Jumanji – Chain to the Rhythm


Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm is supersaturated with codes and symbols about the nature of this reality, much like Jumanji. I will attempt a youtube video on this topic within one month.

Both Jumanji and Chained to the Rhythm raise the issue of reincarnation. In Jumanji, players get three lives (compared with out nine), and in Chained to the Rhythm we don’t know how many, but visitors to the part (new souls) have their past memories cleared: Oblivia.

They only enter with the raw soul – and as soon as they do, the cotton candy mushroom cloud is visible (more on that in the video). This signifies that this world/park/matrix has been designated for destruction since the beginning.

I think that the soul comes from a good place, a place of infinite love, if you will, and that it has an instinctual drive to return to that source. But I wonder if that is the end of the good news.

Absolutely everything in the¬†world/park/matrix is designed (was, but no longer) to add experience to souls, as a kind of classroom. That was the original idea. This world was supposed to be level playing field, a place where souls with “free will” could advance. Clues as to how to get there were sprinkled here and there,just as in Jumanji.

I’m beginning to suspect that something went terribly wrong: malware of some kind. The matrix has been hijacked. The program has been glitched; basic rules of the game have been broken. “Free will” runs on pathways so narrow as to render that concept meaningless.

The negative forces have reached a critical mass, a tipping point, and the world/park/matrix has become a self-sustaining system, with souls as lumps of coal of the furnace.

I hope I’m wrong.

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