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I arrived here after three years away and not much has changed. Everything is just as it was before, stubbornly so.

Long time readers might remember that I left when I was two, when my family was forced out during the ’64 uprising. I returned here in 2006, when I earned retroactive citizenship after the Canal Zone handover. Thereafter I cam here every year or two (until this last time). I stay in the same hotel, eat the same food at the same places, with the same waiters and waitresses, and run the same android loops.

This city changed most dramatically from 2009 – 2014. Now its Matrix is stable.

I was unaware that previous president Martinelli is now in a Florida prison, Noriega style. Panama wants to try him for illegal espionage and money laundering and whatever else they can pin on him, but the US wants him in Miami. Canada is rumored to have an indictment as well.

Martinelli’s mistake was leaving Europe to return to his Florida property to live like a sultan. Had he gone to Brazil or Cuba, none of this would be happening.

A few people commented to me that Martinelli did more for Panama than any other local president in recent memory – but also that he stole more than the others.

Martinelli’s wife is running a supermarket chain in Panama? But his two sons are on the run? I will look into these rumors.

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