Jerusalem: Trumpocalypse


Trump aims to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Before I explain why this is fake, and just for show (partly), a few preliminaries.

The UN has always been crystal clear regarding that city’s status. International law does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to Wikipedia:

“In November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine (Resolution 181), which called for the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with Jerusalem being established as a corpus separatum, or a “separated body” with a special legal and political status.”

A few countries recognize “West Jerusalem” as the capital of Israel only in the context of “East Jerusalem” being the capital of a future Palestinian state.

At present, the US has its Embassy in Tel Aviv and a Consulate in Jerusalem, as do other countries. Many of their functions overlap regarding services to citizens. But the Embassy is more important because it has the political people, with the offices of the Ambassador, Deputy Chief of Missions, etcetera. Embassies also have the economic people.

So why is the move for symbolic reasons only?

Because US diplomats would be marooned in Jerusalem, that’s why. Most diplomatic work, after all, involves other diplomats (who are in Tel Aviv, up to two hours away). Also, many NGOs are in Tel Aviv, which is by far Israel’s largest city.

Diplomatic life involves non-stop socializing, cocktail parties, nightlife, and being seen at all the new trendy restaurants. This is Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is modern, cosmopolitan, vibrant and increasingly multi-ethnic. It’s very secular. It’s compatible with diplomacy.

By contrast, Jerusalem only attracts psychotic pilgrims from the world over. It’s just another backwater with no water.

My guess is that the US will now have an “official” Embassy in Jerusalem with a sign outside, but that the political and economic people will remain based in Tel Aviv. They pretty much have to be, unless they prefer to remain isolated, remote, and surrounded by fanatics.

So why did Trump move the Embassy. Three reasons.

First, those controllers pushing the “conflict model” in the Middle East are hoping to generate some heat, push forward the agenda in a dialectical way. It’s been too quiet over there!

Second, Trump wants to throw some read meat to the Christian evangelicals. Almost all Christians are hard-core zionists. The hope that this Jerusalem move brings the world closer to an apocalyptic climax. These are the same people who believe in a predetermined destiny AND free will.

Are you Rapture Ready?


It’s a barn burner! Bible-thumping, snake handling, speaking in tongues.

And Jesus, well, he was a Republican.

Third, Trump has been bought and paid for by one man: Sheldon Adelson, who is – appropriately – a casino tycoon and an arch zionist. In terms of campaign donations, Adelson ranks #1.

In this line of thinking, US aid to Israel (astronomical amounts) changes from a secular to a religious act. It becomes an offering at the altar, a humiliation ritual, a sacrifice, thus circling back to one of the original reasons Judaism was concocted in the first place: to steal people’s shit (and turn that into a ritual).


So those are the reasons: 1) to piss off the locals and get some drama going; 2) to appease the Christian wackos; and 3) honor the campaign promise to its principal funder.

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