Good Series

Narcos, on Netflix, is very well done. A lot of time and attention went into the historical detail. The cultural context is accurate. Good acting. Good writing. It’s a larger-than-life series.

It brings back memories, not that I was ever into cocaine. But us American teachers would go clubbing in the mid-1980s in Port-au-Prince, up the mountain in Petionville. Clubs like “Babylon.” The Colombian narcos were in their full glory. Major partiers.

I vacationed in Colombia with my kids and ex-wife, who had many friends there, and these coca wars seemed like a distant memory. The country seemed very safe. We stuck to the coffee country near Manizales.

I’ve always had a good feeling about Colombia and, last week, bought a ticket from Panama to Cartagena. My current plan is to bounce back and forth between the two places. I can work online in the morning – a long morning of 5 – 6 hours – at academic editing. Then close the laptop and help with the training aspect of a local rugby team or something. Drink coffee.

Over a year or two, I need to set up an alternative living situation for my mother,┬ábecause a nursing care facility in New York will be exorbitant. So there’s that. I’m headed to Latin America (again).

I’ve been given a lot of lives this go around, more than I deserve.

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