M-Keto Diet

One of the best eating plans, I think, is a modified Ketogenic diet, an M-Keto diet, or perhaps it can be renamed the MK Ultra diet just to be funny.

This fuses the best of vegan and paleo approaches, leaves out their worst, and stays central to the Keto principle of running the body on energy from a combination of sources, especially healthy fats.

Like vegans, there is an emphasis on fresh vegetables, with some fruit. Vegetables can take up about half the portion on the plate. The MK diet distinguishes between simple carbs and unhealthy, processed complex carbs like wheat, pasta and rice.

Unlike vegans, the MK diet avoids such complex carbs and sugar. In fact, white sugar may be the single most toxic thing one can consume, along with corn syrup, and it’s the real culprit behind heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Like paleos, the emphasis in MK is on a rather wide variety of food and the avoidance of complex carbs. However, many paleos and Atkins overdo the meats. In a modified Keto diet, the flesh of mammals and poultry is unnecessary, and eggs become a better substitute.

That’s where I depart from mainline Ketogenic people: I think beef and pork are off limits, in terms of ethics, the environment, and human health. One one will ever convince me that eating a dead pig can be healthy.

The MK diet may include smallish, reasonable portions of dairy, especially things like dry cheddar cheese and goat cheese (not an inch of plastic cheese melted over a pizza). Paleos make the false assumption that absolutely all discoveries and inventions after 10,000 BC must be harmful. Why? That’s a crazy assumption because, prior to 10,000 BC, there were ongoing discoveries and inventions.

Cavemen did not eat seaweed, but it’s good for you. They did not have Vegemite, either, but it’s good for you.

Two cups of coffee in the morning, loaded with coconut oil and cinnamon, maybe unsweetened cocoa powder. Alcohol averaging a drink a week, maybe two max. Special occasions. Alcohol is poison.

Humans are naturally omnivorous and disdain routine. No one likes to eat the same thing over and over. We are hardwired to graze across anything and everything that might be tasty; in fact, we are programmed to experiment.

The MK diet ranges across all fruits and vegetables, includes eggs and fish, and a small amount of dairy if and when the body craves it.

At least, this MK approach works for me. I dropped weight, no more belly fat. I have more energy and sleep better. I don’t see a downside. I greatly diminished – but did not eradicate – sugars and complex carbs. Maybe one a week or so I’ll have a slice of cheesecake or candy bar, but this is not longer part of a daily routine.

In short, the MK diet works for me because it suggests a tendency of eating and is not some orthodox dogma. I don’t want to follow some kind of nutritional jihadist diet with a long and firm list of do’s and dont’s. I have a very sort list of dont’s. And a short list of “sometimes.” Look into it!

Below is an 11 minute video for more info.

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