Media Gets it Wrong


I’m eating chicken with mole sauce (unsweetened, spicy chocolate) and surfing the news.

Not one week goes by without a sex robot story: how the technology is improving, how they will become ubiquitous, how they are learning to lie, etctera, etcetera.

In all of these stories, the sex robots are women, and their owners/partners/clients? are men.

But a decade from now, the male robot – which will be primarily deployed for heterosexual women – will far outnumber their female counterparts. Male robots will not rush foreplay, will have AI advantage in talking dirty, will maintain their robot-power indefinitely, and will not roll over to sleep afterwards.

Presently, the media is simply distracting people with these female robot stories, when ultimately female robots will have limited appeal, and make limited inroads into the male population.

As for the heterosexual man, well, you can begin to put him on the list of endangered species.

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