Decision Time

I knew I was not going to stay in Cartagena long as soon as I got off the plane.

Sure, it’s a nice weekend destination, but I’m not feeling the vibe. The city is pretty much divided into the tourist zone, with very high prices, and crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Most likely, I have a new, better employment situation arising again in Asia, in April. More on that once it solidifies. I would drive my sister crazy if I moved in with her for that much time.

Meantime, I have six weeks to kill. Editing in the morning and then whatever, wherever, with whomever. I don’t know many people here at all (that’s what Tinder is for). Seriously, my schedule is wide open.

Should I go to the northern beaches past Santa Marta, near the Colombian border?

Should I go to Ecuador to see the Amazon (off limits to the sane tourist in Colombia still) or to Ecuador’s coast of Manta and Guayaquil? Flights back to New York are much cheaper from Ecuador. Does that justify taking a cheap flight from here to Cali and then a bus across the border to Quito?

What else can I do? Venezuela is pretty much off limits for gringos because of street crime. Besides, been there, done that.

Do I find a cheap flight from Bogota to Brazil and tick “Carnival in Brazil” (mid-February) off my bucket list?

Do I go back to Panama and live in a Kuna indian village?

There are too many choices here to flip a coin over.



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