Ground Control to Major Tom


Leaving aside – for now – the question of the true shape of the Earth, there is something decidedly “untrue” about this rocket man story.

If it looks like a psychological operation.., it is one.

The purpose of the operation is to portray people who think the Earth is flat as yahoos, what with their “home-built” rockets and all.

More specifically, it is to depict flat earthers as trailer trash. Consider this quote from Fox News:

“Hughes added that engine trouble in his motor home, which was converted into a ramp, also affected his original launch plans.”

It gets better, as the narrative is to portray this Mike Hughes character (in the full sense of that word) as a grease monkey, steam-punking his way into space:

“Hughes claims to have built his steam-powered rocket out of scrap metal parts in his garage, with the entire projecting costing around $20,000”

I can see him in the garage now, firing up a blow torch and adjusting his goggles.

Interesting how the launch is supposed to follow “Route 66.”

It’s also a psy-op because, if Mike ends up as rocket man, then it’s on Uncle Sam’s dime, with Uncle Sam’s sponsorship (or the guys Uncle Sam works for).

Just try getting permission from the feds to blast off in a rocket made out of scrap metal, as this story presumes. The try doing so in California, the country’s most over-regulated state (out of 50!).


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