Ode for Humanity


This movie stars Antonio Banderas and a bunch of robots who are beginning to spark into consciousness, becoming life. It’s on Netflix.

I won’t give a bunch of spoiler alerts but it is an interesting movie. The cinematography is bleak.

Very grim. So is the entire message of the movie: that the human race is nearing its end and robots will prevail. Perhaps this is all for the best, the movie says, with the robots referring to us as “violent apes.”

The Banderas character seems to accept that the human future will be bleached out, and the scorched landscape suggests that the flash point is approaching.

What a tragedy that would be. I would not be celebrating. The human race should be defended, I think.

I’ve actually carved out a rather extreme position on this, believing that any infringement on the dignity and sovereignty of humans (by other humans), and any violation of natural law within the western world (by order-givers above us and order-followers next to us), must be met with lethal force. I would advocate the same treatment for robots. Obviously, I’m not a pacifist.

But if robots and AI are an absolute inevitability – as everyone across the spectrum seems to think – then its time to contemplate peaceful co-existence (with fallback safeguards). It’s time to think about what such a complex world might look like.

Who knows, maybe it is possible for humans and robots to bring out the best in one another.

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