Deconstructing Scandals

Louis CK admits sex allegations are true

Most of the media – mainstream and alternative – is framing harassment claims as sexual events… I suppose that is true on one level, but there are two considerations that are non-sexual.

To me, and from a distance, these events seem to be about power more than sex. People in positions of power, usually men but not always, seek to reinforce that power by taking liberties with people who have less power: those above lording it over those below. This drive to power – to get it and maintain it – manifests itself sexually.

Some of these guys might have had power taken away from them in the past – and they want it back, even at the expense of others. Others might fear losing the power they have.

Can there really be sexual gratification for the abuser with these events? If the true motivation was purely sexual, well, there are countless people out there (men and women), especially on social media, who are up for anything. This includes women who actively seek extreme sexual experiences and unusual behavior.  Then there would be no legal issues and perhaps even some satisfaction involved in the consensual nature of it all.

If CK Louis really wanted to exhibit himself to a strange woman in a hotel room, for sexual reasons, he could have gone onto Craigslist or Tinder or other sites that are even more specific for this, and find a woman willing to drive 50 miles right away. But he did not.

Again, its about power.

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