Roundabout Endorsement


CNN just slammed the “ketogenic” diet, which I take as an endorsement.

The way CNN critiqued it is by depicting its most extreme version, in which people reduce carbs to next to nothing. Of course, that’s not smart.

In reality the keto diet is probably the best and healthiest one, especially if beef and pork are discarded.

CNN is mainstream news, which would defend the mainstream diet at and other absurdities.

The standard, mainstream American diet (and in the West) includes grains as the most important element: the base of the pyramid. Bread, pasta, cereal – all of which spike insulin and represent among the worst things you can put into your mouth. All of that is a recent invention, by the way (the paleos are right on that score) and yet mainstream media and nutritionists tout grains as vital to health.

CNN listed the Mediterranean diet as the best, which is certainly better than fast-food eating, but which is still not ideal. Just visit Spain, Italy, and Greece to witness obesity and the decline of health in middle age. This is not the optimal diet.

In a “Keto 2.0″ or Keto Lite” diet, absolutely no change needs to be made other than discarding, or greatly avoiding, grains and their processed products. That alone will allow the body to burn fat and run at a higher level of energy.

The only downside of Keto is is someone pushes the concept to the extreme (as some people do). There is no need to become a food jihadist. Still, the broad concepts of Keto, its basic arguments, remain the best.

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