Old Wine in New Bottles

I’m not a doctor (and I don’t even play one on TV). Maybe that’s a good thing – that I don’t belong to the medical-industrial complex.

But I did do tons of background on plagues and epidemics for two graduate courses I taught on the public policy of plagues and disease across history. And I did do tons of research to publish an online article “The Swine Flu Hoax” which a decade ago filled four of five pages of google but today is nowhere to be found.

The only place I found this was on google images, just one picture (above). Back then I sometimes put the Ph.D. after my name, not because I’m snobby about it but because there was, and is, another Andrew Bosworth in the tech world who is very prominent online, and people looking for me would find him.

Well, that article was written before 2009 (my event) and now my online presence is very passive – not because I feel cowed but rather because I’m in a stalemate. This website is never publicized. People know about it (you would be surprised who) or they do not.

I digress. In any case, the powers that be would like everyone to be fearful of this “plague” in Madagascar. It might spread, they say. It might reach Europe and beyond, they say. Not true. That will only happen if this so-called plague provides cover for a bio-weapon.

In my research I learned that the last thing a bacteria, virus or microbe of any kind wants to do is to kill its host. Then it dies too. And it can only jump from host to host so many times. Very quickly, these organisms actually mutate downwards on the scale of lethality, desperately seeking symbiosis – a harmony, if you will, between parasite and host. There are precious few outliers to this (like rabies, but that’s different, because this bacteria does not target humans and ends up in us accidentally). Viruses mutate, and they mutate towards symbiosis.

Instead of quarantines and fear mongering, I think that the moment any of these “plagues” appear serious everyone should go onto the street and sneeze on each other, shake hands and, for those game enough, have sex with each other. I’m being mildly facetious, but it remains true that increased human contact diminishes and mitigates the danger of plague.

Mainstream news is having another run again at plague fear mongering. They did this with a long list of other so-called diseases and, right on schedule, they are up to their old tricks.

So, if you are inclined to worry about the plague, don’t. Find something else to worry about. Or don’t worry about anything (and be happy). As for this new plague, it’s all bullshit.

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