Recurring Meme


As I watched season 7 of Game of Thrones on the plane, I was struck by how often I’ve seen the giant library in movies – libraries large enough, or old enough, to contain a compendium of all human experience.

The Library of Alexandria and the Vatican Library also feature in movies. Below is “Angels and Demons.”


Below, the Department of Records in the movie Brazil.


I won’t produce an exhaustive list here, but it is a rather long list. I think these movies are reproducing something. There may be an original archetype, a storehouse of all that can be known of this world – and of the previous four worlds.

The somewhat Biblical expression that something “is written” may be literally true.

Somewhere beyond “the wall” there is a labyrinth of this information – names, dates, titles, contracts, and deeds. Such written sources bind the interior and exterior, attaching identities and souls to this world.

These libraries formalize existence.

Then again, perhaps I’m suffering from a severe case of jet lag

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