Interesting Series


Kiefer Sutherland does a good job playing a HUD Secretary who survives a massive bombing of the capital and becomes president.

What is interesting is how the show recycles actual past events, spinning them this way and that for the sake of entertainment.

The new president struggles over decisions to send helicopters into a crisis zone – shades of Iran back in the day.

The first lady has a looming scandal that never quite explodes – at lest not by episode 5.

There are governors who refuse to play ball with immigration and other issues.

In Congress, or what was left of it, and how it gets reconstituted, everyone is blackmailing everyone else. A complete snakepit.

Most interestingly, a few FBI agents stumble across evidence that the capital bombing was not perpetrated by a carboard cut-out bogey man from the Middle East (who plays his role) but was, instead, an inside job.

Art imitates life.


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