Chinese app WeChat), so WTF?¬†How does the Internet know all this stuff?

I am beginning to suspect that there is another kind of intelligence over and above the digital, binary world that supposedly explains the Internet.

Maybe it’s D-Wave computing, I have no idea. It’s freaky, though, is what it is.

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