Jumanji World


Jumanji is a fun movie. I was never bored. There was a lot to think about.

Clearly, and the producers probably intended this, the movie is a metaphor for this world: We are avatars occupying a flesh-and-blood suit in a Matrix, with the possibility of advancing to the next round.

Our own Jumanji world is Version 5.0 (according to the Aztecs, who were right). It does not seem like the previous players busted out of those previous world. Game over for them.

In the previous Fourth World, it seems like Atlantis tried to bust out, or to put another way, tried to bust into the next dimension, and failed. Atlantis still reverberates around the world, and the star-gazing cults of the Maya, Aztecs and Zapotecs appear to have carried forth a lot of that knowledge (most of which was burned by the Spanish).

Interestingly, for Meso-American cultures the Creator was not really “good” or “bad” but both… If anything, the main power behind the sun was a blood-sucking deity demanding human sacrifice. Maybe they were onto something after all. Westerners, incurably optimistic, normally insist that their creator must be benevolent.

In Jumanji, there are omens, helpers, and obstacles, as in  any video game/world.

But is our Jumanji Version 5.0 a glitched version of these earlier games? It seems so… It seems that the usual rules of any game have been abandoned. We may be playing a game that is rigged.

The so-called illuminated powers, the rather unearthly ones – way above and beyond any masonic, jesuit, royal, or zionist factions – are doing what they can to draw forth the next climactic cataclysm. The fuel for history, its high-octane accelerator, is conflict. This is the path to the next Atlantis-style confrontation with ultimate reality.

Who knows… Are these powers really trying to direct human history to the next level, whatever that may be? Or are they simply parasites who have burrowed their way into human civilization? Time will tell.

Meantime, these powers have become so self-infected with their own lies that “Game Over” is now the more likely outcome for all. In Jumanji, of course the players/avatars won. No spoiler alert there, being Hollywood. They won by working in unison, in synchronicity, to break the curse hanging over this world.

Interesting movie.

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