Where’s the R?


I went to the store to see if I could get something like this coffee maker above, but this time in stainless steel instead of aluminum (just to be on the safe side).

Once, I owned one of these. The logo with the Italian guy did not change. But the name changed. It is now “Bialetti” (at least in my universe). Previously it had an “r” in the name, something like “Baretti.”

On a related matter, I saw the latest Star Wars movie, and C3PO no longer has a silver leg. It has been restored to a pre-Mandela condition of all gold.

The other latest Mandela effect news is that the Jackson 5 now has six people in it (Randy Jackson) – similar to what happened to the Village People, actually.

Here is the latest on that. Many youtubers picked up on it. Here is a 6 minute vid by MoneyBags.


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