Art Imitates Life


This is a riveting series. The plot is unpredictable. The acting is very good. And there is a sense of build up and anticipation across Season 1. I’ve yet to see the other seasons but cannot wait. Meantime I started Ascension and will post on that soon.

The premise of the series is that there was a cataclysmic “Arrival” of aliens and the imposition of their New World Order. But we never see the aliens (not in Season 1) and humans occupy leadership positions, imposing strict controls on the population.


Interestingly, for history buffs of revolutions, one will note both overt and subtle symbolism evoking previous totalitarian systems. Of course, there are aspects of the Soviet and Nazi systems visible in the new regime.

More surprisingly, I picked up ideas of the Mexican Revolution – the use of a post office as the cerebral headquarters (with similar Belle Epoch decor). There were also large murals, very Diego Rivera-esque.

However, the most obvious comparison is with Israel and the West Bank: the walls of separation; the intricate checkpoints to enter and leave zones; the criminalization of dissent; the arresting of children; and the siege mentality. Etc.

The nature of the fictional regime in Los Angeles is that, while taking human form, it ultimately serves a non-human and anti-human force. Interesting. By their own admission, zionists are serving some kind of god and fulfilling some kind of divine plan (however twisted).

I’ve criticized Christianity (for countless reasons, including for repeating the lie that Jesus was a historical figure) and Islam (for the barbarism at its core). Another criticism of Christianity and Islam is that they validate the original lie, and the original evil, that is Judaism. All of these religions have been unleashed in our world, as wicked curses, to provide the human race with ongoing insult and injury – as obstacles between the human soul and its source.

The Netflix series becomes even more interesting when viewed in this light.





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