A Would-Be Cannibal Kingdom


CNN in Spanish is giving extensive video coverage of the Venezuelan pork protest.

On closer inspection, the protesters are wrong on this count. Granted, there may be issues deserving protest in Venezuela, but this is not one one of them.

The pork in question is “subsidized pork,” “free pork.” The mistake the government made was promising this holiday gift, but it’s not some huge violation to now cancel it.

The worse transgression is to consider oneself entitled to eat pork in the first place.

The Venezuelan government should have said this:

“At holiday time, we are going to give you the worst think you can put into your mouth: pork. It can cause trichinosis, giving you worms that produce larvae and infect vital organs. Yes, we are going to make a gift to you of a meat so vile that it is banned by the Bible.”

“Never mind that pork (and beef) is probably the worse thing you can do to the environment: deforestation, the mono-cropping of corn to feed animals, the fossil-fuels used to harvest it; and the methane gas produced by so many millions of animals.”

“Never mind, for now, that a pig is as smart as a five-year old child, and that some of its organs can be swapped out for yours. It’s not cannibalism (well, maybe a little).”

So protesters are lining up and causing a ruckus. No free pork.

They never stop to consider, to look in the mirror, who the pigs really are..

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