The Case for Guaranteed Income


The Drudgereport linked to an article about the idea of “Universal Basic Income” being promoted in Finland and elsewhere.

Of course, many Americans – especially libertarians and conservatives – oppose the idea, seeing it as statism or as undermining incentives for work. This position brings out the more negative aspects of those ideologies: they have often reinforced class hierarchy and protected power.

What people often forget it this: We already have Universal Basic Income!!! For banks. For foreign governments. For corporations (who are technically “persons” according to the new laws). But not for ordinary citizens. The Equal Protection Clause should apply: Why are some “citizens” getting free money and others not?

There has never been – nor presently exists – anything remotely resembling a free enterprise system. All markets are propped up; all markets are rigged; all economic activity is ultimately subsidized by monetary regimes injecting cash at the top levels of the pyramid.

In fact, as I’ve argued previously, the entire concept of “an economy” is a political construction, designed to both control and channel populations in certain directions, at certain speeds, and for certain purposes.

So we have a system in which some persons (banks and corporations) receive billions in free money, while people at the bottom rungs of the ladder must scrounge. Hopefully, this will change.



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