Global Propaganda Complex


Netflix falls so neatly into the usual mythology that there must be something more going on here. Netflix, I am convinced, is just another shell organization, a front organization that straddles corporate and intelligence structures.┬áNetflix is in 190 countries, almost as many as are registered in the UN’s General Assembly (193).

Predictably, the corporate founding myth is this: One dude gets pissed off about being fined 40 bucks by Blockbuster for a late DVD return of Apollo 13. So he approaches his friend. The two dudes launch a DVD rent-by-mail business.

Ah, yes, the “California garage” meme that we saw in Apple, ran by front-man Steve Jobs. This is a West Coast version of the “dorm room” meme that sees the birth of another front-man organization, Facebook.

So in a few short years Netflix has outpaced all entertainment companies to produce 126 original series and countless other comedy specials, sports documentaries, etc… Many of these original series are complex and expensive productions, involving costly actors.

There is is no way Netflix can pull off being a profitable company or even one that is commercially viable. And so its official, declared long-term debt is 21.9 billion. That’s a huge sum, larger than the national GDP of many countries. And this debt is going up, not down. Netflix can still secure loans… Yes, because it’s not really a normal company.

Netflix advances global consumerism, materialism, and narcissism. Netflix reinforces the prevailing scientific paradigms about how the world supposedly works, recycling NASA-tard ideas. Netflix provides plenty of predictive programming about how technology will continue to move in a trans-humanist direction.

The political thrillers on Netflix (there are many) throw a few bones to conspiracy theorists, but they ultimately portray Washington as a bastion of “freedom and democracy” that still manifests the ideals of the early republic.

In conclusion, Netflix is more of an off-books operation, ultimately unaccountable to the financial and economic “laws” that supposedly govern.

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