Sunni-Shia Plastic Chess


I’ve repeatedly made the argument that the Korean peninsula is a stage, a game. Previous posts have pointed to the absurdity of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Perhaps some people are convinced by a wooden table set up in a swamp, with four 2008 Sony TV set up to look like monitors of the atom bomb. The charade goes all the way back to the 1950s. The Manchurian mind fuck, as the movie tipped off.

I think that North Korea is a UN Security Council special administrative district, but that it’s above the pay grade for their formal leaders to know much.

I ought to just relax and have a warm beer: Otto Warmbier, above. Actor. British, not American. They drink warm beer there do they not?

This bogus tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran is similarly contrived. Both governments are puppet regimes.

The Saudis were set up by the British Empire and collaborate very closely with Israel. Saudi Arabia’s oppression, its beheadings, all form a separate category of porn for the usual circle jerk.

Now Saudi Arabia wants its citizens to return from Lebanon, the only real semi-democracy in the Middle East, and a nice place, to Saudi Arabia, a backwater with no water.

Iran could have imploded the US government several times with inside information but chose not to.

The controllers want to lock and load another region for crisis, to at least have the option of pulling the trigger. So, and I know I’m mixing metaphors, but we have two plastic games of chess going on, Korea and the Middle East.

What’s next?

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