Economic Smoke & Incense


Every few years, Washington’s economic and political power structure decides to subject the country to another medieval ritual – much like the one above, which is dripping with wickedness.

The idea is to convince the modern peasantry that we live in an economic system, with rules, and that if those rules are broken then government can shut down, deny services, etc…

This ritual reinforces the false belief that running government depends on collecting taxes and other myths. Most crucially, it sustains the fiction that political power is subordinate to the economy, when the reverse is true.

All economies are created from the top down, by political regimes (many of which answer to monetary regimes). The point is that economies are mere projections of political power.

As evidence, consider the fact that the US dollar – if the “market” really existed under actual economic “laws” – should have collapsed decades ago under a mountain of unpayable debt. Money is debt, in this system. The debt will only increase to untold trillions, and it is logically and mathematically impossible to even being to pay it back. The very creation of money creates more debt.

So why even bother to collect taxes? Taxes are simply a neo-feudal ritual that reinforces the social pyramid. Taxes do not fit into the logic of the system (which has no real logic).

The entire economic and financial system is a sham system, a parody. It was designed for the purpose of political control, and to provide controllers with certain tools for accelerating and slowing their version of “economic growth.”

The mainstream and alternative media loves the alarmist headlines, the fear-mongering. In a better world, the puppet-masters behind this fraudulent system would answer for their crimes.


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