Slice of Paradise

I’m getting a lot of editing work online, so, I’ve decided to remain in place in Santa Marta, Colombia, for five weeks. Then I will surely return to see family for a bit and, hopefully, continue on to Asia… Meantime, I found my spot and am building a routine, making some new friends, enjoying the beach. January is the busy month because school is out until February. Most of the tourists are from Bogota, Bucaramanga, or Medellin it seems. The dude below in the shades is from Toronto. Very few foreigners here.


This is the first beach I have discovered where vendors walk around with thermoses and pour strong, hot coffee for 1,000 pesos (35 cents or so). As a matter of fact, the entire city has people just amblin’ about, thermos in hand, seeing if any pedestrians might need a cup of joe (most of the vendors are from Venezuela). I never say no, and aim to remain suitably jacked… There is a Spanish term for roaming vendors that roughly translates as “ambulatory,” and yes, when it comes to caffeine, coffee vendors can be compared with paramedics.

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