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Remember when the libertarian militia took over the empty Oregon Wildlife Refuge? In part to protest the federal government’s unconstitutional ownership of state land? And to protest “terrorism” charges against farmers whose brush burns overlapped onto so-called federal lands?

Well, the mainstream media had been promising massive and intense prosecutions and convictions of everyone involved. That case completely and totally collapsed.

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LAS VEGAS — Criminal charges have been dismissed against a Nevada rancher and two of his sons accused of leading an armed uprising against federal authorities.

Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro ruled Monday in Las Vegas that federal prosecutors acted with willful disregard for constitutional due process rights of 71-year-old Cliven Bundy, sons Ryan and Ammon Bundy and Montana militia leader Ryan Payne.

The judge last month declared a mistrial after a month of proceedings for the same reasons.

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In the photo above, Blaine Cooper is on the left. I interviewed him for about an hour in Arizona last month, in a Starbucks. It was a chance meeting. He said I could report it here but I preferred to wait until after Jan 8, whe he was to be sentenced. Supposedly, he was to be pardoned or given a very light sentence in exchange for his testimony against the Bundys. That is what he was expecting after being released after two years.


Blaine Cooper on the left, LaVoy Finicum on the right. Finicum was killed in a federal ambush shortly thereafter.

According to Cooper, he said he was willing to testify but never did (just as the case collapsed). And he told prosecutors he did not have much damning information to reveal about the Bundys. Still, having just one witness turn on the Bundy’s was good for publicity purposes.

Cooper also said that he was the victim of a smear campaign. He said he was accused of “stolen valor” for claiming to be a Marine veteran when he was not. He says people took his photo with a Marine tee shirt that his Dad gave him (a former Marine) and that he himself never claimed to be a veteran.

Cooper seemed to be the type of guy for whom “anything worth doing is worth over-doing.” He poked fun at the government’s criminalization of camouflage, and raised serious constitutional questions about why, in the minds of many, the first amendment of protest should be separated from the second amendment of the right to bear arms.

I scoured the news for signs of Cooper’s sentencing. Nothing. As reported in the media, one reason the entire case collapsed is because the prosecution would not share evidence with the defense. Another reason was that the prosecution illegally taped the audio conversations between defendants (including Cooper) and their attorneys. That was all reported in the press.

What was not reported in the press was another reason the government was forced to drop the case: the defense had evidence (thanks to DHS whistle blowers) that the federal government contracted an assassin, who shall remain nameless here (but has the initials D.L.) and who is responsible for at least four murders (registered as “suicides”). I’m certain this is true, not only because every administration since Kennedy has assassinated Americans on home soil (with the exception of Ford and Carter), but also for other reasons.

Hence, this evidence becomes something of a “get out of jail card,” similar to the one Joe Arpaio used to have federal prosecutors drop all charges against him and his staff on a Friday afternoon with no explanation (after the Justice Department had flown to Phoenix to announce the indictment and conduct a perp walk). They did not know he had that card to play until the very end.

Unfortunately for Anthony Weiner, he does not have that card, even though his wife knows a lot more about the case than Arapio does, and could spring him. I suppose releasing it would be hazardous to the health, so to speak. Or maybe she wants to see her ex in jail (a sentiment many have about their ex spouses).

Still another scenario is that the Oregon standoff and Bundy trial is not entirely what it seems. It may be manipulated and staged, in whole or in part. It made mainstream news, after all, and was the focus of various talking heads on the major networks. Lying is what they do first, foremost, and best. So who knows.

Strangely, the media is under-reporting this case dismissal, so maybe there is something to it after all.




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