Honduran Hellhole


The photo of me on the right and Indy on the left, prepping to enter Honduras from El Salvador.

He had the red Honda Africa Twin, mine was the Kawasaki KLR 650.

Long time readers will remember this photo. Indy is the ex-IDF veteran (of two Intifadas) who left Israel (fled/abandoned) when Orthodox settlers threw stones at him and his men for defending their village on a Saturday. His epiphany was simple: they were all fucking crazy (as they are) and he wanted out.

In El Salvador the authorities were making a nominal attempt to be on the right side of the law. They sometimes warned us about certain zones. In Honduras, the authorities are criminals.

The Honduran military police had set up very, very frequent roadblocks as extortion points. Get fined for not wearing a fluorescent vest (unsafe) or fined for wearing one (imitating authorities). Some just straight up asked us how much money we had, demanding some to pass. Others collected all our personal and motorcycle paperwork, inventing bogus reasons why our papers were not in order. Another eyed my watch, suggesting I gift it to him. I hid it for the next roadblock.

The roads were the worst in Central America. More pothole than road.

So it’s no surprise that in the recent election, when the center-left candidate started winning the government stopped the count. When the count restarted, the fascist was back on track. Classic. Same thing happened in Manila in 1985.

But the Philippines is a slice of paradise compared to Honduras. Honduras is a shit hole. It’s no surprise to me that Honduras is having this problem.

I’m not sure why the US repeatedly backs the fascist parties… Of course the Trump administration is quite silent on the matter. It reserves its criticism for Venezuela.

Interestingly, Nicaragua – which we also crossed – was safe, with good roads. The authorities were cordial. No gangs. They have a center-left government that drifted to the center. It’s a reasonable system.

I vowed never to return to Honduras and I hope never to see this stain on the hemisphere again.

I’m half expecting the recent and latest crisis to worsen. A part of me hopes it does. Death to the Honduran military police. Maybe something can emerge from the ashes.


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