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Juan Jose Nemi Dib “Falls”

A couple of other big news stories in Mexico…

First, the center-left presidential candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has run and lost several times before, is proposing “amnesty” to the narcos, as a way to reduce the violence. The other candidates, ex-presidents and so on are treating this proposal as an outrage, accusing him of negotiating with delinquency. The media, too, is not on his side because so many reporters have been killed by the narcos. I’ve not really weighed the pros and cons. There are many on each side of the ledger.

Also, a major state government official in Veracruz “falls” and has been detained. He is accused of setting up “ghost” businesses and deviating money – federal money – from pediatric programs. I like how the Spanish language can sometimes capture something better than English. He “falls.” Yeah, that’s what happened, very Shakespearean.

Also, Mexico will be suing the US in the European Courts over the DACA Dreamers situation…

On the happier side, Mexico City is actually making good progress. The economy seems to be improving. Infrastructure being developed. New buildings.

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