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I periodically post on nutrition and my experimentation with diets.

I’m developing an approach that is a hybrid of vegan and paleo diets, although adherents of each would be mortified over the details. What I am developing (more to come eventually) is designed for the middle-aged man. I don’t make universalist claims.

I won’t go into endless detail, but veganism includes too many complex carbs… What kind of eating plan is it that allows people to chow down on bread, rice and pasta and spike their insulin? No plan at all.

The paleo diet includes too many unhealthy fats (versus healthy fats) and wolfs down flesh from the entire animal kingdom without regard. It’s an orgy of flesh eating.

I think vegetables (with fruit) should occupy almost half the diet – especially broccoli. The ones below just have pepper and garlic – and some carrots.

I think eggs are a suitable source of fats and protein, and it is lower on the food chain than a living and breathing conscious animal. I gave up beef and pork 25 years ago and very rarely eat chicken. Only if I’m in an Indian restaurant. So my rule of thumb is this: four legs bad; two legs sometimes delicious.

The ketogenic diet is interesting. I’m learning more, and a lot makes sense. But some of these guys live in fear of fruits and vegetables (not all, but many).

The paleos – and the ketogenics – are right to not eat complex carbs. When I lowered those, my weight dropped a lot.

The sweet potato below is apparently better for health than a regular potato, providing cards without the drawbacks. The one below is baked in a clay oven from a street merchant out front.

IWeChat Image_20171121192123

The eggs are “froached,” fried in so little water that one cannot really call them poached. Maybe they are… No oil needed. These eggs have Thai Sambal Oelek for spice, but salsa can be added, or mole, whatever.

I’m thinking of doing such eggs with green Mexican salsa, and swapping out the potato for a yam (not that I know the difference), just so I can call the dish: Green Eggs and Yam.

WeChat Image_20171121192115

The plate above – nameless! – is my first official dish on a menu that I will be promoting. It’s a start.

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