What Gives?

From Mexico to Panama to Colombia, there is a scarcity of young Americans with backpacks wandering around. Granted, they can be found here and there, looking for adventure, but they are far outnumbered by Europeans. In many places, Americans are also outnumbered by Canadians and Australians.

Above all, the English and the French appear to have institutionalized the “gap year” where young people take a year off, usually after high school or college, and wander. They usually do this in groups of twos or threes, but solo travelers are common. We used to call that dropping out for a year, bumming around. These millennials got it all figured out: now they can put this on their resume.

In a perfect world, more young Americans would either have the opportunity to wander the plant (or the plane), if they even have the desire, that is. It is a little odd, though. English people are flying to South America in droves to much about, and Americans mostly stay home.

Hopefully this is not because they cannot find South America on a map.¬†Hopefully this is not because the American media’s fearmongering makes people reluctant to leave their local areas. But most likely, those are among the reasons.

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