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Yahoo in Spanish is trying to push this photo as the real thing. It looks very cartoony, very CGI. And there is absolutely no indication of the “oblate spheroid” idea. As I’ve said before, the globe earth model falls apart because 1) there is missing curvature everywhere; 2) the night sky is not chaotic and 3) NASA lies about everything.

However, the flat earth model cannot explain the vertical plunge of the sun over the horizon at the equator. Nor can the flat earth explain why we cannot see the sun at all times, however distant. The only way the flat earth model works is if the sun is not a physical object and is, instead, being projected or rendered, allowing for multiple and layered perspectives depending on distance.

The more accurate model may be the Matrix model, based on the movie trilogy that contains more truth than all holy books combined, I think. This model allows for the code that holds our universe together to peter out at the margins, and perhaps even links physicality to consciousness: so no, a tree falling in the woods with no one around might not make a noise.There might not even be a tree. At least that is the idea for reality beyond the Ice Wall.

The first episode of the fourth season of Black Mirror is fascinating. It seems like a spoof of Star Trek, but there is much more going on.

The USS Callister becomes a metaphor for this world: that it is a bubble existence constructed with layers of code, and that there is no “god” in the benevolent sense of the word but rather a psychopathic “coder.” Of course, it could also be that the creator was hacked, and that we are living within the hack.

In the show, the crew stage a kind of well-justified mutiny, discovering that they are just avatars being tortured and manipulated for the amusement of the coder.

I still have not figured out the “Big Picture” although that is my ultimate aim. But let us assume, for the sake of argument, that the coder of our world – the “hacker” to be more precise – is indeed a psychopathic and jealous sadist, reincarnating good people into insects and so forth (as depicted in the show).

Let us assume that this hacker is doing everything possible to suppress human potential, and to poison the future. What, if anything, is to be done? Can technology overcome this tyranny? Or do we have the power within our own DNA, within our own code, to pop the bubble and break free?

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